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On tackling the issue that continues to be Monday.
1. Recount your weekend - once.
Share the highlights of your weekend with someone once. Whether you had a chilled out weekend with a book and a beverage or you were up all night at a festival, remembering your weekend for a few moments more will do wonders for your 9am mood.

2. Switch off at 7pm on Sundays and plan instead.
I've been attempting this more recently by downing tools on a Sunday evening and immersing myself in real life activities and planning forward. Sunday evenings, for me, are spent over at my Granny's house so I'm pretty much away from my phone anyway, but I'm now making more of an effort to engage in conversation with my family or have a run around with my baby cousin. Additionally, once I'm home, I write a list for the week ahead, plan my lunches and prepare Monday's lunch and snacks before getting ready for bed.

3. Open your windows whilst getting ready.
In the AM - particularly during the warmer months - open a window whilst getting ready for a literal burst of fresh air. It'll waken you up, give your bedroom a nice breeze and put you in good stead for a fresh start to the week.

4. Set an alarm for an evening run.
Now this one's a little harder to maintain in my weekly routine: the Monday evening run. But I find that setting an extra alarm for 6:30pm on a Monday to fit in a sneaky 2k run does wonders for Monday moodswings. Fill up your playlist with new music, set a distance on your Nike+ Running app, pull on your kicks and just run. I find a 1-2k run to start the week off dusts away the traumas from the day and wears you out just enough to want a hearty, healthy dinner and Netflix or Essiebutton vlogs upon return.

5. Pick up the phone and make plans with a friend.
On your lunch break, pick up the phone, call a friend that you haven't (or perhaps you have!) seen in a while and make plans. Plan to have a catch-up over brunch, go on a roadtrip, head to the cinema or for a girly night in and stick it in the diary so you have something to look forward to.

... And most of all -- take a breather, it's "just" Monday.

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