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A few fitness, health and general wellbeing apps that I'm loving and using at the moment.
Alongside my usual camera excess apps and a whole wealth of Netflix/Viki/etc. apps, I’ve recently been getting a lot of Play Store action from health and lifestyle apps. Perhaps it’s partly to do with my health kick this year and realising that I’ve hit a mid-year slump, but I’ve been giving these all a good go and they’ve been doing wonders so far.

1. Nike+ Running
This one needs no introduction. I picked up running again about 2 months ago and with that came a new playlist and a new app to go with it. I can’t help my social media addition, ‘k?! The Nike Running app is a good motivator for new or seasoned runners alike. It tracks your routes, records your miles, calculates average time, distance and more. You can even enter your running shoe of choice and set challenges for yourself. Mine is to achieve a complete (a.k.a. no walking breaks) 5k run by the end of August. Watch this space.

Download: Android/iOS.

2. Fig
A relatively new one to the clan, Fig styles itself as a wellness guide. You can create a health and wellness plan based on one or more end goals, including things like weight loss, strength building, sleep quality (yes!), healthy eating, pregnancy and more. So handy and versatile! Tapping into a goal gives suggestions for small changes to your everyday lifestyle. For example I’m looking to enhance my sleep quality and it throws up suggestions to avoid afternoon caffeine, up the exercise and more. Tapping further in allows YOU to set mini targets and build a personalised plan. I’m really enjoying this one so far.

Download: Android/iOS.

3. Water Your Body
I’m a terrible water drinker. In hindsight I am so lucky to be blessed with clear skin when I drink maybe 1 or 2 glasses of water a day. Awful, right? This free app lets you input your weight and height, and the app generates a recommended volume of water for you. You can add the volume of liquid to various cup sizes (Bobble fans and oversized mug fans, assemble) and then simply tap to add every time you finish a glass/cup/mug. The app then reminds you to drink more, hourly, and tracks your daily progress with meeting your goal. I’m a big fan of quests and challenges, so meeting my goal is a great motivator!

Download: Android/iOS.

4. My Fitness Pal/My Diet Diary
Somewhat controversial, I check in to this when I really want to stay on track of my eating. I’ve been quite unwell again recently and want to kick-start my healthy eating. The concept is simple: set an end goal (i.e. gain weight, lose weight, maintain weight) and the app generates a recommended calorie amount. You can input everything you eat and drink in a day to keep afloat of what you’re eating and work out the next best steps.

Download: Android/iOS.

5. Nike Training Club
And now for the one that I haven’t actually used before. Oops. I have downloaded this with the vague idea of using it though! The Nike Training Club app syncs up with your Nike account and lets you plan and do workouts that complement your routine. You can choose between different lengths of time depending on how pushed you are as well!

Download: Android/iOS.

And a bonus one for Treat Day: Nando’s.
So if you’ve downloaded one or more of those, you should probably treat yourself to the Nando’s app. My sister raved about this to me the other day and I completely fell for the hype. You can check your chills, order online, see the whole menu and the app is just impeccably made! So fun! Srsly, go do it.
Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. I just thought I’d share. And I really like chicken.


  1. I recently downloaded a bunch of health/fitness apps too, Pump Up is one that I'd definitely recommend to keep you motivated, it's like instagram but for fitness and includes workouts. It's a super useful one to have!


  2. I love the Nike+ app - I hate going for a run without it as I love knowing how far and how fast (/slow) I've gone! x

  3. I love the Nike Training Club app! Get on it Daisy Boo!


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