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Tomodachi Life. Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store and eShop. Out now!
After a busy, work-laden week last week, I've pretty much cancelled all of my plans for this week. On the cards instead is plenty of bedroom overhaul time, chilled out evenings and some 3DS time. I'm actually slightly addicted to Tomodachi Life, following about a fortnight of heavy duty playing! Have you managed to have a play on it yet? It was released on Friday on the online store.


One of my favourite aspects of Tomodachi Life is that while the game concept is really simple (c'mon, it has a 3+ age rating), there is a constant stream of things to do. Alongside your islanders that are 75% controlled by the game, the clothing store, hat shop and supermarket are refreshed daily with plenty of new things to buy. And although I'd say I'm a seasoned gamer in that I much prefer story and action led games and MMMORPGs, there is still a tiny part of me that loves to indulge in buying virtual food and clothes.

Clothing, hat, food and interior items are all core to the game too, though. In gameplay, I like to check my Mii Apartments ALL the time - apparently I'm really nosey? Who woulda thought? - and the islanders will often become complacent and want different things. You can feed them their favourite food, buy clothes in their favourite colours and more to boost their happiness level, and as you level up, you progress in the game.

If only it was as easy as lovin' spaghetti bolognese to progress in real life, eh?
Disclaimer: This is a post written in collaboration with Nintendo to celebrate the Europe launch of Tomodachi Life. This is one of four posts in my Tomodachi Life diary series and I was simply gifted the game to play and share. Views expressed are my own. Photos all my own too.


  1. i'm definitely thinking about buying this game after reading your posts about it :)

    1. It's seriously addictive, a really nice summer title for easy playing and to fill some time!

  2. Replies
    1. It really is, I'm not even sorry about the number of hours I've totted up, gameplay wise.

  3. I love the concept and work that Nintendo has invested into this game. Again thanks for sharing more with us! This and Animal Crossing are still on my list. haha
    Carolyn | BLOG

    1. Thanks Carolyn! It's super fun, really classic Nintendo (:


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