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Tomodachi Life. Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store and eShop. Out now!
Currently, Tomadachi Life is providing the perfect entertainment and soundtrack to my lazy hazy summertime evenings. This time of year is one of my favourites, probably. I've been kicking back with my islanders and managed to unlock a couple more locations and see my first wedding!


So Tomadachi Life features levelling up and game area unlocking which I think is pretty key to building and holding interest in games. I don't like to play games statically for the sake of playing! Even so, the rules are quite easy, for example when I completed 30 problems for my Miis, I unlocked a new park to hang out in. Throughout the game, you can give rewards and gifts to your Miis for various accomplishments, meaning you can play with dogs in your apartment, fly kites at the beach, play squash at the park or watch stars from the Observation Tower with your other half.

Frustratingly, because the game is kinda out of your control like I touched upon before, I rarely play Tomadachi Life for more than an hour or so? Although in hindsight, this is probably a good thing! I sometimes wish you could interact between Miis manually but thankfully tonight I managed to catch my Mii and Yoseob (my Mii's boyfriend) on a good evening and I hear Yoseob wants to propose.

The proposal enactments are seriously cute. It turns the game into a mini game and eventually you can marry your significant other, unlock a new area of the island and move in. I'm a married Mii-woman!

With that, I'm nearly complete with areas on my island, so it's probably about time I shook things up and added some more Miis and shake up the system.
Disclaimer: This is a post written in collaboration with Nintendo to celebrate the Europe launch of Tomodachi Life. This is one of four posts in my Tomodachi Life diary series and I was simply gifted the game to play and share. Views expressed are my own. Photos all my own too.


  1. It sounds like a fun game and a great way to kill
    some time! I haven't touched my NDS for awhile...
    Usually I play Mario kart and some puzzle games
    :P Xx

  2. This seems so fun and I need to save up for a 3ds to play some of these games. I have a ds but I don't think all these new fabulous games are available but once I get one I am picking this up for sure.


  3. these are my favourite type of posts :)
    one girl one book


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