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High Street bags that don't look like High Street.
If I'm guilty of just one thing in the blogosphere, then it's being a luxury bag obsessive. I can't help it! Just like shoes are Jane's vice, narcissism is Kanye's and being a darn good songstress is Taylor's, I'm an enthusiastic saver for handbags.

But something I've been pondering as of late is a reintroduction of my bag wardrobe to the Great British High Street. Slightly less unique, lesser on the quality but lighter on the pursestrings, here are my favourite High Street bags that might just make it into my collection...

Topshop Mini Tara Holdall (£38) - Inspired by the sleek lines and handle detailing of the iconic Givenchy Antigona, I'm slightly obsessed with the Tara holdall from Topshop. My brother actually kindly bought and customised the larger, black version for me so I'll hold the reins on this one for now.

Topshop Premium Clean Leather Backpack (£80) - For me, these sleek leather backpacks scream The Row and a smidge Stella McCartney. Practical as well as pretty, I really like wearing leather backpacks with turned-up denim jeans, slogan T-shirts and a messed-up mid ponytail at the moment.

Zara Mini City Bag (£19.99) - The online fashion community needs no introduction to the eponymous City Bag I'm sure, but this season it's been updated in SUPAH Victoria Beckham hues of powder blue against black. I love that horizontal seam and the teeny wings.

Zara Animal Print Messenger Bag (£29.99) - To shake things up a bit on the DB front, I thought I'd shimmy in some animal print. I'm not a huge fan of animal prints but this structured messenger bag is ticking all the boxes for me. All the thumbs ups!

H&M Shoulder Bag (£19.99) - And last but not least, this bargainous little shoulder bag that is "inspired" by Sophie Hulme with a more affordable price tag. While I find Sophie Hulme to be on the affordable side of designer, this is a cute choice for slinging over your shoulder for weekends or even for sneaky gig nights or a few hours at a bar/pub/gathering.


  1. Absolutely love all of these, the high street are doing such great bags at the moment and the prices are so reasonable too.

  2. What lovely bags! The high-street is such a great place for handbags - you definitely don't need to spend a fortune.

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  3. Love all of these! That backpack is gorgeous. Wonder if it's worth me buying one just for travelling to HK in a few months (see you there!!!)

  4. Those are all lovely choices Michelle, I thin my favourite here is the first Topshop one.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  5. Ugh the Zara city bag is so pretty! Totally agree the high street have really been upping their game with amazing handbags Xx

  6. H&M has to be my favourite place for bargainous bags, I love what they have in and everything is so reasonably priced!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog


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