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Recapping on and making more goals for 2014.
It’s June! How on Earth did that happen? Six months ago I was feeling nervous, excited, nostalgic and pessimistic all at once, and today I feel much more content, still excitable but with a dash of optimism.

In true blogger style, I thought I’d take this moment to reflect on those goals I set for myself and get back up to speed because I’ve spent much of this year having various meltdowns and feeling quite unfocused. But I’m feeling much more ready to tackle my goals and make something of 2014, so without further ado, here’s my original goals and then some:

Get and keep fit. (Started!)
I’ve started this goal and I’ve actually been working towards this bit by bit. I kickstarted with a food overhaul and managed to get back to what I like to call my pre-London size. Let’s just say working unhappily and commuting unhappily didn’t do me any good. I’ve stuck to that and one-upped it too - now not only is my weight back down to something I’m happier with, my skin is all glowy and I’ve got a little more energy too. Louise and I also got into a twice (or thrice) weekly Blogilates workout regime, combining three of her videos per workout. And about a fortnight ago, I bought my first pair of trainers for 8 years and I’m now off out running whenever I have a spare hour!

Visit more places abroad and domestically. (In progress.)
Before growing into myself and knowing more about others’ lifestyles, I didn’t quite realise just how much I adore to travel. My friends will easily tell you of my hermit ways but also of how restless I get when a place begins to feel repetitive. Thus this year I started a new job nearer to home meaning that I can appreciate London in its’ grey, smoky and dramatic glory at the weekends, while saving money for potential travels. I also got to travel to Morocco with this here blog and 4 of the best girls, I’ve gallavanted down to Southampton and back a handful of times, I’ve got a mini break booked to Brighton and Paris, a potential Milan weekender AND Hong Kong is finally, er, finalised. I’d say I’ve got this one in the bag.

Live for the moment, more. (In progress - it’s all relative.)
This one was far too vague for me to measure. I think I’ve done this or begun to. I don’t tend to plan much so I can enjoy spontaneous outings more, and that I have. I’ve lost count of the number of times my best friend has called me up and we’ve headed out on an adventure together. Or the amount of times my sister and I think up a not-so-bright idea and hop in my car before we can change our minds. I even bought tortoises “in the moment”! Moreover this year I’ve made all the effort in the world to see all my friends as much as possible, even if that means getting on average 5 hours sleep a night.

Give the blog some TLC. (Check!)
2014 so far has really seen me fall back in love with blogging. Last year I really lost focus and traction with it all and in hindsight I could have been and done so much more. This year I’ve been posting more of the articles that I’d usually save for my freelance work, as well as roping in my favourite blogging ladies to create the website I’d always wanted. Aesthetic has now taken a firm back seat against my wishes, but DB has really blossomed and I’ve made a treacherous step into lifestyle blogging to go alongside it all.

Refresh my bedroom decor. (Started.)
Last weekend I bought tester paint pots and photo frames, and I’ve never felt more grown up before. Watch this space and read this post. I may even vlog the whole debacle.

Eat a little healthier. (Check!)
I touched on this earlier but I’ve brought my eating back to a normal routine again. I actually popped a post together about my food changes, but in a nutshell, I’m feeling SO much better about myself lately and it’s mainly to do with my food choices.

Save up some money. (In progress.)
Saving money is much easier now that I’ve taken myself out of London. I’m saving for a mixture of things at the moment, but I feel really good about my saving progress so far. I never thought I’d be able to, but the NatWest saving progress tool is a godsend and it feels good not to fritter money away as I once did. See: “I had a hard day at work so I’m going to buy a Pinkberry, new jeans, another handbag and four pairs of shoes.” Having said that, one of the six things on my savings list is indeed a Chanel 2.55…


And some new additions to the 2014 list:
· Sleep under the stars.
· Visit an outdoors cinema.
· Go to 5 concerts. (2/5)
· Be able to run 5k by the end of the summer.
· Perfect my guacamole recipe.
· Buy a new car.
· Send a care package to my sister when she’s at Uni.
· Go to the beach.
· Go on a road trip.
· Limit myself to one moan/complaint a day. Eventually get it down to once a week.
· Watch a meteor shower again.
· Start writing a book.
· Go on a winter holiday.
· Do something that doesn’t primarily involve hot chocolate or tea for New Year’s Eve.


  1. This is such a nice idea to do a mid year review. Has definitely inspired a blogpost.

    1. Thanks Katy! Glad it inspired you for your own post!

  2. Hi, lovely post! I recently went to the rooftop cinema in Shoreditch, you should check it out! The NHS C25K is also an amazing way of being able to run 5k by the end of the year.

    Annabel xxx

    1. Thanks Annabel! Ah I'll look into it - I'm not a Londoner so it's difficult with times and trains hahah.

  3. This is a really lovely idea to see how far you've got halfway through the year! I may do something similar :) I am also starting a healthier lifestyle and am actually enjoying it. Thanks for the inspiration Michelle! Ashleigh xo

    1. Thanks Ashleigh, so lovely to hear you liked this post - can't wait to read yours!

  4. Dream Team trip to the seaside soon please!

  5. Great list of goals! I to found myself gravitating toward blogilates for motivation, so far so good - I use her videos sparingly because I'm working to get more cardio in at the moment. Other than that, we share some common goals, eat healthier, travel more, save money, refresh the bedroom/house (that goes back to the last goal...).
    Best of luck, looks like you are doing great so far.
    Carolyn | BLOG


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