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The other afternoon, at coffee with one of my oldest friends, we mused over the longevity of phrases like YOLO, discussed the ironic importance of making effort as much you’d like it reciprocated, and also on appearances.

Having spent almost 5 years documenting my personal style and obsessively photographing ensembles, it’s kinda hard to step outside of the blog bubble and see myself. And I don’t like it at all. So I wear pulled together outfits (ohoho, or so I like to think!), splash in some of the season’s trends, wear a slick of lipstick and other meticulously and not-so-meticulously considered looks. But that doesn’t mean I’m better than anybody else. My friend noted that he thinks it’s cool but also digressed the thought that at times it can be intimidating and even a little obnoxious.

So why bother? With personal style and that, I mean.

I took it upon myself to pull on my most socially unacceptable loungewear get-up, open up a new document on my MacBook and have my friend on hand for backup.

My [personal] style has, honestly, become my comfort blanket. For 95% of the world, what you’re wearing and sadly how you look is how you’re perceived and how you’ll be imprinted in anybody’s mind. For example, my best friend fondly remembers me with ungroomed eyebrows and a green plaid Topshop wool coat, aged 11, young and impressionable.

For 95% of the world, that fleeting 2-second glance could inspire them to buy a pretty little something to perk up their day, to laugh at a slogan tee, to make them wonder what on Earth Pledis Ent. are thinking, or even just to simply smile.

On a more me level though — I bother with my style because a good outfit (in my eyes) sets the scene for a good day (again, in my eyes). My boyfriend jeans are so comfy that Mondays are nearly acceptable, my Dahlia co-ords make me feel polished and some form of stylish and a striped T-shirt… Well, a striped tee means the world is my oyster. In the same way that jeans and a T-shirt is a ‘non-obnoxious way to dress’, my personal style sets the scene for a little more confidence than usual.

What’s your personal style like? And how does that make you feel? (Sorry for nearly going all psychotherapist at you…!)


  1. My personal style has always been led by what I like, rather than what is "fashionable" at the time. I've always been the kid who was laughed at on non-uniform days, because I wore my favourite orange skirt / jacket set, rather than the stupid baggy jeans which everyone else wore (and tripped over). Nowadays, I'm less bothered about what people think of my outfits or how they react (although it's of course always nice to receive a compliment on an outfit and I always go out of my way to tell someone I love their outfit). My personal style is a reflection, an extension of my personality and to some extent reflects my mood; if I'm feeling down I'm more likely to be dressed in a scruffy casual outfit to try and blend into the background to suit my mood. Although I'm always interested in trends in so much as seeing what is in the shops, I don't buy into them just for the sake of it - I'll never like or suit some trends, so I'd never choose to wear them. I'm okay with the fact that that may make me weird or uncool.

  2. "a striped tee means the world is my oyster" haha so true! I think I derive a lot of confidence from my clothes - sometimes I think of getting dressed in the morning as putting on a costume for a certain role (the role of my life hahaha).

  3. I feel most like myself when I wear a midi skirt and heels. I feel elegant and polished and ready to face the world. I don't really follow fashion choosing to wear clothes that I feel represent me as a person. As shallow as it sounds I get all fuzzy inside when someone compliments my clothes and it helps to give me a spring in my step. I genuinely enjoy getting dressed everyday and can spend hours pouring over what to wear.

  4. Totally relate to this post. I think style is so important for me - if I love the outfit I'm wearing, I always feel a little more confident and happier that day. I have my comfort clothes too - which are mainly dresses and tights. It took me an age to pack for Brighton today - mostly because I needed to be happy with each outfit and not just throw things in there. I think I've packed too much for just a couple of days haha. Though if I don't leave the house it will be a hoody and jean combo. I have a couple of striped tees - you're right, you can NEVER have too many of those!

  5. My personal style has been always the classic tee and jeans. I'm comfortable that way. I can jump, I can do cartwheel, I can do almost anything. I just make sure to pair it with comfy sandals and standout accessories and I'm ready to go.

    Mary of Remakestyle

  6. Ah I love this post! My personal style is all about wearing what I like and making the most of life. Sure I could wear a t-shirt and jeans everyday but what I really like is a bit of excitement, colours, textures and patterns that I've drawn to. I'm expressive and eclectic, I know what suits me and every so often things out of my comfort zone come along, but they have to be just right. I feel like I'm the best representation of myself when I've made an effort. I get excited by the catwalk and street style, so in terms of trends there's so much choice out there, you're bound to find something!

  7. Love the pastels. I like to look like I haven't tried too hard a mix of grunge and hippy! 70s meets 90s!

  8. It's sad, but that's what it is in the world. People judging you at first look, so if your are always overly dress then you are stuck up or if you don't look put together then you cannot afford to do so. Sad. That's why Fashion is about breaking boundaries and bending rules and to be comfortable in what you do and how you look. I don't try to bend to new rules, I like to set what I like for myself. That's comfort.
    Have a great day =]

    Carolyn | BLOG

  9. I find getting dressed is like putting on armour, it gets me ready to face the day!

    Maria xxx

  10. Gosh I wish I had any style at all. It honestly doesn't even cross my mind that people are going to judge me on how I look. I'm terribly lazy at dressing and jeans and a t-shirt is definitely my go-to look. (Which is probably why people mistake me for being about 10 years younger than I am most of the time!)


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