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Weekend tales and the like.
Slap on the wrist for being a terrible blogger, but in classic British fashion, I’ve been soaking up some Vitamin D during a rare few rays of sunshine. Borin’ weather related PSA aside, I’ve had a pretty lovely weekend with lots of pretty swell people.

Isn’t it such a tease when the weather is obnoxiously beautiful all week, only to follow up with warmth AND clouds at the weekend? Last Monday saw us move into a new office at work. Shiny new surroundings and pretty sun aside, all things are changing. I got excited to the extent that I bought acrylic storage for my desk. Apparently it’s not-so-scientifically tested to improve productivity or something like that, eh blogger world? That’s what you told me… ;) Anyway! The weekend! Went shopping with my sister on Saturday - I feel like I never go shopping “properly” nowadays what with this whole online shopping thing. So I hopped in my car, drove to town and ended up buying a new top for date night (more later), an extra top ‘just because’ and new beauty bits because why the heck not? Seriously, the weather affects me in more ways than I care to admit, haha.

… I might post a haul this week. By might, I mean I shall.

Considering I was once the shyest, meekest and quietest one in every clan, I’ve come on in leaps and bounds with my confidence recently. But that was completely thrown out of the window when a first date night came round all too quickly on Saturday night. In between having a breakdown and needing about a hundred stiff drinks emergency best mate phone calls, I did in fact manage to get ready, meet a kinda really quite nice boy and play pool, have some drinks and see a film. Not too shabby Mish! I’ll keep you posted on that.

Sundays are historically my favourite day in the week, but I can’t help but think that I need to slow down commencing this week. Maybe. Got up bright and early for family duties and then headed to London with an iced latte* (*essential heatwave beverage) in hand to grab brunch with my girl Aisling. There’s something ridiculous that happens any time Aisling and I head out together. Ya know, usually culminating in a) OTT purchases with OTT justifications, b) big planz, c) chats about leaving the country or d) all of the above. It was such an overdue day out together and so darn good just to lounge about and be ridiculous in the sun. Watch this space.

On another note, thank you all SO much for the overwhelming love on Twitter and in all my comments this week! I'm really excited by the new avenues for my blog and honestly please know that I'm forever grateful for your kind words <3 Michelle x PS. Brunch review is coming soon.


  1. First date success hoorays! Glad you've had a lovely sunfilled weekend, shopping and pool and catching up are all perfect weekend activities in my book!

  2. Really enjoyed reading this post! Glad to see you've been happy lately :) xx

  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed the heatwave! I was gutted that it didn't quite reach us up here in the Outer Hebrides... Fingers crossed for some extra vitamin D here soon. Great news about the successful first date. Here's hoping for an equally lovely second.

    Faye |

  4. Oh a date? Go Michelle ;) Glad you had a really good weekend!

  5. Glad you had a good weekend - I love it when it is warm and sunny, but I think it's about to disappear again...

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  6. Sounds like such a lovely weekend! The weather in Scotland isn't anywhere near as nice - in fact we're forecast massive storms today - but I've been non-stop busy this weekend so I would have been pretty gutted if I didn't get a chance to enjoy it! Have a lovely week x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  7. I've loved reading everyones recaps of the summer weekends they've been having!


  8. Date night! Can't wait to read about that =]
    Lovely photos, Michelle!
    Carolyn | BLOG

  9. Sounds lovely! You can't beat a desk tidy tbh, I got to experience the sunshine on Saturday and it was so lovely. So excited to hear about mystery man! xx

  10. Looks like you had a super lush weekend and I'm gonna get all juvenile and 'OooooOOooooo' date night on you right now ;) high fives for successful dates! Xx

  11. My country has been lovely as well these days with lots of sunshine vitamin D c:
    Ohhhh a date! Have a great one ^__^ Xx

  12. Omg did you make an OTT purchase??? Looking forward to your haul post to enable me!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  13. WAIT omg this is going to be a super long comment because--FIRST OF ALL your blog layout is absolutely flawless and beautiful like how does this even happen. & it's been SUPER hot here in California--whew! & looking forward to that haul!

    feel free to stop by sometime(;
    xx shirley

  14. We have to make the most of the hot weather! Xx loving your pics on the blog x
    Bean's Beauty Blog


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