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To celebrate the Moments That Mattered campaign, Lloyds Bank asked me to reflect on one of my highlights of 2013. Doesn’t that feel like a complete age ago? 2013 was full of highs and lows, and whilst my year-end round-ups seemed pretty negative about the situation, now that we’ve become more acquainted with 2014 - a much better year thus far! - I didn’t really mind 2013 that much.

In between job drama, boy drama, friends not-so-drama and all that jazz, I felt like the luckiest girl alive when my parents surprised me with a holiday back to Hong Kong for my 22nd birthday. In the style of Lloyds’ latest TV campaign, the team kindly created me my own campaign video! Ooh la la! So here is one of my favourite ‘moments’ (that was captured on camera, at least) of 2013. A moment that certainly mattered.

Post written in collaboration with Lloyds TSB Bank.


  1. Always focus on the high lights c: Nice gif. image! Xx

  2. From the gif it looks like it'd been such a lovely holiday, what a lovely surprise to be given! :)

  3. What a wonderful gift from your parents. I absolutely love Hong Kong. I go a few times a year for my job, and love it more each time I go. Looks like you had a wonderful time...


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