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Daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: paris fashion week
Daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: paris fashion week
Daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: thoughts on london fashion week

So we've had time to see the shows roll out in our fashion capitals, to digest exactly where the micro-trends have come from, to begin to lust over SS14 when autumn hasn't quite taken grip yet, and it's about time I shimmied in with my thoughts on Fashion Week itself. Everything aside from the clothes, noted down in one faux-concise tome. Well, blog post. It's kinda all the same... right?


Let's get down to the nitty gritty. Last season, a now infamous article circled the Internet. Detailing the circus that Fashion Week had become and highlighting the street style fad that we've all come to know and love, it proposed concerns about the credibility of the business and the perceptible shift between fashion and frivolity. Were the street style photographers, quirkly dressed and outside-the-tent calamities beginning to overshadow the purpose of the biggest trade event in the fashion industry?

Popularised first by Bill Cunningham and then eked out in the websphere by blogs, street style continues to grow and become one of the best channels of inspiration. As traditional print media in all of its aspirational and glossy glory began to feel a little too far out of reach for us, street style photos dared to take fashion from the streets and open it to the masses. And so the fragmented world of free, reader generated content began... Even so, as the street style phenomenon polarised throughout 2005-07, it remained a culture mostly untapped by fashion media. Fast forward to 2013 and street style continues to be a valuable mode of fashion communication. Take what you will from the extremely sharable and Pinnable worlds of Tumblr and Pinterest, once a single image of someone's shoes has been shared, it's probably gonna become a thing. Everyone will want a slice of that.

With print media's inclusion and interpretation of street style - I double dare you to find a magazine that doesn't feature a 'What the editors wore' or 'What you're wearing' page - does the credibility of the publication add even more value to a street style snap? Well, yes. If ELLE shares a well-shot snap of a girl in a parka, I'm even more likely to buy it. The only complication here is reverse style inspiration. Trends manifesting solely within themselves, leaving designers and their new season wares out of the picture.

London Fashion Week this time round was a more subdued affair. Perhaps it was because of the iconic dismal weather that reared its' Pantone grey head, perhaps it was because of that Menkes' piece, but for the first time in seven seasons, I hardly felt the London presence at all on the cobbles. Designers became encouraged to leave the showspace so infamously twinned with Louboutin-unfriendly flooring, and take their anticipated shows elsewhere. A conscious move to escape the circus that all had expected, but a move nonetheless that left the showspace dry and empty for the forefront of LFW, with nary a peacocker in sight. I can certainly confirm that Fashion Week is back to its former glory... with a little less quirky London charm and individuality, and I'm not so sure how I feel about that.

So now I turn the question to you -- what are your thoughts on the business of fashion? Has the industry been right to take dramatic action and lead the event back to a BAU format? Or do you ever-so-slightly miss the frivolity involved in wearing your Sunday-best-circa-LFW for the most surreal 5 days in the calendar year? Thoughts on a postcard! x


  1. I definitely agree with you that street style is overtaking everything, but I still think there is a place for the fashion shows that we all know and love - yes they're over the top and dramatic but that's half of the glamour and excitement. And within such shows we discover what the 'in crowd' are predicting... look at all the heart print that dominates the High Street these days - would we have had that without the S/S Burberry heart print shirt? Ditto the oxblood/burgundy trend.
    I think there is a place for fashion all all domaines... on the streets and on the catwalks. That's half of the fun of it all :)
    Keep in touch!
    Andrea xxx

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing! I am your new follower now! Please stop by my blog and maybe follow back? Thanks!



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