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Money Supermarket's Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist competition.

For their summer campaign, Money Supermarket are running another amazing competition to win a 32GB iPad. This time aptly themed around summer driving playlists for all of those heatwave induced road trips to the beach, I thought I'd throw in my two cents and notch up my current favourite songs that are on my own driving playlist.

1. Beast - 'Shadow'
Newly released from my favourite band, Shadow is one of those dramatic, drive with determination songs. Having an emotional crisis or fancy a drama-worthy drive? Whack this on. I particularly love Junhyung's second rap in it, and this song will forever rest with me as my 2013 'sorted-Mish-out' song.

2. Taylor Swift - 'All Too Well'
A Michelle/Daisybutter playlist wouldn't be complete without a sneaky appearance from Taylor now, would it? Mostly, All Too Well is another super dramatic number that works well for long stretches of road on your own. Easily one of my favourites from Red.

3. After School - 'First Love'
After School are one of my favourite K-pop girl groups. I admire them so much for their changeable talents and how much sheer effort goes into each song release/comeback: I mean, professional pole dancing that looks elegant and passes as an enviable skill? First Love is literally my top played song at the moment, perfect ballad and the lyrics are pretty sweet too.

4. Jay Park - 'Joah'
This song really reminds me of an ex-… something. The song is fresh and kinda mellow for a Jay Park release, and brings back such odd memories. I can't quite put my finger on it but it reminds me of a content and relaxed time earlier this year. Oh and Jay Park is coming to the UK for his first UK tour in September, so y'know, gotta get my lyrics perfected.

5. BIGBANG - 'Still Alive'
Finally, I couldn't finish up my summer driving playlist without my favourite song. Still Alive instantly conjures up memories of when my best friend, brother, sister and I saw our favourite K-pop band live for the first time. BIGBANG are pretty much the ultimate, and I probably maybe cried when this song came on to introduce the Alive tour. Oh 15th December, you were a good day.

You can enter the competition by following the rules, etc. over on the Money Supermarket website here. Who doesn't want an iPad?! (:


  1. I don't listen to K-pop at all (only watch the videos for the enviable girls/dance routines) but I've been liking that After School song since you tweeted about it! Except I have NO IDEA what they're singing. You know Korean?! :o I'm driving down to London tomorrow and Red is definitely getting played. Such a good album for long drives!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  2. I actually never heard any of these songs before! I love them :)
    You have such a great blog! I love it!
    I'm checking out your older posts and I'm following you on GFC and Bloglovin,
    If you like, I'd be so honored if you follow back!
    La Dolce Moda


  3. Dude, why am I not surprised the only English song is T Swift! I'm a bad Beast fan, haven't even listened to Shadown yet. Whaat. xx


    1. Ah man, even then I haven't listened to Taylor in weeks now. So bad! x

  4. Love the Totoros! I don't know too much KPOP but I've heard of AFTERSCHOOL because they did have that one song with Namie Amuro. "Gee" and "Abracadaba" are a must though. I always keep them on repeat ♥

    Just put Abracadabra on right now.....soooooooo good! lol


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