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Daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: bassbuds review, music, technology
Daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: bassbuds review, music, technology
BassBuds: - 'Your colour, your style.'

Central to my everyday routine is a good rummage through my monthly playlists on my iPod. Whether I'm headed for a glam food shop, to work or am just having some down time with a good book, there's probably some music to go with it.

BassBuds offered to send me a pair of their newest earphones a few weeks ago and I duly accepted, having just dipped my last pair into a glass of juice. Nice. Their newest collection fuses style and sound, each earphone bud featuring a Swarovski crystal with gold-plated audio jacks. We (you'll see what I mean) received a pair of yellow headphones which are pretty darn eye-catching to be honest, and not really my colour.

I've since passed these to Daisybrother for his use. In-ear earphones just don't sit in my ears so I figured he could review 'em for me! His verdict? Bass enhancement is great, the sound is amazing, and they don't tangle. A winner all around. They feel very premium and make music sound even better.

See more about BassBuds here.
Our little July playlist:
Untouchable - 락 좀 자주 해 (ft. 앤드류 최)
SHINee - Runaway
Beast - I'm Sorry
Daesung - I Love You
2NE1 - Fallin' In Love
4minute - Is It Poppin'?
A Pink - NoNoNo


  1. Daisybrother hahahaha. You're such a Kpopper these days x

  2. If these are available in pink I'd be all over them! x

  3. These are pretty! I love the crystals on them :) x

  4. haha if I had new gadgets like this, my brothers would be all over it too!

  5. Super cool earphones, I like the color too!


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