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Impromptu mobile post today because I literally don't have the time to shoot some outdoorsy outfit photos at the moment. It's always good to mix things up though right? I've had half a day off from work today, pottering around sorting things out and still not managing to eat breakfast. *slap on wrist*

Shirt, Zara; Marble print trousers, c/o French Connection.

Today I'm wearing this print clash look, switching things right up again. Opting for my Zara watercolour dot print shirt again, I threw it on with my marble print cropped trousers because, y'know, the sun's out and one can only embrace tentative amounts of sun with a bare... ankle. Wild. I really do like this print pairing though, even my Mum and sister weren't too iffy with it for once! (I'll keep you updated on Dad's remarks - he usually assumes I haven't even changed from my pyjamas. I'll have you know my battered old tee is reserved only for sleeping, Papa Daisy!)

My hair is courtesy of the Cloud Nine Waving Wand (full post and poss demo video comin' soon!). No burnt fingertips and soft, big waves? I am impressed.

Tonight I'm probably going to get in from work, put my real pyjamas on and sift through my blog related emails. I've been seriously slacking on that front recently and I also want to catch up on reading blogs and leaving proper comments again. I went to some press days last night so I'll be editing some coverage from those and getting them up asap too. I've also had a few brainwaves for posts and series so it might be time to crack my notebook out and sort DB out! (: Have a nice Thursday all! x
Post title: 현승, 정은지 & 김남주 Cube Voice Project ii. - 'One Year Ago (일년전에)'


  1. I love the trousers :) lovely print clash :) xx
    Vicki x

  2. Hey,
    I like your outfit. The pants are great!

  3. that outfit is just lovely! And I love The Notebook. Makes me cry all the time; before I let someone borrow my book and they haven't given it back! :(

  4. Oh your hair is super long Mish! Looking cute as always. I am way behind with my emails too - I don't really feel too bad about it until I start reading them again. I should probably go and reply to some of them now...


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