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Happy Year of the Snake ^_^


Happy Chinese New Year lovelies! Whether you celebrate the occasion or not, I hope you all have an amazing Sunday, a prosperous and healthy year, and make sure that the next seven days are filled with red and gold (it'll bring you luck).

I've already been ringing in the celebrations as you read this. It's tradition to see in the new year with new clothes, new shoes, a hair cut and lots of other tidbits. Yesterday I went shopping with my brother and sister to pick up a swish CNY haul of goodies, which I'll post on the blog next week when I find a second. We also went to our family restaurant for, no word of a lie, the hugest feast that I've laid eyes on. For photographic evidence, see my Instagram. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Anyway, tonight we're off for another food-filled bonanza, such is our family tradition. Super excited to see my Granny as ever, I'm planning on whipping out my new pinafore for the second day in a row (fashion faux pas, who cares?) and enjoy lots of traditional CNY treats. 

PS. Check out my pro brother cooking fried rice at the age of 3 whilst I dress up Mama's heels and sip a juice box, aged around 5! What a hidden treasure while picking photos to frame for the house.


  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you! :)
    Hope you & family have a wonderful day & you get lots of red envelopes haha! :) xxx

  2. Happy Chinese New Year Michelle :)
    I want a massive family gathering with loads of yum food too! The photo of you and your brother is so cute haha
    emmerliejay x

  3. Ooh I hope you have fun! Happy Chinese New Year! xxx

  4. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!
    I like the sound of a huge feast...and new clothes of course :)

  5. Happy Chinese New Year! Love the photo of you and your brother.

    Liz xx

  6. Happy Chinese New Year to you too :) Have a lovely few days and a prosperous new year :

  7. Happy Chinese New Year Michelle!

  8. Happy Chinese New Year!

  9. Happy Chinese New Year! I went to the London celebrations this morning and they were very wet & cold but still brilliant!!xx

  10. 新年快乐! I celebrated Chinese New Year yesterday for the first time, was sooo much fun! Hope you had a great time!

  11. Happy Chinese New Year Michelle! I hope you eat lots and have an awesome time. Best wishes for the year ahead!

  12. happy lunar new year my dear! i hope you had a lovely one!

    xx rae

  13. Happy Chinese New Year!

    Maria xxx

  14. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO YOU! I hope it's a great year for you! xx

  15. Happy CNY to you Mish, sounds like you had a pretty perfect one to me. I love Chinese traditions and wanted a new hair cut too but I couldn't get one in time - and obviously getting one in the next week is a BIG no no and goes against superstition huh?! Enjoy the week lovely xx

  16. Happy Chinese New Year! Although I am Chinese, my family only celebrates it with a cute little dinner, no feasting at my home, sadly!

  17. Happy Lunar New Year! (My family celebrated Vietnamese New Year...chuc mung nam moi!) Gong xi fa cai~~!

    <3 Rubiiee

  18. Awww your pictures are so cute

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