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When it comes to dressing the nails, I am an avid fan of all many of nail colours. Delve into my beauty drawer and you'll find a colour co-ordinated selection of greiges, darks, classic reds, bold blues and even a pesky glitter or six. I switch my nail colour up twice a week or so, making nail lacquers/polishes/varnishes an essential in my book. Read on for my edit of the essential four...

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Essentials: The Nail Lacquers.
Essentials is a new mini series on Daisybutter, highlighting my personal favourite wardrobe pieces and selecting an edit of outfits that focus around it. Designed to showcase how versatile a wardrobe can be as well as to inspire a capsule wardrobe of perfectly chosen items.
Essie's Sand Tropez is my current go-to colour. A milky, taupe with a warm tone, it is a perfect neutral for everyday wear. Come my midweek manicure, and my Sunday pamper session, this is all that has adorned my nails as of late. It is available in the Essie Diffusion line (the one that you'll find in Boots!), meaning that the application is easier than ever with a slick wide brush, drying time is nearly second to none, and longetivity/tipwear is pretty good.

For an evening nail (although, y'know, I never say no a Monday mani with this!), I'm a huge fan of Revlon's Vixen. The perfect deep red verging on plum purple, two coats of this lapped up with a heavy duty top coat and I'm all set. Who says deep hues are reserved for the winter?

Glitter-wise, my sister and I have trialled the good, the bad and the ugly with a selection of tricky-to-apply, tricky-to-remove glitter lacquers. My current favourite is a simple gold glitter with multiple sized particles - Barry M's Yellow Topaz. Yep, Barry M. I feel about fifteen again. I'm more likely to slick a layer of this on the ring finger, over Sand Tropez nowadays, but I can't fault this for a wearable glitter. 
Disclaimer: I bought all of these nail varnishes and put my hands up in admission of a serious shopping addiction.


  1. I'm a total nail varnish fiend too.. I currently have over 100, eek! I'm loving the look of Vixen by Revlon, I'll have to check it out, it's a wonderful vamp colour! I have a total love/hate relationship with Essie though - they always chip on me!


  2. I love Vixen!! It's the only nail colour I've been wearing for the past month or so haha

  3. I've been thinking of buying the same Essie nail polish and from what you wrote I think I definitely will :D

  4. I love painting my nails (/letting my friends do my nails as they're far more talented than me aha), it's a great little detail to make an outfit work. I love glitter (especially at Christmas it was glorious) but it is so hard to get off I've stopped using it now...xx

  5. oh yes, i love very light colors. they are pretty much all i wear on my nails! the sand color seems very close to an opi version that i own.

    lindsey louise

  6. Vixen is one of my favourites too, perfect shade for winter!

  7. I really need to try Sand Tropez!

  8. Sand Tropez is my absolute favourite. It's so classy and easy to wear, you really can't go wrong with that one! x


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