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daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: review, BB cream, i-code BB cream, skincare
daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: review, BB cream, i-code BB cream, skincare

It's Skin i-Code BB Cream.
Sitting somewhere between skin care and the tinted moisturiser horizons of the beauty world lies the BB cream. As a self-confessed make-up failure, I often opt for a BB cream when I want a little coverage on my face or to provide a clean base.

Currently, the i-Code Wrinkle Control BB cream is my weapon of choice for a flawless fluid finish. It doesn't hold a light to my beloved Missha BB cream, and is much better than the Skin79 Gold Signature offering, but it's nearly there, and I can't complain too much. The texture isn't too watery and 'dries' to a lovely dewy finish on the skin, perfect with a little powder for an everyday look. As with all or most Asian BB creams, the i-Code has a high SPF coverage and applies with an ashy/pale cast. I'd describe the coverage as light to medium at best, and to cover under eye circles, I always wear this with my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

Additionally, it claims to hold anti-wrinkle and whitening properties, both of which I can't really vouch for as a naturally pale girl at the age of 21! For me though, these are qualities that I always look for in a product that is applied directly to the face.

I snapped mine up in the Chinatown Market, London (WC2H 0BL), and would definitely recommend to those looking to branch out into traditional BB creams. 


  1. I've never tried a bb cream mainly because I can't bare to leave my beloved bare minerals foundation! I always think your skin looks fantastic though, really glowing.

  2. I reaaally want to try a BB cream but usually they're one-shade and they'd be too light :'( x

  3. I pretty much always wear BB cream - I prefer it to foundation because the skin colour is just right (perfect for us with pale Asian skin tones) and it's got high SPF which is definitely a must. My favourite is the Dr. Jart brand which i know that Boots have started to stock. But they don't have the silver or black label which I use. Tempted to give them a try at some point though because they're still made in Korea, intriguing!


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