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daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: 2013 new year's resolutions

January the 1st, 2013, a clean slate.
Happy New Year all! Hope you had a lovely NYE and aren't feeling too fragile? 2012 turned out to be an amazing year, not to get all sentimental and soppy, so let's cut to the chase...

Last year I decided to set myself a list of goals for the new year, in an attempt to make the most of my 365 days. I'm terrible with resolutions, but by making a list and keeping it in close proximity all year (mostly on a Wunderlist on my phone - best app!) and on my blog, I managed to fulfil almost all of my goals, bar a few that I've brought over to 2013.

2013 is going to be a complete surprise. Whilst this year I knew that I'd be finishing University, reaching an age milestone by turning 21 and having to enter the Real World, 2013 doesn't hold much by way of plans so far. Without further ado, here's my ambitious list of goals for the year:

· Save at least 20% of my earnings each month.
· Read 20 new books.
· Start and keep up a new feature on my blog.
· Buy my perfect faux fur coat.
· Be a better long distance friend.
· See Beast and BtoB in concert.
· Buy some Polaroid film and document more moments on film.
· Be more positive.
· Go on a city break or holiday.
· Move up in my career path.
· Donate at least a third of my wardrobe to the British Heart Foundation.
· Cut down on coffee.
· Make more use of my weekends.
· See my friends from University whenever possible.

Once again, thank you for the place you played in my 2012, and a very Happy New Year to you all. What are your resolutions, aims and goals for the next twelve months? I'd love to know (so I can borrow some ideas!). 


  1. what a lovely little list, I'd love to know where you'd like to visit on a city break or holiday. I only say because I really want to book a holiday/city break when I finish my spending ban in April and I'd like some ideas.

  2. Happy New Year! Good luck with your goals for 2013 - I need to start thinking of mine! x

  3. Happy New Year! That's an impressive list of goals. I've got lots of fun ones planned, but I think my main 'serious' one is going to be to be nicer to myself. Easier said than done. Oh, and lose weight, but everyone says that! xx

  4. Happy New Year : ) Good luck with all your goals x

  5. Excellent resolutions, I do like nice practical goals! :) Happy new year!

  6. Happy New Year Michelle! :)
    I could do with following your list of goals too!
    emmerliejay x

  7. you are brave putting your solutions down, not only on paper but on the web....

    Good luck

    Emma x.x.x

  8. This is a great idea! You've inspired me to make a list of goals too :)
    Happy new year!

  9. I love your goals list - so many New Years resolutions are about punishment and restriction, but yours have so many fun and positive things to do. It's so much easier to accomplish when you look forward to doing them! Making more use of my weekends is definitely something I need to do - they suddenly seem a lot more precious now that I am working 9-5 during the week!

  10. Happy New Year! I have a few goals this year. One is to illustrate more and set up a portfolio that I'm proud of, along with perhaps a small business of some sorts - I'm not a risk taker so I suppose taking risks will be something I can try and do!

    Have a wonderful new years and I hope it's good for you (im sure it will be!)

  11. Happy New Year Michelle!
    Grace X

  12. Thats a really lovely set of goals! They're not too 'impossible' haha! :)xx

  13. Great list of goals Mish! I'd say for me 2013 is all about new beginnings, I'd like to progress a bit further with my career too and be better at keeping in touch with uni friends too - maybe even start hanging out with new people too. I'd also need to start saving for trips to see friends abroad i.e. Seoul/Taipei/HK. It's a long way away yet but if I can save, then I can start thinking about possible plans! Happy New Year lovely.

  14. Mighty list but I'm sure you'll tick them off at the end of this year!
    Blessings and good wishes for 2013


  15. Happy new year - hope you have an amazing 2013! good look with your goals!!


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