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Glitter bear ears, Crown and Glory; Deborah Lippmann's 'Razzle Dazzle' nail lacquer, via Glossybox.
Hello from the depths of December! It's the 12th of the 12th, 2012!

Oh I'm already missing snapping away at outfit photos for little Daisy, but by way of an explanation to the lack of posting, I only went and broke my camera lens last week. As a result, it is pretty hard to blog consistently, seeing as I don't have a handy assistant to take pixelated phone photos of me in the mornings. Nevertheless, I'm having a darn good mid-December week - new projects and a step-up at work, Made in Chelsea was an ultimate guilty pleasure on Monday and I went for a much-needed catch-up dinner with an old best friend yesterday. Aaah.

For now, please enjoy my tired self wearing Crown and Glory glitter bear ears following my Ways to Wear post last week, as well as sporting Deborah Lippmann's 'Razzle Dazzle' nail lacquer. I'm feeling pretty festive at the moment, and have a lovely rest of the week lined up that involves a BIGBANG concert (srsly about to pass out with anticipation), fun train times with Ella, and finally meeting Bee and Gem on Sunday! 

PS. Yes, we do have a map of the world in our living room.


  1. Haha, I was wondering about the world map xxx

  2. The bear ears are so cute! x

  3. Darn, I hope you get a new lens soon! Bear ears = <3

  4. Damn that! I remember when I went and broke my actual camera and disappeared from the Blogosphere for weeks on end. Hope you sort that lens out, lovely! And Merry Christmas (it's soon!!!)

    x Michelle |


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