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daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what's in my bag
daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what's in my bagdaisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what's in my bag

What's in my Bag? The Winter 2012 Edition.
Early mornings and a sleepyhead Michelle combine to include many forgotten items mishaps on a near daily basis. Well - that is set to change as over the weekend, I got to grips with sifting through my everyday bag and finding a definitive home for each everyday essential.

My everyday bag of choice is back to my Petticoat White Mulberry Alexa. This was my 20th birthday present and whilst I did have inklings of doubt of whether it'd see me through the winter that calls for a darker colour palette, Alexa and I are now onto our second winter together. It's love, I tell ya, rose gold hardware and slouchy leather goodness.

First in my bag is my purse, a black Mulberry Tillie 'French' purse that I bought nearly a year ago. It houses many a forgotten receipt, all my 2ps, business cards and Nando's loyalty card - perfect. I also carry my Korres lip butter in 'Guava' for winter lip pampering, so buttery (obvs) and moisturising, although it leaves a white cast to my lips, which is where my Rimmel 1000 Kisses lip tint in 'Kiss Me' comes into play. I can't get enough of this lip tint, it's my go-to red lip for an understated injection of colour. I also pop my Stila Eyeliner in 'Moray' in there for day-to-night eyes, and a Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in 'Boy' for last minute event-related touch ups.

My gadgets are the next to be whacked in my bag. I can't go anywhere without my iPod Touch (soon to be upgraded!) and Xperia Ray phone, which means my The Big Knit x Daisybutter mini hat is hanging around too. (You can still enter my giveaway to win the full-sized version here!) I'm also currently toting around my sticker-pimped-out Filofax and a back issue of Aesthetic magazine - Issue Three production is well underway!

What are your handbag essentials? Any other lip product hoarders and gadget lovers? 


  1. Recently tissues, lipbalm and a good book have been my handbag essentials but my new bag definitely deserves something a bit fancier!

    Maria xxx

  2. the thing that pleases me most, is the lack of blackberry, THANK GOD! xxx

  3. My bag at the mess- there's so much rubbish in it from the couple of weeks up and down the country. Totally a lip product and gadget lover also- my lips get super super dry so there's usually 3 or four different balms or butters floating around, and it'd be highly unusual to catch me without my Kindle in my bag. It's been my baby since I got it 2 years ago!

  4. I love your bag and purse, and I can't resist a good diary!

    I have ridiculous amounts of lip products in my bags, and I'm with you on technology too, my tablet and iphone have to come everywhere with me. xo

  5. Winter additions have included handcream (I get terribly dry skin in winter) and tissues! I always carry Chanel pressed powder, Nivea lipbalm, a gigantic studded Topshop purse, a pen and at least three hair ties (always losing them!). x

  6. Always sooo jealous of your bag! Wish I could get away with having that little in my bag. I literally carry my whole makeup bag and the doctor said my shoulder's feeling the strain D: also I have one of those pink spork/knife things from camping shops 'just in case' I ever need to eat and get caught short of cutlery haha. I've never even used it x

  7. I absolutely love your Alexa and the rose gold hardware! It's always so interesting seeing what are in people's bags!

    Gem x

  8. BEST PURSE EVER. Your bag contents is a lot more organised than mine! x

  9. Love the purse, and yes, my bag is always full of mac products and at least 3 tubes of Carmel-just in case!
    R x

  10. Love your purse! My bag seems to be full of recipes rather than actual products... Fail much? <_<;;

    <3 Rubiiee

  11. very cute ^_^ love the mirror :) xx

  12. Just found your blog dear. I love this type of post..i made a similar one too.. love your bag!

    Hope you'll visit me, I will be so grateful ;)
    Lots of kisses, Elena

  13. I hoard electronics in my purse. At any given time, I'm probably carrying a camera, ipod, phone, and tablet. Guess it's good to have backup, huh? :D


  14. A lovely handbag. I always have lipbalms and bizarrely I carry numerous colours of nail varnish. ...these are for emergency times at work ...or if I need cheering up, ...I just paint my nails. :)

    Jackie @ Minerva Collection UK Handbags&Jewellery


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