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Japanese Q10 Sheet Facemasks.
Over the weekend, I spent a large portion of my evenings indulging in a) too much good/bad food, b) too much definitely-bad TV, and c) goodness for my skin. With the temperature taking a dip for the worse, I decided it was time to bring out my Q10 sheet facemasks to replenish the moisture in my skin and give it a much needed boost of radiance.

One of my friends actually brought a box of these babies back from Hong Kong for me over the summer, despite the fact that I hadn't uttered a word about them to him! Let me have it on record that it was one of the best surprises ever. Oh, it's the little things... Surprises aside, the Q10 mask is a seriously refreshing choice that I tend to save for when my skin needs a good pamper. I simply run a hot bubble bath, light a few candles (I can be such a cliche at times!) and apply this to my face, leaving for a good twenty minutes. I then massage the excess into my skin, meaning no extra moisturiser!

I think it can still be said that there is a bit of a divide between clay/gel masks and the ol' sheet mask, but I'm a faithful fan of each. Now, it's time to treat myself to another Q10 evening I believe, one more day until my weekend! 


  1. I've never tried these but they're so big in Japan. I have my next Japan trip on Sunday so I'll be sure to pick some up. xxx

  2. I love face masks, they make me feel so pampered! I've never actually tried a sheet one though, I usually go for the self-heating Montagne Jeunesse ones :) x

  3. These look great! I could definitely do with some skin brightening xx
    Love from Ella @ Belle Vintage

  4. I love face masks so much, they're so relaxing and these sound amazing! <3

    Jennie xo |


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