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Autumn Winter 2012.
The smell (but not the taste) of roasted chestnuts, cold noses, festive Fairisle prints on anything knitted, The Hot Chocolate Era, writing lists of ideal gifts for your loved ones, film evenings under a blanket, bright orange trees and a tarnished red leaf floor, debating whether two scarves is too much, appreciating central heating more than anything else, guilt-free Rocky Road consumption, admiring coffee top creamer patterns, bowler hats, knitted tights, walks in the brisk winter air, Christmas anticipation.

... Just a little list of a few of the things I appreciate the most during this colder season. I used to write these types of posts all the time when I started my blog nearly three years ago! Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely readers, US based or not. All my love. 


  1. we should all appreciate more :) lovely to see such a long list!! xx

  2. I love autumn and all it brings. Happy thanksgiving Michelle! X

  3. waiting for more of these. I'm a cold lover too. :d


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