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Edited by Michelle Chai.
The highlight of my wardrobe and extensive fashion repertoire is arguably my accessories stash. A treasure trove that I choose to simply build upon each season, I just can't get enough of jewellery, handbags, leathers, scarves and more. You name it, I see it, and the next thing you know, it'll be residing in my bedroom. This AW12, I'm expecting the likes of faux leather accents, more faux fur stoles, tweed accents and plum tones to join the ranks of my wardrobe, coupled with structured bags that aren't too ladylike, as well as silver and gunmetal jewellery to pile on each wrist. 

1. Cranberry box chain leather bag, £28, Topshop.
2. Multi stackable zig zag rings, £10, ASOS.
3. Black floral applique collar, £16, Topshop.
4. Rock 'N Rose 'Jovana' tiny skulls bracelet in Gold, £14, Motel Rocks.
5. Anya Hindmarch lucky sixpence leather coin purse keyfob, £125, Net-A-Porter.
6. Alexander Wang 'Prisma' ostrich-effect leather wallet, £230, Net-A-Porter.
7. The Row leather shoulder bag, £2,075, Net-A-Porter.


  1. Knowing my luck, I definitely need this Anya Hindmarch lucky penny purse! Haha!

    I wouldn't mind the ASOS rings or Alexander Wang wallet either to be honest... ; )

    -Elodie x

  2. Love those stackable ring michelle. The lucky sixpence piece is so adorable too! xx

  3. Really loving the rings <3 and the wallet xxx

  4. I love all these accessories, especially the stackable rings! How cute they are!

  5. I love those slouchy bags (the Topshop box chain one) at the moment. They look so cool.

  6. I love that Topshop bag. I'm a big fan of red but cranberry seems more suitable for autumn so I'm glad there's a lot of it coming in to the shops. x

  7. lovely items :) my favorite would have to be the purple purse xx

  8. I love those rings! And the bag!!! So much love.

  9. I recently purchased a collar like the Topshop one featured. Looks fab with a simple white sleeveless tee.

    Love xxx

  10. Ahhhh, the leather shoulder bag is perfect, so expensive though!
    I love jewellery too but I always seem to lose it :( haha


  11. stackable rings are beautiful! WOW nice blog
    Follow each other???
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  12. I need that Topshop bag, so so beautiful!

  13. The Topshop bag is such a gorgeous shade, how perfect for A/W!
    I'm a total sucker for anything 'stackable', so those rings will definitely be making an appearance on my wishlist xx

  14. Those stackable rings are so cute! I've never been on Asos as internet shopping scares me haha, but I keep seeing such lovely things from there!
    I really love plum, deffo want some plum pieces for my autumn wardrobe :)
    Love Holz oxo

  15. The only key accessory missing is a watch! You have a good selection here though, and the lucky sixpence is especially sweet. A lot of people would probably say that you ought to wear a selection of bracelets on one wrist, with a pretty watch on the other. Obviously the fact that nearly everybody has a smartphone these days means that a watch would be less for telling the time than to just look cute. There are quite a few ladies watches here to have a look at if you fancy. Could include one or two in your next contribution about accessories.


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