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August wishlist... because my shopping habit has finally returned and I finally have a full-time job.
1. Super soft pin spot Leigh skinny jeans, £40, Topshop.
2. Knitted Breton top, £36, Topshop.
3. Kiwi Shop chiffon dotted long tank top, £18.50,
4. Kiwi Shop asymmetric-hem cropped knit top, £11.56,
5. Goat zodiac bracelet, £40, Mulberry.
6. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light moisturiser, £16, Boots.
7. My Beauty Diary Chamomile and white lily sleep concentrate, £9.10,
8. Laneige Water sleeping pack, £13.20,

Well it's been a while since I posted a frivolous list of things-I-want-and-will-probably-buy, hasn't it? I went window shopping last week with my Mama (the most boring type of shopping...) and realised it'd been a really long time since I'd had a 'good' shopping trip.

On my never-ending quest for the perfect wardrobe, here is a short rundown of what August might hold in store for my treasure trove of goodies. First up are these soft beyond soft Leigh skinny jeans: covered in a polka dot and with the cutest little turn-ups, I can see this becoming an everyday wear kinda thing for me. I know it won't be to everyone's tastes but, er, if you know me at all, polka dots are just a necessity in my wardrobe.

I've also fallen back in love with, my love/hate shopping destination, and a website whose parcels seem to fall through my door far too often. In love with these chiffony, drapey pieces, of course. I also really want this Chinese zodiac bracelet by Mulberry, to add to my current arm candy. It'd be pretty silly to pass up on a piece that is so very 'me' in all aspects!

Finally, it's time to shake-up my skincare again, as I've just run out of my Caudalie life savers, and I'm steadily progressing through my Joliebox and Glossybox samples. (Reviews on those coming soon!) I can't quite decide between the Laneige and My Beauty Diary sleeping masks though - help! 


  1. Love the chiffon tank top! So pretty and girly! xx

  2. I must buy those jeans :O I've been looking for some cheaper versions for a while now!

  3. I want those jeans! I have had my eyes peeled for a pair of polka dot trousers and these are perfect! Great picks!
    Cara x
    (check out my giveaway)

  4. Love the jeans and jumper! I would wear those together and be a happy happy girl.

  5. oooh the breton jumper is really cutee! xo

  6. Great picks for this month! Love those jeans - they are gorgeous! Might need to make a wee trip to Topshop...
    Lianne x

  7. Love the breton top (I am a sucker for any kind of striped top) and the chiffon tank is so cute! xxx

  8. Every time I go into Topshop I agonise about buying a pair of Leigh jeans. They have some beautiful colours and prints! xoxo

  9. i love that bretton jumper, might have to invest in that ;)

  10. Love those polka dot jeans. An essential to a happy wardrobe in my opinion :) x

  11. you've done it again Michelle my empty purse is streaming with tears hahah
    god i want everything, those jeans are perfecto and the fact they are Leigh ones makes it 100% better! they are the only ones that truly fit me well. and those crop tops are sweeeet! might have to buy one actually when I get a bit of money. And yes I am that poor that I can't afford an £11 top oh sweet jesus i need a job
    love this post xx

  12. I love everything, I'm doing really good with my money lately and want to buy loads. But I sort of hold off until nearer the end of the month so I am not caught short. So hard! xxx

  13. I love those jeans, Topshop jeans are always gorgeous. I know what you mean, I haven't had a really successful shopping trip in ages, I want one! x
    Sirens and Bells

  14. I saw the jeans on the topshop website and I'm really intrigued in them actually, there different but not so out there that you cant wear them with what you'd normally wear with jeans. i think i need to have a look for them in real life! xx

  15. oh michelle, you know whats funny. I have the topshop knit in my basket that I saw last week, and i actually thought of you so much! funny that :) i bloody love it.xx

  16. Gorgeous collection of product - love those spotty jeans, they're super cute..!


  17. Those jeans are amazing, subtle but jazzy enough t be interesting!

    Maria xxx

  18. You know sometimes I love these kinds of posts and sometimes I hate them. Love in terms of inspiration and seeing what other people have found online that you haven't spotted... hate that you then add a horrendous amount to my wishlist! The jumper is heading the list now :P x

  19. I have the water sleeping pack and it's great!

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