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Afternoon lovely ladies! Hope you're all well and suitably excited for the weekend! As I'm sure you all know, I'm a huge fan of social media platforms, and recently got back into the Tumblr scene, hopped on the Instagram bandwagon and joined Pinterest. I'm everywhere! I regularly use Tumblr as more of an inspiration platform, to share photos, quotes and other snippets that inspire me but don't quite fit it on the content of Daisybutter.

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Go Chic or Go Home is a Pinterest-esque website for personal fashion. When the team behind Go Chic got in touch with me, I must admit I was skeptical at first but honestly, the community is such a great concept. A photo-based community, it offers a place to share your inspiration, your daily style, shop and connect with other like-minded users.  You can even create a virtual closet with your own clothes to mix and match.  In short, it has everything us Daisies enjoy in one place.

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To celebrate the launch of Go Chic's newly revamped inspiration board feature, I've teamed up with the site to offer my readers a £50 giftcard to any of the retailers featured on the website's Shop section, including ASOS, J. Crew and more. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is:
  • Be a GFC or Bloglovin' subscriber of my blog;
  • Become a member of Go Chic or Go Home in 2 easy steps 1) Request an invite from me here, and 2) Use your invite link to sign up on the website;
  • Existing members are more than welcome to enter the giveaway, too!  Simply log into Go Chic or Go Home so that your account is active during the giveaway period;
  • Last but not least, leave a comment on this blog post about the Go Chic or Go Home community. What do you think of the website? Leave your email address or Twitter username so I can contact you;
  • This giveaway is open to UK and international readers, and will close on Wednesday 25th April 2012.


  1. Aww, lovely giveaway!
    I'd never heard of Go Chic or Go Home and I found the concept a little baffling when I first looked around, but now I've got my bearings a little, I'm actually getting quite into it, haha.
    My twitter's @so_divinely xx

  2. I love some of the features, like digitize your closet, actually it can be very useful.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  3. I've joined! I'm never one to pass up an extra social media site (or a chance to win ASOS goodies). I think it's a really interesting concept though to be able to view your wardrobe digitally! I think I'll find it really helpful as I can never be bothered to look through all of my stuff physically and I forget I have half of it because it's so unorganised.

    ♥ Leigh

  4. Wow I love the way you can look at lots of diffent people's looks at the same time and at ease so that you are not just looking at the different outfits of the same person!

    Take a peak at my blog<3

    Project Rattlebag



  5. Nice giveaway Michelle!

    I quite like how it's like a personal shopper and a blogging network rolled into one. :)


  6. I love how you can filter by colour and type of product so it make sit much easier to sift through products and find what I am looking for and interested in.

  7. Wow cool giveaway and GCOGH is amazingly useful. I love the fact my wardrobe can be categorised into seasons, colours and items. I have already started to plan to add all my gear and it will mean no more forgetting what I have to wear and what goes with what.
    Also aready seen one of my tops and a cool way to wear it so helped already looking at other members. Thanks for highlighting this great tool.
    Following via bloglovin

  8. I realy like the idea of You can organise everything into various categories. I cheecked out existing members and I can say that I will be back, great way to discover new interesting blogs.

    I am following via GFC and Bloglovin.

    my twitter name is: @theblackpearlb

  9. Sounds like a great idea, I feel like I could spend hours wasting time looking at photos...have just requested an invite :) following on GFC, and my email is

    Thanks! :)

  10. Great giveaway! I follow via GFC as irina

    I really like the idea behind this site, because it unites shopping with inspiration. I am a fashion enthusiast and I enjoy looking at different outfits, analyze them, extract what I like and incorporate it in my personal style. I also find it fascinating to see how different people react to fashion and how they interpret a trend or a clothing item, and the site gives me the opportunity to expand my passion. I also find it very useful that I can mix and match my own clothes and come up with new, amazing ideas.
    This duality between practicality and an inspirational factor makes the site unique.

    My email address is

  11. I love that you can use your own closet to create looks, as opposed to the closest match on other websites. But that you can also find inspiration not only from the items that you could buy but also from other people on the website.
    My twitter is @leonielebt

  12. I love that they love cookies!! Seriously though, I love the idea of shopping from your own closet as they allow you to upload pics!

    My email address is:

    Thanks for a great contest!


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