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My October GlossyBox arrived early on Monday morning. It was a nice surprise, I tend to lose track of time a little with things like these, and it definitely brightened up my day. From what I have gathered through reading some other GlossyBox posts in the blogging community, there has been a mixed bag of reactions to this month's offerings. Personally, I like the products that came in my Box.

I always seem to fall into a routine of using the same products over and over, and over the summer, I went to a Dermatologica counter in the hopes of finding something new to treat my skin to. I'm forever faithful to my Lancome and Laneige, but new skincare never fails to lift my mood! I don't like being pushed to buy things, so cosmetics counters are nothing short of a nightmare when I'm still uncertain! Needless to say, I am both pleased and relieved that I now have three luxury samples (one is mini, but the cute bag makes up for it) to sample at my leisure. I also like that I have a mini range to sample together, I'm currently assuming that the product samples all complement each other, so will probably trial run this over the week!

First impressions? The lip renewal smells fruity but clinical and artificial, and is a little gloopy; the Recovery Masque is again a little synthetic in scent, but is the perfect thick texture and I hold high hopes for its' uses; and as for the Thermafoliant? The scent reminds me of Hong Kong and of my Mama, and the tiny exfoliant beads are perfect to bring back some radiance into my skin.

My favourite product of the bunch from this month's Box has to be the Stila smudge stick in Moray. I wore it on Wednesday, and it lasted all day without primer, and made me feel like an Olsen. It seems perfect for a dressed-down, grunge look, and is a soft, blendable, khaki green colour with gold shimmer. Would really recommend picking one of these up, I'm already eyeing up Purple Tang and Lionfish for my collection!

Finally, the other two products in my Box were a Leighton Denny nail varnish and three perfume samples. I'm undecided on the perfume samples, they don't feel very "me", but I'll keep them in my beauty box as a reserve, "just-in-case" scent. The light blue, metallic nail varnish also felt a little strange to me, pastel shades are a little summery for me, but I'm imagining some sort of wintery blue nail art with mine. We shall see! Overall, I liked this month's GlossyBox, especially as I'd been looking to try some Dermologica for a few weeks anyway. I love happy coincidences like these!

By the way, I just wanted to take a second to say hello to my new followers, and a huge thank you: I reached "The Big 2000" last night and couldn't be happier! If any of you are on Tumblr, it'd be a huge help if you could also follow me at my Uni blog, Ways to Wear Daily, it would mean the world. xo


  1. Congrats on all the followers! you totally deserve them.

    I got the blue polish too, its so pretty and perfect for winter!

  2. That's really cool, I got some soap samples from college, as well as some perfume samples too. I need to make a trip to Sephora and buy some products, I don't really have any here because I'm such a tomboy and don't wear makeup except for special occasions!
    Farrah's Muse

  3. Everytime I see a post about a beauty box on my dashboard I have to read it but I still haven't ordered myself one! Dont know which one?!

  4. great post (: it feels like a lot of the glossy boxes focused on dermalogica this month, i'd love to try their products.


  5. I've been eyeing up the other stila pencils too! I got a pale pink nail varnish, unsure about it but I have wanted to try Leighton Denny for a while. I'm so tempted to sign up to another box! X

  6. The Dermatologica products sound interesting. I'm always up for trying anything to do with skincare. I have combination skin and still break out in my t-zone area which frustrates me!

  7. Oooh, I've been seeing these Glossybox things around the internet and it looks like such a fun thing to try! Congrats on all the followers! I'll add one more to the bunch by following you as well!

  8. I am LOVING the sounds of that Stila stick! Looking for new make-up that'll complement my new 'do, and that khaki colour sounds pppppuuuurrrrrfect.

    x Michelle |

  9. I don't think GlossyBox will please everyone every single month, that being said this is a great review.
    The smudge stick sounds great, will definitely have to check it out xoxo

  10. I wish I got GlossyBox, that Stila Stick looks great!!

  11. Nice stuff!

  12. Haha this is the third time I saw this post before I realized I have the exact same IKEA bedspreads. Yay for IKEA!!!!!

    Also, I so wish I lived in England so I could get a Glossybox. Urgh. Classic example of first world problems.

    Good luck with your assignments!

  13. Ooh, what a lovely selection! I've never heard of GlossyBox; it seems like Birchbox is similar, I've been wanting to join there but I've been in the middle of relocating so I don't have a solid address yet. Sadface! Anyway, I loved reading your thoughts on the products. I wouldn't normally go for that pastel nail color (I love the one you're wearing in these pictures), but the fun part of things like this is that it gives you that option to try something a little out of the daily routine!


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