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Being home only means two things: eating an insane amount of good food, and outfits comprising of items from every wardrobe in the house. I'm back at home for the weekend: today is my cousin's 15th birthday, although I'm yet to see him, and I have a doctor's appointment, so I thought I'd make a weekend of being back. My arms are fit to fall off from carrying my laptop, my Alexa and a tote, full to the brim with dissertation notes and my make-up, around Uni and then around London last night.

(T-shirt, London Fashion Weekend 2009;
Skirt, H&M;
Tights, H&M;
Shoes, Primark;
Belt, Next via my Dad;
Necklace, Stella McCartney via my sister;
YSL Arty inspired ring, Dolly Bow Bow.)

I can't believe how much of my wardrobe I left behind when I moved back to Uni. I won't lie, my packing was very much a half-hearted, last minute attempt, but I'm definitely going to repack on Monday for when I head back! More clothes = less laundry. Or something like that. Ahem. I absolutely adore this tee, I bought it at London Fashion Weekend in my Freshers' Week (clearly I preferred fashion to alcohol even then!) and it is the most flattering and soft shirt I own, aside from pyjamas. Perfect for dressing an outfit down, although I'm imagining it with faux leather shorts, cable knit socks and boots for something a bit less casual.

Accessories wise, I've been dying to whack a chunky belt with my Chambray skirt for ages, so I borrowed this from my Dad's wardrobe: he has the best collection of slightly dodgy 80's T-shirts! While I've been in Southampton, my Dolly Bow Bow order arrived, so I have some new jewellery to play with. Over the summer, I finally decided that I was warming to the YSL Arty, and the jade green stone option at Dolly Bow Bow seemed like the perfect recreation of it. It won't be leaving my finger for a long, long time!

Last night, I met my Mama and sister in London for a bite to eat before driving home. It was pandemonium as ever, and I'm sure I accidentally swung my heavy bag into someone's stomach at some point on the walk into Chinatown. Whoops! We settled for a Japanese meal at Ikkyusan, which was nice as always, but the service was so poor. Some of the waitresses were touching up their make-up on the restaurant floor!

Thank you to all those who registered their interest regarding the "South" bloggers' meet, I promise I'll finally email everyone tonight, after helping my Mama organise our living room (the redecoration is still happening and a work in progress) and indulging in my homemade sweet potato wedges. Just wanted to also let everyone know about the ELLE Breakthrough Beauty competition that Elle magazine are running for a year-long beauty internship; it's times like these that I wish I'd already graduated from Uni, best of luck to any of my readers who are entering!


  1. Lovely photos, your outfit is so cute!

    Emma x

    I am currently hosting a cute Halloween give away!

  2. Is that a phone case?!!?!? OMG. You make me want a nicer camera ): love the ring too! Are you coming tomorrow? xx

  3. Wish I could rock one of these skirts, they look so awful on me! I love how it looks with the belt and your necklace is beautiful. The sweet potato wedges look amazing, making me hungry just looking at them... x

  4. Aww I can't believe your phone is so cute!?
    Lovely photos and outfit.. Your hair looks amazing :3

  5. love the top! oh ma god that phone case is bloody amazing!!
    and so is that food. mmmmmmm
    hope your well

  6. nom nom nom! food pics, and now I have a massive craving for japanese food, I need omurice or a katsu curry! Hope you have a lovely weekend at home sweets! Love the outfit, I have this skirt, and I love it it goes with almost everything :)

    L x

  7. Fab t-shirt, lovely jewellery and amazing phone case!xx

  8. Awh thanks for the lovely comments girls! x

  9. Oh that food looks sooooo good!

    Your phone is almost as cute as you :) Love this outfit! x

  10. I've drafted up an email about a meet for all the people that commented on my post but I've just seen this and I can't do 3rd December :( I have a uni field trip that day.
    I love your tshirt and the necklace :) Hope you have a good time at home! xx

  11. Lovely outfit, and I love your accent nail art! x

  12. Kim: It was so, so good! Literally couldn't move after eating there though haha, I'm such an over-orderer at restaurants. Aweee thanks Kim! xx

    Hayley: Oh no, really? That's such bad timing! I'm going to see how the responses are, and if we need to reschedule to accommodate more people, we did have some other dates in mind (: Thanks so much Hayley, I hope you're doing okay, just seen some of your Tweets <3

    Caroline: Awh thanks lovely!

  13. That food looks heavenly! <3
    Love the ring too xx

  14. That food looks delicious! I love your outfit, comfy tshirts are the best.
    Thanks for my blogger meet email :) Give me a shout if you need a hand arranging anything :) x

  15. Your phone case is just adorable.

  16. Your outfit is really cute! I adore that necklace and the tee is really nice too! Hope the rest of your weekend will be nice too!


  17. lovely outfit, the skirt is gorgeous!


  18. adorable nails! i love it! i love your YSL ring!
    the food looks so yummy, Ikkyusan!
    ooo a 'south' bloggers meet will be interesting!
    Krissy xoxo

  19. I love your outfit :) And I love that you incorporate other people's stuff into your look. I sometimes steal items from my boyfriend, but he hates that. I love going home after a long time and seeing what clothes I have, it's like having a totally new wardrobe. I <3 your ring, and your painted nails. And I want to eat your sweet potato wedges! xx

  20. love this look, I have the same ysl ring but with blue stone. You're so nice! I follow u!
    pass to my blog and follow if it likes u! :D

  21. You look so lovely Michelle! I think blue is definitely your colour :) and GOOD LORD those sweet potatoes look incredible. omnomnomnomnmo. Shame about the service though - pah! x

  22. Lovely! I hope you have a great weekend. =]

  23. I love what you've done to your BB. That's amazingggg! I've given up with mine boo!
    The tee you have on is so nice, and works really well with the skirt!
    Enjoy your weekend at home.. always the best time to go home, and see whats lurking in the fridge!x

  24. love your rabbit iPhone and polka dots nail :))

  25. (Writing this all out again because stupid Blogger decided to not let me post my previous comment... whatttt?)

    Really think your dad's belt rocks with that skirt! It's amazing what you can find, rummaging through your parents' wardrobes, haha. The amount of 80s print skirts I've stolen off my mum...
    Speaking of which, I miss being with my mum in London! The collection of restaurants to choose from in Chinatown is awesome, we had Chinese buffet for lunch every day when she was here haha.

    x Michelle |

  26. love your accessories and the food looks delicious as well :)
    take a look at my blog if you'd like!

  27. I saw this post the other day when Kristabel mentioned it on Twitter. Finally getting round to commenting! Anyways, that food looks incredible and you look lovely as always!

  28. Ashleigh: It was so good hahaha, I'm such a food lover (: And thanks sweet, hope you're doing okay! x

    The Style Box: Thank you! Oh you're welcome, I'm excited to meet everyone! x

    Jadine: Thanks lovely!

    Nina: Thank you, I'm in half a mind to permanently borrow the necklace from my sister actually ;) My weekend has been lovely thank you, just very chilled out and enjoying being at home really! x

    lady liquor vintage: Aw thanks sweet, I love my skirt, really want to take the underskirt out and DIY it to be a little more autumnal though. xo

    Krissy: Thanks Krissy! It's one of my favourite restaurants by far, the service is shocking though :P Did I email you the details about the meet sweetie? Would be lovely to have more people on-board! x

    Fashionisastranger: Thank you so much! Borrowing pieces is so great to reinvent some old wardrobe pieces in my opinion. Sweet potato wedges are the best! x

    Francesca: Awh thanks lovely! Going to have a read of your blog now. x

    Danni: Eeeep thanks gorgeous ;) I'd never have thought blue suited me to be honest. Sweet potato is bloody amazing, isn't it? And I know, bad service is awful in restaurants, it annoys me so much! x

    Rubie: Thanks lovely! Had a nice weekend thank you (:

    Katy: I have an upgrade due in about two weeks, so my case is probably going to go to waste! Might sell it via my blog seeing as so many people love it, just a shame I'm not staying with BB, they're just so unreliable! Aw thanks lovely! Hope you've had a lovely weekend! x

    halfmilk: Thank you!

    Michelle: Oh technology... ;) I write my comments in Notepad and copy & paste them in now, same with my blogposts, because Blogger can be so unreliable. Thank you so much though lovely, I haven't yet tackled the art of rummaging through my Mum's wardrobe, she has an insane amount of clothes! xx

    Canvas of Culture: Thank you (:

    Winnie: Aw thanks Winnie :D The food was so good, you definitely have to try it soon! x

  29. Lovely outfit as per usual :) That food looks so delicious! Hope you are well.
    Abigail xx

  30. omg! where did you get that phone case? Its soo pretty.


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