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Spent some of my student loan wisely: on reduced price Whittard coffee · The adorable Hufflepuff crest that Skye gifted me as a housewarming pressie! · I've really been loving my Macadamia Healing Oil treatment, can't stop stroking my own hair, weird as that sounds. It's been a godsend with this windy weather down South · Udon noodles in miso soup, with some ham - the ultimate lunch on a cold day · My new Uni stationary! · Been getting stuck in with reading for essays and other similarly exciting things... · Wrote a review of my Korres lip butter · Me! I'm alive! Been wearing my hair like this, with a chunky, messy goddess braid lately. L-o-v-e.

Experimenting with photo layouts for these posts is fun! Which has been your favourite so far? I think this week's is my favourite so far, although selecting and cropping my original photographs was a complete nightmare! I don't even want to talk photographs at the moment either: I've been reading up on Roland Barthes (for the fifth year running...!) and all of his crazy theories this weekend, and my brain has consequently melted. Roll on 10.15pm for some TOWIE! This week has been pretty packed to be honest, I think I had plans for every single evening, and I'm now a) suitably exhausted, and b) out of pocket for at least a week! I need to discipline myself a little more with my student budget! The student lock-in at West Quay in Southampton on Thursday was... okay. It was manic, and full of people who were running to the shops! I picked up a gorgeous little top in River Island, and enjoyed a discounted meal with Emily and Lauren. Perfect.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! I'm just about to catch up on last night's X Factor, put the laundry on and power through with more reading. xo

- this week in five:
  • meeting Kim, Rosie and Laura
  • decking the house out in tealights, barstools and pretty things galore
  • bought #E52A40 and named it "daisybutter" with an "incendio" description for unicef - such a good cause!
  • enjoying some me-time
  • lemon tea


  1. Nice pictures! Tiramisu Hot Chocolate sounds delicious! Looks like a good week!

  2. I love your weekly photo posts, your photography is so lovely! Thank you for passing through my blog and commenting on my lucky charm :) x x

  3. Nina: Thank you! It's been a lovely week, and tiramisu hot chocolate is the best thing since sliced bread by far ;) x

    Kirsty: Aw thanks lovely! You're welcome Kirsty! x

  4. I'd say this is def one of my favourite ways so far. Wish I liked coffee, so many lovely different flavours. xxx

  5. Lovely photos. I love the Whittard drinks! Can't resist but buy them when I get to one of their shops. That's such a great idea about purchasing a colour for Unicef. I might have to do that myself. Today is a laundry day for me too. Hope you have a lovely Sunday xx

  6. I love skye's little creations, I just have to get my friend one of these- she's a complete harry p addict too hahah! your hair looks really pretty like that too :)

    ramz and the flock

    p.s I mentioned your 'ways to wear' posts on my blog!xx

  7. Lemon tea is amazing. I was on the tetley website and I got some samples of redbush and within it came a couple of lemon green tea.

    I used to love Whittards when it was in Aberdeen. I used to love going in and browsing the varieties of teas and the little treats. Unfortunately they closed this branch when they were downsizing :(. I think the nearest one is Glasgow now so unless I visit the parentals, then I'm without my fix.

    I like all the different layouts for week in photos,however I think that this is my favourite.

    Have a lovely week

    Amey xx

  8. Ooh lovely post Michelle :) the tiramisu hot chocolate sounds divine! Much more exciting than my current one- Aero! x

  9. LOVE the braid. Growing my hair out is taking forever, I can't wait until I can actually do some things with it.

    Lauren @ Sea Parrot

  10. I have whittards hot chocolate sat in front of me! its the best :)
    im at southampton uni too now btw! love it here but this weather is driving me nuts, it won't make its mind up! xx

  11. The Barthes reading plus FMP reading PLUS my option reading is actually slowly killing me too Michelle. Good job I've got the old cadbury's yoghurts to keep me going! :) although warning, don't put them at the back of the fridge - they go all strange and lumpy - was very disappointed having to throw away two yesterday :(

  12. Love love love this new layout, it's fantastic!
    I didn't even know Tiramisu hot chocolate existed... sounds amazing!

    xo Samantha Grace

  13. I really like the layout with the photos now and your camera is so good!

    Once again it was LOVELY TO MEET YOU :D


  14. I can only imagine what tiramisu hot chocolate is like, and it is a delicious thought...

  15. They used to do student shopping nights in my uni city and it got crazy. There were bouncers outside every shop and Topshop turned into a complete jumble sale mess, I used to feel so sorry for the poor people who had to work there.

    And agreed. Roll on towie indeed, although my boyfriend awlays seems to hog the tv on a Sunday night so itv player it is for me. But Maria and Mick? Just creepy


  16. OMNOM Whittards! I remember hearing a rumour that they were closing down and I nearly cried - thank god they're still around!
    Hope it manages to see you through your reading lovely x

  17. tiramisu hot chocolate?? oh my! I like the way you have done your photos, must be like a fun photographic jigsaw piecing them all together! :) xx

  18. When you said "#E52A40" I thought html color, and it is! OMG that is so cool!

    Love the photos & tiramisu hot chocolate?! :D

  19. Gem: Thanks Gem (: Just trying to mix it up and make it easier to load photos for people with slower Internet and bandwidth! Oh gosh, if you don't like coffee, their hot chocs are to die for as well, I think they're reducing prices because a lot of shops are folding! xxx

    Tamsin: Thank you lovely! I hardly ever indulge, my Mama buys them while I'm at home haha. I really liked the idea of it, and you can choose to donate however much you want. I'm a bit of a hexdecimel colour nerd :P Hope you've had a lovely weekend! x

    Beth: Me too! Such a lovely idea! Aw thank you Beth, finding my hair so hard to manage in the windy weather atm haha! And thanks for the mention too sweetie, really nice of you to do so. x

    Amey: I love a bit of lemon tea, smells so ridiculously good too :D Aw really? I think our branch might be closing down too, everything was reduced, but then again, they could be making room for new stock! Hope you've had a nice weekend sweet! x

    Corrie: Thanks Corrie! Omnom, I love a good Aero hot choc (: Also, I'm back in Southy now, so we should arrange a coffee date or something soon! x

    Lauren: Oh I totally feel your pain with growing your hair out, mine is taking aaages; I think I need to suck it up and go for a trim to revitalise my ends first though! x

    Sophie: So, SO good, isn't it Sophie?! Aw really? I might see you around in town sometime haha, although I never notice people around me :P Hope you've had a lovely weekend! x

    Rebecca: Oh god, tellll me about it! I've been so distracted with rewatching 90210 today as well, but managed to get the Barthes chapters out of the way, just have to crack on with some dissertation reading - lovely! ;) Oh no! That didn't happen once last year haha, I'll make a note not to! xxx

    Samantha: Eeeeep thanks lovely! Me either, I just HAD to pick some up to try though, and it doesn't disappoint! x

    Kim: Thank you lover (: SO nice to meet you at last as well, had such a nice time with you girls, I wish you lived closer! x

    A: It is really good ;) A little bit rich but so nice as a treat!

    Eloise: It's always absolutely crazy! The Topshop event hasn't been yet, as far as I know, but I'll be saving some pennies for that one I think (: Oh I agree, Maria and Mick is awful, so weird! x

    Danni: I think they've just closed down a few branches luckily :P Managed to get lots of reading done today, so I'll be relaxing with some X Factor and TOWIE tonight with the rest of you Twitter girls ;) x

    Milly: It is every bit as good as it sounds Milly, such a lovely treat at the end of the day! Aw thanks doll, it was quite fun if not fiddly to put together (: Makes the post a little easier on the eye (: x

    Rubie: Hahaha indeed ;) I'm such a hexdecimel and Pantone colour nerd! x

  20. Ooo it was a blustery week wasn't it :P I was tempted to head over to west quays on thursday eve but ended up finishing uni early and can't be dealing with the hanging around! How cute is your new stationary? Love the design :)

    L x

  21. This layout is so cool, definitely my fave :)
    I missed the lock-in, was stuck at Uni till 7 and got home and fell asleep lol heard mixed reviews from it to be honest =/
    Very much loving your new Uni stationary, where did you get it from? xoxo

  22. Sounds like a great week!
    I love your hair like that, I wish I could do stuff like that with my hair. x

  23. Sounds like you had a busy week! I'm not quite sure I know what a lock-in is?
    The Hufflepuff crest is such a nice idea.

  24. This post is perfect and so is your blog!
    I've been a fan for a while now, keep it up :)

    Say Hi to your newest follower!

    Maybe you could check out mine and follow if you get time?


  25. your life always seems so cosy to me michelle, i dont know if thats even a way to describe a life but you know what i mean. ive heard amazing things about whittard hot chocolate, so i must try that. your stationary is so cute too xx

  26. Good luck with all the uni work! I love Whittards, I could buy everything in there!

    Maria xxx

  27. that hot chocolate looks so yummy!! i love hot choccie on these autumn days :) really like the new photo layout!
    <3 Holz oxo

  28. Lovely week in photos Michelle, that Hufflepuff crest that Skye gifted you is absolutely adorable! Woo for new stationary, i could spend so much in a stationary store, its crazy! That's so cool about your html colour too! xx

  29. Sounds like a delightful week! Love the photos...just discovered your blog and I've loved looking back through your old posts. So much fun and inspiration. Looking forward to more!

    <3 Cambria

  30. I love your weekly photos ! and its always exciting to read about the stories behind them ! :) I am absolutely jealous of your Tiramisu hot chocolate !

    Ps. I'd also like to thank you for featuring me as blog of the week ! words cannot explain how grateful I am !! :) ♥♥

  31. you blog is amazing!love it!follow u!hope u can follow me back!kisses!!!

  32. I love posts like these, so interesting to see what everyone has been up to! <3 I love your blog by the way :)

  33. Thank you for the lovely comments girls <3

    Ria: Got my stationary from the Orla Kiely range at Waterstones, and in Paperchase! I didn't really enjoy the lock-in much to be honest, too many annoying squealing college girls hauling their boyfriends around for me ;)

    Cambria: Aw thank you, I'm so glad you enjoy my blog sweetie!

    Cathy: You're very welcome, I honestly do love your blog (:


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