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It's been a surprisingly good month for beauty discoveries for me. I'm usually a real stickler to my old favourites, and I'm much more of a skincare/beauty lover than a make-up girl, which you can probably tell from this post. Was contacted by the Boudoir Prive team in September, who offered to send me a one-off box to sample and test out for myself, and while quite apprehensive at the time, I have spent about three weeks trialling each goodie, and am seriously impressed by a few so far.

daisybutter uk style blog: beauty highlights #2

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment
I seriously cannot sing this product's praises enough! While my hair is typically in good condition and really quite manageable, the weather in England has taken a turn down the windy route recently, and a few drops of this in the ends of my hair before leaving the house does wonders. I've also test-run it as an intensive hair treatment (used throughout your hair when damp, and left in) and have found it amazing for that use too! My hair just feels silky smooth to the touch, and much easier to manage. 100% ordering the full size bottle when my sample runs out, although I've only used a quarter of my mini bottle so far over three weeks!

Zoya Nail Polish in "Marina"
I was really excited to see a Zoya mini polish in my box when I opened it. The night before, I'd been watching Ingrid's Youtube video about nail colours (by the way, go and watch her Harry Potter nail tutorial, SO good!), and suddenly, I had one appear on my doorstep - magic! After a summer of block coloured nails from Models Own and Barry M, or no colour at all because of uniform restraints at work, this shimmery nail lacquer from Zoya's new Smoke and Mirrors range was a welcome sight. It applies really well, and only really requires two coats for an opaque finish, and Marina is the most beautiful slate grey/blue colour with a hint of shimmer. My Autumn go-to!

Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm (Gold Edition)
This month I've been reaching for my Skin79 BB cream much more than my Missha one. The Missha version just smells a bit too baby powder for my liking at the moment, and I prefer the texture of Skin 79's. Such a bargain from my usual eBay seller, and although slightly ashy-toned on application, if you have similarly coloured skin to mine, it blends perfectly with a light coverage for everyday wear.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy #54
My Mamabear persuaded me to buy this over the summer. I was going to buy a MAC lipstick to expand my collection - lipsticks are key to a good mood - but my Mama was all for me blowing my wages at the Chanel counter! So wise. Love the sheer pink colour of 'Boy', and it has enough shine and very subtle shimmer for a wearable daytime look without all that awful lipgloss stickiness. I've popped three other shades on my Christmas list, so fingers crossed for one of those in my stocking come December!

Chunky Goddess Braid
I first started wearing the front of my hair like this unashamedly when I was (and still am!) obsessed with The Hills and Lauren Conrad, and all of that reality TV goodness. Fast forward a couple of years, and I am, rediscovering its' practicality. I've tripled up the thickness of hair used, pulling right back from near the crown, and braided quite messily towards my cheek, then clipped back behind my ear. It sounds complicated, but really isn't, and the messier, the better! Perfect for days when your hair just doesn't sit properly, or when the wind is making an enemy of your hair.

... and a bonus!
ELLE Beauty Breakthrough Internship Competition
ELLE magazine have long been a firm favourite of mine, and I spied something interesting in there that might be of note to a lot of my readers, so thought I'd share it tonight. The competition is in search of a new beauty talent, where the winning candidate is awarded with a 12-month job, split between ELLE magazine themselves, some time at the House PR agency, and at PZ Cussons Beauty, who own Charles Worthington, Sanctuary Spa and St Tropez. It is an amazing opportunity, and I'm in half a mind to enter the competition myself - getting the chance to work at events like London Fashion Week, the BAFTAs and some festivals? Yes please! To enter, you have to write a 500-word essay about a brand that you admire, and explaining why you love the brand so much. The deadline is Tuesday 1st November 2011, but I've popped a little accompanying video below for you to get some ideas and inspiration. Click through to here if you'd like to enter, and good luck!
Disclaimer: I am lucky enough to have received some of these products at press events and as samples, this does not affect my opinion, and I'll always be honest about products I use. The Skin79 cream and Chanel lipstick were purchased with my own money, while the first two mentioned products were in my Boudoir Prive box, sent to me for consideration last month.


  1. Macadamia Oil is such a hair miracle worker. I couldn't be without it. It's so generous of Boudoir Prive to send you a box also! xx

  2. I have a serious lust for that lipstick! x

  3. Great post Michelle, love your braid! I am also partial to a braided fringe ala Lauren Conrad! x

  4. I've read alot of amazing reviews about the Macadamia Oil, i've never used it though. I think now it's becoming a clear hint for me to try it haha!

    The Elle competition sounds like a good idea. Well not for me aha, but course you should enter! You've had lots of experience blogging and reviewing products, you'd nail it :) xx

  5. i can't believe your mum encouraged you to get the lipstick, such a bad influence ;) rouge coco shine in evasion looks lovely too!

  6. I've heard so many good things about Macadamia oil, think I'll have to give it a try! That competition sounds great! x

  7. That lipstick looks gorgeous. Love the braid too :) x

  8. That hair oil sounds divine Michelle, especially if it goes as far as that in three weeks! Love the hair braid too - I'll give it a go but doubt my fringe will do what it's told 2bh :P x

  9. Both the lipstick and nail polish looks awesome! The kind of colour I like. Now I'm pretty sure that I actually NEED a chanel lipstick :)

  10. I like the sounds of that Macadamia Oil treatment! Though, I have just forked out for some Moroccan Oil so hopefully it does its £12.50 pricetag justice (for a little bottle!)

    Ohhh, the Elle competition sounds like an amazing opportunity! I'd enter it if I knew more than what I know about beauty, haha. Best leave it to someone how knows what they're talking about, I think!

  11. That Chanel lipstick looks amazing - I really want to try one!

  12. Tamsin: I absolutely love it! It came just in time for the Autumn chill and wind (: Mm it really was! Definitely thinking of subscribing once student life is over for me, I just can't justify that price at the moment. xx

    Ness: I'd highly recommend it sweetie, been raving about it to my friends ALL day and they're beginning to think I'm training to become a consultant :P The perfect wearable pink with a hint of shimmer. xx

    Zoe: Me too, it's my favourite lipstick atm :D

    Corrie: Aw thanks gorgeous! By the way, I think you should enter the ELLE Beauty Intern competition Corrie, you were one of the people I thought of when I heard about it. xx

    Jessica: I think it's definitely worth the price, I literally LOVE mine! I can't wait to buy the full-size so I can use the pump function - er, hiya saddo! ;) Buy it! Awh I might enter it, not sure if I have the time for a 500-word entry at the moment though! xx

    Emma: I know right! And she didn't even offer to buy it for me, sobsob, I'm such a spoilt brat hahaha. Ooh that's one of the shades on my list actually, good taste as ever Emma! xx

    Caroline: I'd genuinely really recommend it, makes your hair so soft, manageable and glossy (: I also have another new hair product that I bought last week to share, so keep an eye out for that! x

    Elise: Thanks lovely! I adore my lipstick, best extravagent purchase I made all summer! x

    Danni: Buy it, buy it :D Couldn't praise it more if I tried, a little goes a long way too so it's worth the price in my opinion. Aw, well... buy the hair oil, and then your fringe will be more manageable ;) I've thought of the whole package this week! xx

    Nina: The nail varnish is so gorgeous, the application is amazing, such a nice quality finish to it (:

    Michelle: Eeeep, let me know how you get on with the Moroccan Oil, I'd love to try some but can't justify that price for something I've not yet tried :P So excited to buy a Macadamia full size bottle! Ooh you should enter it Michelle, I think they're looking for passion for beauty and PR, and flair for writing first and foremost, you'd be perfect for it (: xx

    Rachel: You really should Rachel! In a non-materialistic and shallow way, they are honestly life-changing :P x

  13. haha i try my best ;) a little birdy told me debenhams are having their xmas bonus day soon so you should pass it on to santa! xx

  14. Due to the lengh of my hair it becomes damaged so easily and like you the oil treatment has worked wonders! I leave it on over night and rinse it in the morning and it just feels so much healthier. Also the zoya was my favourite too, perfect size and doesn't chip until days!

    Thanks for the elle compitition details. If I was more confident I'd have a go!

  15. i've been considering a beauty box for a while now - the hair oil sounds good! x

  16. Great reviews, I'm really tempted to try the healing oil treatment, my hair is looking terrible these days! xxx

  17. I need to get the Chanel lipstick in my life!

  18. Ohh so many nice things! Thanks for the reviews !

    I loved your blog =)*

  19. Which ebay seller do you go through for the Skin79? I have been wanting to try a different BB from my missha.

  20. the competition sounds so cool! i wonder if i should sign up for boudoir prive..xo

  21. I love SKIN79, I've been using their Oriental Gold one and the Hot Pink one for a while, definitely one of my favourite brands for BB cream!


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