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Managed to quickly snap these photos in a much-needed break from lectures today. Even though I have a four-day weekend, and then a mid-week break on a Wednesday, my days are pretty hefty, typically mind-numbing (my brain won't exit summer mode!) and packed with things to be getting on with! I wish I was the lady/student of leisure that I seem to have accidentally presented myself as, but alas, I do still slave away.

(Tunic, Topshop;
Skirt, c/o Annie Greenabelle;
Cardigan, Hollister;
Necklace, c/o Maria Allen Jewellery;
Tights, H&M;
Shoes, Primark.)

Pretty standard outfit as ever to be honest, dressed for optimum comfort for being in and out of lecture halls all day. I customised my Topshop peter pan collar tunic - one which I bought well over a year ago - with some gold studs from my sewing kit, and chopped the sleeves to just above my elbow. For something that was pretty plain before, I really think my DIY job revived the tunic, and I'll wear it much more now that it has some life to it! I can't believe how expensive Topshop has seemed to get recently, we're now entering the £50 region for simple dresses, yet I'll probably still splurge when I next pop in there. Been sporting a double belt look recently as well, I can't get enough of the faux leather injection, especially when I'm not daring enough for leather shorts and the like.

Yesterday I went to a Pole Performers party for my housemate's birthday party. Not really my kinda thing on the whole, but it was so much fun and something I'd recommend you to stick yourselves out on a limb and try if the opportunity arises! Although I would say that I'm currently aching all over and feeling very sorry for myself as I recline with Uni reading... Be warned, girls! Going to the party/lesson really made me realise how much I miss my old dance school, and going to some sort of class regularly, I might shop around for some reasonably priced dance lessons again soon.

Anyway, I've got a to-do list as long as I am tall to be getting on with! Been organising a South bloggers' meet with a few other girls this week as well, we've decided on Saturday 3rd December, and obviously we'd like to meet as many bloggers as possible, so if you're interested, leave a comment with your email address and I'll get back to you with the full details that we've managed to organise so far. For now, I'd better get on with reading about the language of fashion, and analysing your pretty blogs for my assessment! xo

PS. This skirt is beautiful and all, but how on Earth do you wear a paperbag waisted piece without looking like you're four months pregnant?!


  1. Your skirt is such a wonderful shape and the skinny tie belt is a nice addition.

    I feel like I haven't had a break in some time! I'm trying to finish up my proposal at the moment which is going badly - I get distracted far too easily! Blame the thousands of ginger biscuits and tea I've consumed this week!

    I had a seminar today and even though it helped a lot I'm still finding so difficult to get it down on paper. I end up writing one sentence and then saying the same thing again in the next but typed up differently haha!

    Hope you get a break soon anyways! :)

  2. This outfit is really nice and to answer your question, I'm guessing that you should wear it with dark colors and hope for the best. Or make the waist area really small idk. Great photos!
    Farrah's Muse

  3. Love the outfit, that skirt is gorgeous and the cardi looks super comfy!
    I really want to do the pole dancing exercise class! Looks like so much fun :)
    I'd love to come to the meet up! Let me know details!

  4. love the skirt! you're right they can be unflattering. But you seen to pull it off, lucky!

  5. Love the outfit! And I get you on the pole dancing thing. I tried once for fun with my girlfriend, and what a workout!!! I have a lot more respect for pole dancers now I've tried... No wonder they usually have a killer body!!! Hahaha!

  6. Ooo I like your little DIY job lovely :) I have a similar issue with paperbag waisted shorts that I have. The waist looks amazing... just not quite so amazing on. :S Hmmm that weekend is poss the weekend my bestie is down, I can't remember though so just in case it isn't my email: :)

    L x

  7. Hope third year isn't too heavy for you, the four day weekend sounds lovely though!

  8. The South bloggers meet sounds interesting, can you email me with the details? :)
    Third year workload is just insane isn't it? Hope you find some time for relaxing a bit more soon! xoxo

  9. I agree about topshop, can't believe it! But I'm the same, I will still shop in there. I have got a love/hate relationship with topshop! but as I have a figure of a 12 year old boy, I will still go back because topshop fit for petite are so good. You sound so busy but hope you get to relax this weekend! xx

  10. please email me too... i've got a VERY new blog, but interested nonetheless!
    Love the DIY'd top. its great knowing nobody will ever wear the same thing!

  11. The tunic is lovely with the DIY! And I think you pull off the paper bag waist without 'looking four months pregnant'!

  12. Love the DIY with the studs, and that cardigan just looks so cosy.
    I'd be interested in the blogger meet if I'm able to get there. My email is :) x

  13. gorgeous skirt, I think you wear it really well! the necklace is lovely too!!xxx

  14. I must admit I've never tried the paperbag waist thing for that very reason! I don't look at anyone else and think it though, but I worry I'd look that way myself lol!

    They're a great colour though :-)

    Dayner x my blog -

  15. That necklace is so cute and love the DIY x

  16. I love it Mish, the colour palette is lovely. I think you pull off paperbag very well! xx

  17. Love this outfit, its so cute & starting to feel very Autumn like- just lovely, like you!
    The skirt is fab, lovely colour too, but I don't think I'd be able to wear it for anything- you pull it off well though.

    I'd love to hear more about the meet up:
    Thank you xxxxx

  18. I would definitely absolutely love to attend a South bloggers meet please please please :) so glad you chose a Saturday too because I've missed the last few that Bee & Lyzi have held as they've been during the week :)
    I love your ampersand necklace and that cardigan looks super cosy x

  19. Oops! Totally forgot my email address sorry!!

  20. I love the tie on the belt, and it definitely doesn't make you look 4 months pregnant at all!
    Also the DIY top looks amazing, genuinly thought it was already brought like that!

  21. Michelle I always end up leaving your blog feeling seriously envious of your hair! It always looks so lovely...much nicer than my frizzy mane atm!
    I love what you've done with the tunic, I never even think to DIY stuff 2bh, must give it a try :)

  22. Katie: Thanks lovely! I usually break my work up into 2-hour chunks with a 15 minute break in the middle, means I stay focused and still get to relax for a bit! Hope you're not working yourself too hard Katie (:

    Farrah: Mm, dark colours seems to be the best option :P It's kind of hard to pull in tight, the fastening won't stay tight for some reason. I promise it isn't because I've eaten too much either hahaha! x

    Emma: Awh thanks lover! The class was so good haha, not my usual scene, but my thighs are already feeling toned, and I'm gonna follow up with a 30-Day Shred session again tomorrow (: Gonna send an email around Emma, would be lovely to see you again, it's been too long! xx

    Moz: Thank you! xo

    Elodie: Thanks sweetie, oh gosh, thank God someone understands my paaain haha! My housemate wants to take it up regularly, and I admire her courage, I've never known pain like it, even through about 16 years of intense dance school! x

    Laura: Aw thanks Laura! Mm I don't know what to do, might DIY this as well and make it shorter? Or I might cheekily give it to a friend in a clothes swap (: Will be popping an email your way shortly lovely! x

    Cherry: Third year is so intense :( I think I'm just stressing myself out, but I'm SO determined to do well this year haha!

    Katie: Of course I can lovely! I'll send over an email soon! Hoping for some relaxation at home over the weekend, seeing another of my best friends after 5 months which will be good, and I'll have a laaavely bubble bath to return to ;) x

    Sarah: I always have a little moan, go in to have a look, and spend regardless :P Seen some gorgeous pieces in there that would honestly last me forever though...! Ooh I definitely agree with you on their Petite range, one of the best on the High Street I'd say! x

    Lauren: I will do sweet, added you to the list (: Aw thank you! x

    Beth: Thank you! Seemed a waste to sell the dress on or throw it away, I'm glad I bothered to sit down and sew them on (: Haha thanks Beth, I just never feel 100% confident in it? x

    Elise: Aw thanks lovely! Have popped you on the list, gonna email everyone later/tomorrow I think, there's such a huge interest already, eeeep! x

    taffetaramblings: Aw thank you, you're too kind! x

    Dayner: Mm I always wanted to try it, and just can't seem to style it "properly", it's so frustrating! x

    Vicky: Thanks Vicky! xx

    Gem: I love the colours as well :D Aw thanks Gem, I'm not so sure myself, still trying to work out how to wear it, but I think I might wash it, and see if any of the girls fancy it! xx

    Steph: Eeeeep thanks Steph! <3 I'll be sending the email out later tonight, or more likely tomorrow, hope I can get lots of people on board for the meet, there's so many people I'd love to meet at last, you included! xx

    The Style Box: We dithered around a few days, and most people work through the week or are busy with school/college/Uni (: Will be emailing around verrry soon! x

    Nicole: Thank you!

    Katy: Awh thank you lovely (: Really enjoying your blog atm too, thanks for linking me to it on Twitter, I've actually read it before but forgot to follow hahaha, having so many laptop issues atm :P x

    Danni: Oh gosh, mine is too usually, I'd really recommend the Macadamia Healing Oil treatment that was in the Boudoir Prive box this month, it retails at about £6 for a small bottle and will last foreverrr, so worth the money! ;) x

  23. When you say south, how south?! I wanna come :D let me know deets please :) xxxx

  24. Such a cute outfit, really love your chunky knit cardigan it looks perfect for sitting in lecture halls for hours on end!
    I'd love a South bloggers meet up! Any ideas where abouts it'll be held? It'd be great to meet everyone :) xoxo

  25. Gorgeous outfit, the top looks great and I love your necklace :)

  26. Love this outfit! You don't look pregnant, you ought to see paperbag tops on me, it is.. hilarious! Kudos to you for pulling it off so well!!

    I completely agree about Topshop, what the hell is going on? Its happening everywhere, I remember when Primark dresses were like £6 and now you'd easily pay £18 for one! Still cheap, but still. Also, faux leather shorts, do it! I have some but apparently I look like a hooker 0_o xxxx

  27. I love the paperbag waist style skirt, it looks great on you! The studs on the top look fab too, great way to update it! x

  28. Kim: South as in Southampton! Going to email you later sweet, would be lovely to see you again for a little longer (:

    Ria: It really was, especially since one has non-stop air-con blasting out. The meet is in Southampton, so I'll send you over some details in an email, would be great to meet you! x

    Raffles Bizarre: Thank you!

    Sarah: Awh thank you! Oh gosh I know, Primark's prices are getting a bit ridic for their "quality" and for the way they were made :/ x

    Caroline: Thanks lovely (:

  29. you don't look pregnant at all, it suits you very well :)

  30. I'm very interested in your blogger meet up Michelle! Sounds brilliant :) I'd love to know more details!

    Looking lovely as always!

    K xo

  31. your outfit looks so comfy & that diy is too die for!!
    extremely jealous for the fact you can pull off that skirt
    Kayla xo

  32. Lovely outfit :).

    Sadie x

  33. hey, had to google you, when someone told me my blog is remembering her of you.beautiful blog :x

  34. ooh i adore that skirt! and i know what you mean about paperbag waists being unflattering- I bought a pair of topshop paperbag pants and they looked absolutely awful! but you look lovely. hope your workload lightens up soon! X

  35. I cannot help, but feel the same way. Anything bunchy or with ties at the waist just makes my frame see preggers. =/

    You look lovely though, great post.

  36. Oh my god, you tried pole dancing? I have always wanted to give that a go, supposed to do wonders for your body/fitness!

    I agree about those skirts, I feel like in most cases they look awful and yet somehow you make it look very flattering! Jel of you!

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  37. Looking lovely as ever Michelle :) please email me some details! :) x

  38. i love this outfit, you look so cosy. the cardi is lovely but I do find Hollister rather pricey. And totes agree with you about Topshop - it is so overpriced, I have almost stopped going in there as I know I will fall in love with a dress and then discover it is £60! gasp x

  39. You are such a pretty lady :) I very much like your dainty necklace, it sure is a beauty :)

  40. the whole outfit is lovely, i need that necklace in my life!


  41. Oh i love this outfit! that knit looks so so cosy.
    Oh I would like to come to the meet up but I'm not sure if I could make it to Southampton hmm!

  42. I'd love to come to the meet up :) My email address is x

  43. hellooo, i'd be interested in a blogger meet if you could email me the details at

    amazing necklace btw! x

  44. Lovely pictures! I like the skirt.
    xoxo Leni.

  45. Aw thanks for the lovely comments girls, you lot spoil me! Just about to send out another batch of blogger meet emails (:


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