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After a whirlwind weekend at home, I'm back in the cosy confines of my little room in Southampton. Today was spent mostly in and out of lectures, feeling sorry for my hungry and tired self (all self-imposed!) and cooking with the best friend. We're planning to open our own restaurant following graduation... Ahem. I joke, we followed a recipe for spinach and ricotta cheese pasta shells to some pretty good results!

very HD brows courtesy of a heavy-handed, sleepy Mish and HD Brow Kit ;)

(Jumper, Miss Selfridge;
Dress - underneath, Topshop;
Skater skirt, Topshop;
Necklace, c/o Gogo Phillip;
YSL Arty inspired ring, Dolly Bow Bow.)

I've been dabbling in collars-and-jumpers for a while now; there's something so cutesy yet chic at the same, bordering on little girl and geek chic. I particularly like a darker collar against a soft, muted colour too, simply because white collars can be a little too uniform, although I'd love to wear a white/cream shirt with metal tips, and a subtle, sparkly knit at some point this season! As per usual, I'm wearing one of my Topshop Peter Pan collared tunics underneath - essentially wearing two outfits today - purely for the ease of not having to shell out for another top. Also wanted to inject some sort of colour into my outfit to liven it up, and opted for pink, fitting in nicely with Breast Cancer Awareness month! I think that when the dedicated Awareness day rolls around, I'll just stick to some pink ombre nails instead of whack out a pink onesie or something...!

University is getting quite busy already. We're into week three and I'm trying to keep afloat of my work and dissertation reading, as well as balance some form of social life (generally via making dinner, oh life!) and some blogging in the mix. I'm starting another blog next week for one of my Uni modules, and it'd honestly mean the world if some of my readers on here could whizz over and support me over there, but more on that later! Tomorrow I'm aiming to get a lot of work done, and then head over to the ELLE x H&M Fashion Network Event in London. It sounds like such an amazing opportunity and event, will anyone else be headed over?

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with a Ways to Wear of some semblance, a GlossyBox preliminary review post, and hopefully another outfit post if I can recruit an unsuspecting friend to act as photographer! *cough* Alana *cough* xo


  1. Love your jewellery! Have fun at your event tomorrow night! x

  2. I love how you wear the collar under the jumpers alot, it looks so good, very prettty :) The Elle x H&M event sounds like a good night tomorrow, wish i lived near London for these sort of things haha, enjoy it! xx

  3. Zoe: Thank you Zoe! :D

    Caroline: Eeee thanks sweety, I'm so nervous, I always get really nervous before events for some reason :P x

    Jessica: Awh thanks lovely! I'm not really even near London atm, but it seems like too good an opportunity to pass up to be honest ;) Will obviously keep you filled in, I'm gonna blog about it on Thursday/Friday if I manage to take some photos! x

  4. Please just become a chef and have done with it! I can never be arsed cooking and you seem to come out with all these extravagant dishes, I wish I could cook :'( I love your outfit, I know what you mean about the white shirt with metal tips, maybe thats a DIY job? And aaa your nearly at 2000 followers! So exciting :) xxx

  5. Your outfit is so cute, I love the collar & knit look :)

  6. Jess: Hahaha ;) Well my family do have a restaurant...! Gosh I just really enjoy cooking and good food to be honest. I should write a makeshift recipe book (: Aw thanks sweetie, the DIY idea sounds really good actually, I'm going to have a look in some haberdashery places when I get a chance! Eeeep, am I?! :O xx

    Monday Receptionist: Awh thanks lovely! It's such a sweet, understated look in my opinion! x

  7. ee, that pasta sound amazing! i can't even believe i haven't got any cute collared tops, especially as i love them so much. must get some soon (or fail at a diy!) haha!

    will pop over to your new blog when you make it, have a great time tomorrow at the event. sounds great!

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock

  8. Oh, I can't wait to layer my new jumpers over all my Peter Pan collared blouses this winter!!! Adorable outfit - helped my your adorable kitty, of coure.

    x Michelle |

  9. super cute outfit - love your peter pan collar & the amazing ring x

  10. aww collars in sweaters are awesome. in fact i posted something on my lookbook about this a few weeks ago!
    anyways school's hectic isn't it. I'm hungry all the time > <

  11. Beth: Aw thank you! It was really, really good, I'll have to start a recipe series on the blog soon for our discoveries and adaptations :D There are a lot in H&M and Topshop at the moment! Thanks for the support Beth, means a lot! x

    Michelle: It's super cold down South atm, so I've whacked them out extra early. Thank you Michelle :D x

    taffetaramblings: Thank you so much (: Just about to go and check out your blog! x

    Florence: Thanks Florence! I know right?! There's definitely a mysterious link between school/Uni and hunger :P x

  12. You're so beautiful, Mish. You always look so flawless with what you wear. It sounds mental, but when I go shopping I always think 'What would Mish say?'. Bet I look like a right nutter to onlookers! Don't suppose you know of any really good A/W booties about? I'm not sure what I'm after - maybe shearling?! Love your necklace by the way! Good luck with uni xx

  13. the collar and jumper is such a cute look =) loving the heart necklace too ^_^


  14. Looking fab Michelle :) you're seriously a pro at layering, love the little heart necklace too!
    Can't wait to hear your GlossyBox review, I've heard this month was a bit hit and miss.

  15. Love the ring! The peterpan collar is my new fave!

  16. cute outfit, and I totally agree about the collars- I don't think I have many at all though. I love the kinda geek look. the necklace you have on is lovely x

  17. Bee: D'aw you are too lovely Bee. I defs don't look that "good" or "flawless" in my fleecy Costco pyjamas, that's for sure ;) I'm forever thinking of bloggers when I'm out shopping too, such a weird thing to do in hindsight! Already answered your boots question on the ol' Twitter, might get some of those Primark badboys myself! xxxx

    pebbz: Aw thanks sweetie! x

    Ria: Thank you (: Just a few makeshift outfits in a poor attempt to combat the weather to be honest! I'm going to write my post up tomorrow once I've sat and had a good trial of all the products, I can't really relate to the negativity around GlossyBox personally! x

    Allie: Thank you! x

    Steph: Aw thank you gorgeous :D I really want a nice, crisp, collared shirt next, hoping to go shopping at the weekend and pick some up. Hope you're well Steph! xo

  18. Loving your outfit! I really want a nice peter pan collared top to layer under my jumpers. My friend showed me this outfit of a long denim shirt with a jumper over it the other day- can't wait to try it out!

    I know how you feel, Uni is super busy at the moment, already looking forward to Christmas!! xxx

  19. You look lovely, Michelle! You always have the nicest outfits on the go :) The peterpan collar/sweater combination is one of my fall favorites. And your kittycat is absolutely adorable! X

  20. Ooohh have fun at the Elle H&M thing! That sounds like fun! You look lovely as usual :)
    You've got a cat at uni???
    will totally look at your other blog when you post the link :) x

  21. Oh man, your pasta dish has given me midnight[ish] munchies!! Sounds delish, and tea time was always our chance to socialise too - always better with wine too...funny that ;)
    Loving the brows Michelle, and I'm a fellow fan of the jumper/collar look - you look fab :) x

  22. I love this outfit so much! You always look immaculate Michelle! :)
    I need to get to grips with my HD brow palette! For some reason I find it so different to my Benefit Brow Zings.

  23. Stephanie: Awh thanks lovely! I really want to try a denim shirt with some knitwear too, you've just reminded me :D Would love to see you try the look! Mm me too, it already feels quite Christmassy to me, for some reason! xx

    Hannah: Thanks Hannah! Hope you're well lovely, feels like we haven't chatted in absolutely forever! x

    The Style Box: I'm so nervous about the event, but more excited than nervous, if that makes sense? Will be blogging about it to keep everyone up to date (: Yup haha, not sure if we're allowed to have him, but it's been about 3/4 months already :P x

    Danni: It was SO good, seriously considering posting a recipe on the blog, even if it isn't related to anything I typically write about! Oh yes, food and wine is the ultimate faux-sophisticated student socialising ;) Aw thanks Danni! <3

    Hayley: Eeeep thanks Hayley! I wouldn't say immaculate haha, I'm just lucky on the odd day :P They are really different, was hard adapting to not using a waxy product, but just a light hand, a tiny bit of product on the angled brush, and work from the inner-bottom upwards (:

    Sarah: Thanks Sarah :D x

  24. Those YSL rings are everywhere! I think I would have liked to of made the effort to save up for the real one (they must be really irritated!). But they are so lovely! Your kitty is adorable! She's so petite, I'm used to my huge baby Ralph!
    P.s You look simply lovely Michelle!


  25. I really like the collars on jumpers look. Good luck with your uni work and looking forward to the new blog you're making!

  26. i love the collar look too, might have to try it out ! wanna make me some pasta? nommm xx

  27. I love that Gogo Philip necklace - they sent me a pretty green one!

  28. Yes definitely geek chic is the way forward Michelle.. who knew Rachel Berry could be such an influence! I love teaming a peter pan collar with just about everything (can you tell?!)
    Love the colours you've used.
    And urm... how adorable is kitty?! xx

  29. Lily: I know right, I wasn't a fan of them at all when they first came out, and still didn't particularly like any of the colour combinations, so opted for a jade stone rip-off haha. Much as I'd to have saved for the real thing, I don't love it enough? Aw thanks lovely! x

    Jane: Me too! Aw thanks Jane, hope yours isn't too bad either! x

    Ella: Collars and jumpers would be perrrfect for you Ella! Hahaha I shall pop round ;) xx

    Rachel: So lovely and dainty! The green version sounds so lovely! x

    Katy: Hahaha indeed! I'm gonna opt for saying it's a Blair Waldorf circa 2007 influence though. Collars are just so sweet, yet nice and conservative, and on-trend (: x

  30. wow, i really love this look!! and your kitty is so cute!

  31. Lovely post! I adore your necklace =]

    I feel you on the workload. I'm midway through and my days are jam packed. I can't keep up my blog well. I admire your dedication!

  32. love your cute little collar and jumper combo, and the colour palette ici is gorgeous.

    Did I mention your cat is just gorgeous and you can so see an inquisitive nature poking right through!


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