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Firstly, 中秋節快樂 to my readers, or happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Going to be eating lots of mooncake and admiring the (hopefully) super bright moon tonight. Sharing a beautiful new ad campaign from Longchamp with you today. I absolutely love this campaign, for me, it beats those Kate Moss ones from a few years back, and embodies Longchamp's brand down to a T. The campaign itself is visual and very interactive, in that you get to (sort of) ride a chintzy little motorcycle through autumnal Paris, in search of the new Balzane bag. Which, I can confirm, is now safely on my bags-I-desperately-want-and-would-give-up-rent-for list. Another thing I like about the ad campaign is that is features three fashion bloggers from around the world, I find it so fascinating how the social media world and fashion industry work together so well.

The imagery in this video is honestly breathtaking, it takes you to all of the fashion hotspots, and made me really miss the last time I was in Paris, during Paris Fashion Week A/W 2010 with Uni. Would highly recommend you all taking 5 minutes to watch the video, follow the clues, and be swept away with the romance of Europe's most romantic and fashionable city.

PS. The music is so good, makes me happy!
PPS. I'm going to be completely open and brazen and let you all know that this post is sponsored. All opinions are of my own though, if you can't already tell from my witterings, I love me a good luxury leather.


  1. I like the interaction quality of the video like you stated and a nice piece of background music too! I kept thinking very cowboy-like :P

  2. What a wonderful campaign, it's so fascinating to see how advertising and the media in general has adapted to incorporate social media as such a vital part of the way they communicate to consumers - thanks for sharing! :)

  3. ahh loved this campaign so much! i agree, made me miss Paris and looking at all the beautiful streets and river then looking outside to the dull, grey weather in England is horrible!

    lovely bag though so i'll just, erm, add it on to my list of things I NEED. 中秋節快樂 to you too, waiting for my sister to wake up from her nap to eat the moon cakes as noone's allowed until she has woken up -.-! have an amazing night :)

  4. Great that they're using bloggers, such a clever ad, really does make you want to visit Paris! x

  5. That is a great ad :) I can't wait to go to Paris again! x

  6. This is so cute and makes me want to go to Paris even more!

  7. Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you too Michelle I hope you had lots of lovely moon cakes and really yummy food to celebrate it! I absolutely love Longchamp and I have been inseparable from my bag since I got it two years ago. xx

  8. This video is wonderful, I love it when fashion houses do campaigns like this. Very pretty visuals!


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