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Bonus stills from the video we filmed!

(Shirt, Boohoo;
Skirt, c/o Annie Greenabelle;
Cardigan, Hollister;
Loafers, Primark;
Rings, Topshop and Miss Selfridge;
Necklace, c/o Sunken Rose.)

Wearing my Annie Greenabelle skirt makes me slightly nostalgic for the beginning of the summer. Only slightly though, in the sense that I'm beginning to feel the nerves for my final year at University, and would rather have another 4 months off.

I decided to wear the Iris skirt today with the Boohoo shirt I ordered a week or two ago. It has the loveliest open back detailing, but is really long at the front, and I'm starting to think I might take to it with my scissors and sewing machine just so it is a little wearable. Love love the double pockets at the front though! I feel like I haven't got enough wear out of this skirt by any standards, so I'm excited to experiment with it over the autumn and winter, with a variety of thick knit tights, of course! Trying to work out whether a jumper would "work" with this skirt, but it probably wouldn't... the skirt is a tad pouffy, so we shall see.

I move back to Southampton for my final year at Uni on Thursday. (You wouldn't believe it from how full my bedroom is right now!) I still get asked a lot of questions about "how I'm preparing for my first year" which is really strange, but I'm going into my final year now, and am ready to buckle down with my work and start hunting for that ever elusive post-graduate position. I suppose this is a bit of a heads up in case I happen to disappear for days at a time from here (which I doubt: I'm unhealthily addicted to blogging). I've glanced over the reading list I compiled for my dissertation a few weeks ago, and have a LOT of work to get on with, but I've always seen my blog/the blogging community as a welcome break and place to relax, as opposed to something that would detract from Uni. I guess everyone is different though!

Currently scribbling little notes down for a haircare related post, which has been requested countless times, so if you have any questions about my hair, ask away! I'm still a bit bemused that people want to know about my hair to be honest, I always see it as an inconvenience, but hey ho ;) Off to paint my nails in Zoya 'Marine' which came in my September Boudoir Prive box, I'll keep you updated on the ol' Twitter as ever. Oh, and who else watched the season premiere of Gossip Girl today?! I OMG'd throughout the entire episode to myself! xo

By the way, I filmed a little vlog and outfit video with my sister today, I'm trying to work out how to edit on my laptop (I usually edit videos on Macs) but I might share it with you if anyone's interested? You can see my outfit in HD and in much more detail ;)


  1. Super cute! love the skirt. and I would love to see a vlog of your outfit too :)
    good luck with the returning to uni for your last year, I hope it starts off well!


  2. That skirt is gorgeous and I love the cutout detailing on the blouse too. Would love to see the video :) x

  3. I remember how scary it was to start my final year at University! Good luck with it all and try to enjoy a little bit of it!

  4. Whaaa Gossip Girl is back? Wonderful outfit. xx

  5. I really love the skirt, such a nice shape. The doggy photo is too cute! Definitely want to see the video!x

  6. That's a cute little outfit, the photo's are lush! I love your shirt xx

  7. So cute! This outfit is so fresh and makes me hate the fact that winter is coming, even though I love AW when it comes to clothing!
    Also, yes please! Would love to see that video.

    x Michelle |

  8. I think you get asked that question is because you look so young, you don't really look like a graduate student. I guess that's because of your asian genes. Great outfit it looks very simple and comfy things that I like!
    Farrah' Muse

  9. ooh I'd love to see a video especially if there is a dog featured in it! (crazy dog lady haha)

  10. Aww this is getting me all nostalgic about my last year 12 months ago. Have a wonderful time hun, I'm sure you will, and make the most of it! Would def love to see the video, although your outfit looks really nice anyhoo= hd or not! x

  11. Love this skirt, so pretty :)

  12. Aw thanks for the lovely comments! Going to try my luck at some video editing tomorrow and see what I come up with (: xxxx

  13. Don't think I'll ever get over how adorable that skirt is ^_^
    Good luck for the move back & for starting 3rd year too! xoxo

  14. gorgeous michelle, love the lighting in these

  15. Nargles are pretty nasty, glad you can keep 'em at bay!

    Love love love your outfit!

  16. Love the title of the post ;]

    You are looking cute and ready for fall/winter.
    Try the skirt with a jumper. I would love to see how it looks!

    Btw, I watched the GG premiere. It was so freaking OMG. I love it and I can't wait to see more episodes.

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  17. Love that jumper - it looks so cosy! Yes please to the video :) x

  18. lovely outfit - i really like tops with open-back details.

  19. The open back is so cute! Sounds like you're gonna be super busy, good luck with everything.

  20. I really like your outfit! And you got to love Lune Lovegood right? :)

  21. Good luck in your final year doll, you really won't believe how fast it goes or how fast time goes after you finish (Nearly October and still no sign of a job, fml). You'll be fabulous though just don't fret.

    The outfit is lovely btw, shirt has such a cute back.

  22. I think this is one of my favourite posts out off al the ones you've done. The outfit, the setting, the lighting. Its all gorgeous. I move to Uni on sunday, seems so late compared to most people. I really miss learning and can't wait to get stuck in. Ps please post pictures of your room at uni, I love seeing peoples rooms. I guess its my inner stalker ;) xxx

  23. Love this outfit, it seems so weird to NOT be going back to uni, I feel old! And OMG Gossip Girl! :O

    Maria xxx


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