Currently Coveting: pretty things september '11

Seems a little weird to be featuring all of these autumnal goodies when we're experiencing a late Indian summer in England this week! As I type, I'm dressed in a simple sundress and am sat lounging about in the cool comfort of my living room, a Harry Potter film on in the background. You can always rely on the British weather to do the complete opposite of what is expected, that's for sure.

I spied this gorgeous hooded cardigan on the H&M website when browsing for pieces to style for my Ways to Wear feature this week. It looks a bit blah in the stock image, but if you click through to the item online, the model shows the cardigan in all it's slubby, cosy glory. I might brave West Quay on Saturday and search for this! Also seen the Karma knitted jumper at Monki that I really must have in my autumn wardrobe: I'm going to London on Friday to meet the Boohoo team and see their showroom, so will probably have a quick look in Selfridges on my way back for it. I am yet to splurge on Monki goodness, so if I do go and spy this blouse, I'm probably going to pick that up as well.

I haven't been particularly excited by New Look recently if I'm honest, so it was a pleasant surprise to see this skirt in my local branch's window, at a bargainous price of £9.99. The colour means I can get away from throwing something simple and black on, and still feel relatively dressed up enough for the day. Included the dalmatian Kurt Geigers just because they are gorgeous, £195 is not student-friendly unfortunately, I'm dithering between Miss Selfridge loafers and Topshop loafers to replace my battered Primark ones, and these heart ones are slowly winning in my eyes.

Packing is going well, now that I've buckled down and made a start. It's my third time of doing this exact same packing routine, so I can get it done within three hours without distractions. Anyway, wrapping up now, I'm going to swoon over Rupert Grint some more, sort out my laundry and mourn the fact that I finished watching Drunken to Love You this morning! xo

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  1. I need those boots :( I've got my eye on a similar coloured skirt in the ASOS 50% off bit, but I'm not sure about how short it is.
    Seriously wish I lived in London at the moment so I could go to Monki, I want their chelsea boots so bad! xxxx

  2. Love the KG boots! Pricey but lovely!! I've seen the H&M cardigan and had a squidge of it?! It's lovely and soft :)

  3. The A-line mini skirt is my fave, and how cute is that trunk photo album! Hope you get your packing finished :)

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  4. I love your new header! It's perfect :) I can't wait to get myself a chunky knit and I love the shoes you found!

  5. I really need to find Monki concessions! Selfridges you say? Right, I'm on a mission :) Love the KGs, just perfection. I'm after some statement shoes and these are perfect, but there's no way with that price tag...I can dream though! Good luck with the final bits of packing lovely x

  6. I love both the Monki items & the colour of the skirt x

  7. i tried on those miss selfridge shoes and they didn't blow me away to be honest. they were really stiff and thus uncomfortable.
    jealous of your boohoo meeting, have fun! x

  8. Whoa, those boots are to die for, unfortunately though, so is the price tag - Ouch! Also loving the Monki knit and shirt, love that shop and I've never ordered anything from there? Have you ever heard what the quality/delivery is like? You'll have to let us know if you get some bits! ;)

    I'm loving the sun! Though I'm pretty sure its only like this when I have tonnes of work to do - grumble!

    http://fridayisforever.blogspot.com/ xxxx

  9. Hannah: They are so gorgeous, aren't they?! I'm going to buy the NL one this weekend if I get the chance to (: I think Monki have just started offering UK shipping sweet, so maybe look into that if you're not near/in London? xx

    The Pampered Sparrow: Me too, I think the price would be justifiable purely because of the uniqueness and guaranteed quality, and if I had a job ;) Haha a "squidge", I'm excited to go shopping and look for it (:

    Louise: So cute right?! I really want one haha, would be great to start compiling a Uni photo scrapbook, with that preppy feel and all ;) x

    Jenmarie: Oh thank you so much darling! I wanted something more elegant and warming for the autumnal seasons. Hope you're well Jen. xx

    Danni: I think they've started offering UK delivery at Monki lovely, might be worth looking into because their clothes are so nice and pretty good quality. Thanks sweet, I'm nearly done to be honest, just the final bits like bath towels, dressing gown and toiletries to do, which I can't until I'm showered haha ;) xxxx

    Elise: The skirt is gorgeous isn't it?! x

    Gem: Oh no, really? ): At least that will save me £30 or so haha. I'm excited to have a look at their collection actually, seen some lovely pieces on their website, but it's always nice to see things in real life! xx

    Sarah: Ohh I know, gosh damn Kurt Geigs, eh? I had a look in store on their opening day and their quality is similar to H&M (: Hope you get on with your work okay sweet. xxx

  10. those skirts are so cute, i think they have them in a couple of other colours so might have to invest because they're so cheap :-)
    your blog is dead lovely xx

  11. love this post! the hoody looks so cosy :)
    just a tip - i've seen those exact rings in h&m for less! x

  12. I love that Monki knit ! Looks so comfy ! I could live in it.
    And honestly, right now the UK and Malta [where I live] are opposite ! We usually are still suffering, BADLY, from the heat [30 degrees and over] But it's actually cooling down and becoming gloomy !

  13. Those boots remind me of the ones Alexa designed for Madewell. Love them x

  14. They're all amazing !! :)

    Much love , Riim

  15. So many gorgeous things! I love those Miss Selfridge shoes, they're so cute with the heart on the front! x

  16. Those boots! Amazing. It is definitely strange all this lovely weather when I was just packing my sandals away!! Glad the packing is going well, it really is such a chore

    L x

  17. I love that cardi! Definitely gonna have a look in H&M in West Quay tomorrow :) x

  18. That skirt is so bargainous! I wonder if they do it in different colours..it'll be perfect for work or play.

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  20. The dalmatian boots are to DIE FOR!! Shame about how much they cost.. if money was no worry they would be mine! Desperate for a plain black shirt just like this one too! great post :)

    The Deer Head


  21. those cheetah bootie shoes are just so adorable.
    LOVE! <3

  22. ooo i love all of these picks. super glad i found your blog. adore it already. i'm following. I'd love if you'd check out of my latest Lauren Conrad inspired outfit post. I took the pictures in front of her old house on the Hills. So pretty. Love to hear what you think.Thanks love. xoxo


  23. Love that shirt! I have had a new look voucher for weeks now and can never find something i reallly like but i love that shirt! Im going to buy it next time im in town! Gorgous h&m cardi too!


  24. Love them boots, I need them in my life!!!!!!

    http://kirsty-fairyface.blogspot.com/ x

  25. I really love that knit from Monki (a swedish comany, yay!) and that photo-album is too cute! :)

  26. what a gorgeous list! its all so very you too Michelle. I love the Miss Selfridge slippers the most xx

  27. aaaargh,Kurt Geiger, why you do this to me?! Those Dalmatian print booties are just divine! xx

  28. I'm loving Monki. Can't wait til I can visit in a few weeks! x

  29. I've been hooked on Monki, so glad they deliver to the UK now. I remember it years ago when it was only available in Sweden. Yes you should definitely get a pair of jeans, especially for winter - I reckon you'll look lovely!

  30. Monki has the best sweaters, that photo album is also gorgeous!

  31. I'm so glad the weather here is back to being grey and rainy today, I can finally break out the jumpers and tights!
    I love the New Look skirt, it's such a gorgeous colour. Love the cute wee animal rings too!

  32. Oh, I love everything, especially the grey sweater! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to visit my fashion blog anytime! thecabinetoffashion.blogspot.com