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August is already coming to an end, meaning my move to the new house and back to Uni for my last, first semester is fast looming. I took a flying visit back to Southampton on Thursday to move a few things in, pick up my keys and spend the day in the city with my brother and sister. We went to Harry Ramsden's for lunch, had some ice-cream and a play with some new phones in town, and then to one of the parks.

(Top, Uniqlo;
Skirt, H&M;
Cardigan, Hong Kong;
Tights, Wolford;
Brogues, Primark;
Rings, Primark and c/o Boho Boho;
'Alexa' bag, Mulberry.)

I wore this casual outfit for moving shenanigans. My brain wasn't functioning to the best of its' styling ability at a stupid hour in the AM, but I quite liked it, despite the crease overload on my skirt. I'm terrible when faced with the idea of having to iron my clothes, I usually tend to try and pass it off as my half-done, well worn style! I hardly ever wear T-shirts, but when I do, I opt for this adorable Uniqlo one, my heart print Topshop tee (of course) or one of my many soft, slouchy Urban Outfitters ones that I picked up when I went crazy in a 9p Christmas sale about two years ago. Also, it is quite a testament to my really, really, really opaque Wolford tights that they didn't suffer the same battering my legs got when involved in a little scuffle with a thorny bush in my garden. A good investment, I'd say!

I'm absolutely in love with my new ring. The lovely people at Boho Boho sent it to me for consideration last week and I can't stop wearing it! I love the summery colours on a chunky gold band, it makes for a really unique piece that adds the best I-don't-want-summer-to-end-yet touch to an outfit, yet I'll probably still wear it with the autumn/winter wardrobe I have planned. Boho Boho have some really gorgeous pieces available on their online store, I particularly like this snake cuff bangle and this knitted headwrap! I think both will look perfect for next season, which, let's face it, is already here, isn't it? I slept in a hoody last night - that pretty much never happens!

Anyway, I'm going to spend the rest of my Saturday browsing cheap interior ideas for my room, trying to decide on just one winter coat (my favourite thing to buy ever!) and working on some requested header designs that have taken me ages to get my head around. I'll be back tomorrow with a Week in Photos, and a scheduled post on Monday about my current make-up routine, because I'm spending my Bank Holiday with work on a boat party in London... catering for a wedding reception!


  1. You always have such pretty jewellery, I love those rings :) so colourful!

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  2. Cant wait for your make up routine! xx

  3. Ah I love this T-shirt! It's adorable. Definitely a cute outfit. I'm with you on the ironing thing, I've learnt that blowdrying shirts and blouses works just as well as ironing with half the effort! I love your Jewellry, it's always so pretty. I'm off to check out Boho Boho.. X

  4. I love your outfits. So effortlessly chic! Are you going to Southampton Solent Uni? Good luck for your first semester!

  5. I love this skirt and of course your rings, a collection which seems to be expanding xx

  6. I never iron my clothes :P If it's way too creased to wear I just spray some water on and shake it till it looks better haha. I love your shoes btw!!

  7. Actually love the outfit :) So cute. Oh how I adore Daisy Duck, her & Donald are my favssss!
    How exciting, last year of Uni. I bet it flys by too

  8. omg I hate ironing clothes! I even like the creased-look (: & the Daisy Duck tshirt is so cute! xo

  9. Sounds like you had a nice day - good luck with organising everything for going back to uni! I love looking at the way people decorate their rooms, definitely post pictures if you do anything special.

  10. The parks in Soton are so nice in the Summer, great outfit!

  11. You look so lovely Michelle. Hope the rest of the move back goes well! I'm rubbish with ironing too- my clothes are lucky if they receive a bit of a straightening when I'm doing my hair xxx

  12. The ring is gorgeous, Michelle! And the bag is of course the best! Have a great bank holiday weekend, and don't work too hard! xoxo

  13. Love it as always, adore the bag and the ring!! Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned, enjoy :) xx

  14. i hate ironing my clothes! i detest it!
    such a cute top you're wearing! the rings a pretty too!
    looking forward to the make up routine!
    Krissy xoxo

  15. This is a cute look! I love the tee and the ring. I hate ironing too, sometimes I use my straightners if I can't be bothered to iron haha x

  16. Loved your outfit! It's perfect for a comfy and casual day. I should totally buy a bunch of t-shirts for this summer so that i can wear them when i'm in that "i don't wanna dress up today" mood lol.

  17. Such a great outfit as always! xxx

  18. Lovely simple outfit! a good lazy day outfit i say. I love the t-shirt and skirt combo! Oh college is so soon for me..This friday :( oh well I'm looking forward to what is going to happen this season! I always like a new start and shit like that.
    I wore a hoody to bed last night too now thats definitely a change in the weather! and today was actually a little cold even when it was sunny! oh well i do love Autumn it's my favourite time of the year and i LOVE the clothes!!!
    I so need to go get drunk like my 17 year old self should be doing hahah but I'm too having a lazy saturday watching Xfactor!
    have a lovely Sunday

  19. glad to know I'm not the only one who's absolutely freezing at the moment! I'm currently browsing for a new winter coat too, it's so exciting! you should do a post on this year's best coat offerings! x

  20. Louise: Thank you (: I'm a little bit of a magpie to be honest, and my jewellery tastes are constantly changing! Hope you're well sweet!

    MSodaPop: Thanks lovely!

    Dollyfaces: Hopefully it answers a lot of questions because I've had so many emails and requests for something to do with my make-up and skincare routine haha. I'm awful with make-up though, just as a warning! ;)

    Lucy: Thank you! (: Haha yeah I used to straighten my tops, but I don't have straighteners anymore... Glad you liked the jewellery!

    Amy: Thank you! Yep, I'm going into my final year there now, haha ;)

    Cara: Aw thanks sweet, I have a crazy collection of rings now actually. Going to be selling a lot of them next week in a blog sale and on eBay because I don't really wear most of them!

    Chococcuro: Haha me too ;) I'm way too lazy to get out the ironing board and iron! Thanks sweetie. (:

    Steph: Thank you gorgeous :D I love Daisy and Donald too, I miss Walt Disney animations and cartoons so much haha. Eeeeep, I'm super excited to get to grips with my chosen options, such a nerd haha, I love my course (: Hope you're well Steph! <3

    Luisa: Me too :-P Thanks lovely!

    Jane: It was lovely! There's so much to do though, feeling a little bit overwhelmed if I'm honest. Of course I'll post photos, room tours are so highly requested, it's unbelievable! :-P

    Cherry: Aren't they just?! Shame they're a little scary and dodgy at night!

    Emily: Thanks Emily (: Haha I used to be that girl when I had straighteners still. Much more into hanging my creased clothes up on the bathroom door and having a hot shower now!

    Sarah: Thank you! It's been lovely, relaxing and productive so far, I'll try not to haha, it's going to be a crazily busy few shifts though!

    Misseblog: Thanks so much lovely :D

    Krissy: Me too! Thanks sweet, hope my make-up post doesn't disappoint!

    Harriet: Thanks Harriet (: Love my Daisy Duck tee!

    Yona: Thank you (: Mm I definitely would! I'm fussy with the fit on mine, but they're so easy to wear, it's hard not to just splurge on a lot at once!

    Sophie: Aw thanks Sophie!

    Rose: Thanks Rose (: Oh gosh, really?! I've been out of the school/college routine for so long that I always forget others go back soon. I'm sure you'll be fine, I love new terms, being the utter geek I am. Ugh I know, I've been in my hoody pretty much since yesterday night, time to wack the blankets out for film nights in I think! Oww me too, been planning my dissertation as well, rock 'n roll eh? ;) xxxxx

    Kate: My family all said they were too hot to sleep last night, and I thought I was going crazy, so cold! I'll probably post about winter coats next week sometime, people are a bit touchy about posting about winter coats in August!

  21. love your outfit!! all is really great ;)

  22. I am obsessing over your skirt <3 And I am oh-so envious of your Mulberry bag; the Alexa model is my favourite

    Lost in the Haze

  23. I love that shirt, it's so cute ^_^ and that ring is gorgeous! I was shopping with a friend in West Quay so I may have passed you at some point on Thursday :)
    And I agree we're definitely in Autumn now, bring on I say! xoxo

  24. That Boho Boho ring is beautiful!

  25. you look so cute. i hate ironing too, i never iron unless its absolutely necessary. loving your ring too dear xo

  26. Such a cute and happy outfit :) x

  27. Gorgeous jewellery, I always think good jewellery can make an outfit.

  28. Wooo I love this skirt, I wear mine too much so I got it in black too. Yay for moving back to Southampton! Good luck with the new term. One of these days we must meet up in the gorgeous city, haha.



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