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I've had a relatively productive day today, wearing an outfit that wasn't too practical, now that I look back on it. I had another driving lesson this morning, drove to North London and back, and then went for lunch with my brother, before popping to town to pay bills and all manner of other boring errands. Town in the middle of the week is always a weird affair.

(Dress, Primark;
Belt, Primark;
Tights, H&M;
Chunky knit cardigan, Hollister;
Bag, Mulberry.)

For someone who typically doesn't shop in Primark, I'm wearing an awful lot of it today. I found this skater skirt style dress, after weeks of looking for it, in the Summer sale last year for a bargainous £2. Ethical values aside, I couldn't really say no, although this time around, I would think twice. I've been reading To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? by Lucy Siegle these past few weeks, hoping to include some points and thoughts about it in my final year dissertation, and have just reevaluated my 'fashion morals' if that is the correct term. More on this later, perhaps over on FTG.

I usually wear this dress as a last resort, but today it was top priority: it matches perfectly with my nails! The dress is also a size or two too big for me because I've lost a little weight this year, but that problem was easily solved with my crochet/lace belt, which looks kind of okay with the polka dots.

(Wonderland diary, £6.00; Skyline notebook, £3; both Paperchase.)

Anyway, I'm off to write in my new diary (ahem, fill in birthdays!) and continue my Harry Potter-athon. Can you believe we are less than half a week away from 'the end'? I'm going to DIY a little outfit to wear for the midnight showing, might even share on here! Included a snap of my Rocktail that I sipped with the brother on Sunday, so good! I believe they launched on Monday and are such a good idea in my opinion, especially as I'm awful at making my own drinks. Finally, big thanks for helping me reach over 1600 Google followers, you are all too good to me!


  1. that dress is so cute! and frozen cocktails sound like my kinda thing - might have to hunt some down! xx

  2. This outfit is tooooo cute! xox

  3. Aww this looks like a dress Minnie Mouse would wear! Also, good choice on the diary, can't go wrong with paperchase! ;) xx

  4. The dress is really cute, I know what you mean though, it's so easy buying cheap stuff in Primark and discarding it a few months later! Loving the look of those frozen cocktails, reminds me of capri sun (shape of the packaging) :) xx

  5. Love the look Michelle! The colours really suit you! Snaps for your Harry Potter-athon, love it! I really can't believe it's nearly the end either. Unfortunately i won't be able to see it unitl the week after it comes out so i shall be avoiding social networking sites like the plague, even though i already know what happens haha!

    Sorry it's taken me a while to respond about the blogger meet up, i'd be up for going as long as i'm not working or anything :) Do you have anymore details about it?

    Stacey xx

  6. love your dress, and your gorgeous bag! my sister is now obsessed with those frozen cocktails, uh oh.

    congrats on your followers!

  7. Gotta love the polka-dots. I've not read To Die For, but I've heard it's good; very thought provoking.

    Rocktails sound bloody brilliant, never heard of them before! This introduction may be dangerous...

    Congratulations on the followers! :) x

  8. Firstly congrats on all the followers - so deserved! <3

    Can't believe we're so close to the end! It's like waiting for xmas knowing that there will never be another xmas after! (Too dramatic?) :P I keep teasing my boyfriend that I'm going to dress up as Dobby for the Midnight showing! ;) xoxo

  9. congrats on the 1600+ followers!
    cute polka dots! love it!
    Krissy xoxo

  10. the frozen coctail sounds amazing! was it nice? xx

  11. Aw i love this outfit! very cute.
    I really need to start driving lessons haha, Oh wow I love love love writing in new diarys! I never know where to start though and i always try and make my handwriting so nice that i don't ruin it..BUT i always do hahah!
    WAAH not the end of HP :( going to get all the books and read them all I HAVE TO!

  12. The dress is so pretty! But I mostly love the cardigan I can never resist hollister when I'm in Southampton! Ooo congrats on the followers too :)

    L x

  13. Your outfit is so cute. I love the belt, it really ties the dress together! xx

  14. This dress is so cute. I´ve seen it loads on the blogosphere and kinda wish I got it when I saw it in Primark last year. Oh well:( Looks amazing with the crochet belt.

    Awwww, I´m so jealous about you having a new diary as I´m completely crazy about new diaries. I usually buy my Moleskines for the next year in November or so but it gets opened (and filled with bdays/errands/other things) pretty much immediately. I´m such a diary freak:)

  15. Sophie: Thanks sweetie! They're so good, such an amazing concept and such good flavours if you like Woo Woos, Sex on the Beach, that kind of thing (: I believe you order them online or something? xx

    Lauren: Aw thank you beautiful (:

    Victoria: Haha my Mama's exact words to me this morning! As well as 'I hope you're wearing shorts under that' :-P Thanks love, such a bargain for a big diary. It was a total nightmare writing in me other one! xx

    Rachel: Thank you lovely! Yeah it makes me worry a bit to be honest, isn't contributing anything to the fashion industry or to the workers behind it all. Awful. Been thinking twice with Topshop too! Aah that's what I said at the launch too! xx

    Stacey: Awh thanks Stacey! Gah I'm going to be an emotional wreck, have a full day at work on Friday too! The details are on Bee and Lyzi's blogs, I'll Tweet you a link so you can read more and send emails if needed (: xx

    Beth: Thanks sweet (:

    Emma: Thank you! Yeah I'd totally recommend the book if you like fashion and reading about the inner workings, and thoughts around it all, it's really interesting so far, not hard to read either! YES EMMA, try a Rocktail :D xxx

    Kate: Thank you beautiful! So pleased, I never imagined I'd get so many followers! Haha no, not too dramatic at all, that's just how it feels (: I'm DIY-ing a special something to wear, not gonna lie ;) xxx

    Krissy: Thank you :D

    Mel: Yeah they're amazing if you like fruity cocktails like me, would absolutely recommend them, such a good idea (:

    Rose: Thanks sweet! Oh gosh, I didn't start mine until I was 19? I started them late last Summer and wish I'd started when I turned 17, it's taking so long where I'm busy with Uni, work and internships... xxx

    Laura: Thank you (: Hollister stresses me out on the most part, but my Mama wanted me to have a lovely warm cardigan for Uni! Thank you, can't believe I've managed to gain so many followers! xx

    Jessica: Aw thank you sweetie! <3

  16. this dress is the cutest thing, especially with the belt! perfect combination.
    check out my little blog?

  17. I love this dress, you look absolutely adorable in it! I'm incredibly excited for Harry Potter! So sad its all ending though! Huge congratulations on all of the followers! Thats amazing! Love Louise x x

  18. Frozen Cocktails.. Genius idea! I must get my mits on some of them!

    I love this dress on you :) gorgegous!!

    Lottie xx

  19. Awww that dress is TOO adorable, and £2!? Amazing!

  20. This look is so so cute, love!!!

    xo Emma

  21. I actually prefer going into town during the week because it's so much quieter than at the weekend! can't deal with crowds haha. I recently posted a 100% primark outfit too, couldn't believe it as I haven't really shopped there in over a year but sometimes that happens haha. That dress is bargainous, but it also makes you wonder about how they can price things so low..worrying. I'm looking forward to your upcoming post on ethical fashion! (I think ethical fashion is perhaps an oxymoron to be honest)

  22. I cannot wait for the final Harry Potter!! I am also going to a midnight showing on Thusday, and I'm honestly so excited :D It's like an end of era.

    Those Rocktails look really interesting - where did you get them from?


  23. ah you are a polka dot dream! and i love your little paperchase purchases...i could spend a fortune in that store!! x

  24. Such a cute dress! Aw i'm a sucker for paperchase stuff, don't even use half of the stuff i buy just sucked in by the cuteness >.< haha xxx

  25. Emily: Thank you sweet (:

    Louise: Thanks hun! Mm I'm so sad the films are ending, but we'll always have the books. And thanks Lou, so exciting to reach another milestone, I forgot when I reached 1500, bad as that sounds! x

    Lottie: Haha they're so good, absolutely love the Frostberry flavour! Thanks love!

    Harriet: Thanks lovely! Haha yeah, £2!

    Emma: Thank you!

    Helen: Mm I do too, it depends on my mood really, always feels weird going to town in the week though! Yeah I read about how it all works at Primark and it is really shocking, I don't want to put any more of my money into their system! x

    Laura: Squee so exciting! Going to make my shirt tonight or on Thursday morning (: I got them at the Ifabbo event I went to last week, they launched on Monday and stock online! xo

    Milly: N'awh, thanks doll. I adore Paperchase (: x

    Becky: Thank you! Haha yeah I've been known to buy wrapping paper for no reason and just hoard it in drawers, etc.! x

  26. I love that dress so much, I wish I'd bought it when I saw it in store!
    The rocktail looks delicious too. Where did you get that from?
    I'm so gonna cry when I see DH P2. I can't wait to see it but I also don't want it to be all over. Ahh, I get so emotional over Harry Potter!! My boyfriend even sent me a Hogwarts letter today!
    Congratulations on the followers too lovely :) xx

  27. what a perfectly gorgeous outfit! and that journal is so nice :) i'm harry potter DIY-ing as well, making a sixties go go griffindor dress- what are you going to make? X

  28. Your dotted skirt looks divine! <3 I love the belt too!

    Lost in the Haze

  29. Awwww, sweeeeeeeeet little dress there, lovely! I think the belt looks great with it. The bow definitely ties the look together.
    As for HP - ahhhh. I'm actually peeved I'm not in Australia this year, since most of my friends have seen it by now (we always get films early down there). I can't wait for it, SO EXCITED!

    x Michelle |

  30. I love it. So girly and cute!! You wear it very well Mish! xxx

  31. You look lovely Michelle :) The dress is gorgeous! Sounds like youve been a busy bee today! Also loving the paperchase purchases! xxx

  32. you have such a great style! so cute.

    love, little.

  33. Cute dress - and blog.


  34. Aw I love yoru dress, I have a wekaness for polkadots. The Rocktail sounds nice, a good idea as well. I'm also thinking of putting together a costume for Harry Potter!

    Congrats on all those followers, you definitely deserve it.

  35. i adore this dress on you honey, its so cute just like you :)

  36. I've got the day off work today and I'm planning on going to primark, I usually hate rummaging but I'm going to take advantage of the weekday calm and have a peer through the sales. Hopefully I can find something as good as you did!


  37. I don't really shop in Primark anymore but I need that dress!

  38. Looking soo lovely as per. I want your bag and the vodka cocktails! yummmmm xxxx

  39. Aw this dress is so sweet!

  40. Hayley: It's so cute! I almost sold it on a few weeks ago but kept it on a whim because it is so little girl cutesy (: I got it at the launch event last week but you can buy them online, £3.99 for a sachet which provides two cocktails! Gah me too, I had a mini sob the other night just thinking about it. Thanks Hayley, super excited to have reached such a milestone! xx

    Hannah: Aw thank you lovely! I'm a little obsessed with my journal, I'm dying to make some plans just so I can note them down :-P I'm just making a quote tee, will probs blog about it tomorrow so you can see! x

    Jo: Thank you sweetie (:

    Michelle: Thanks Michelle, the bow is so cute, such a pain to iron though! Ooh gosh, yeah I always forget about that. I'm so jealous that people have already seen it and we're still waiting! xx

    Gem: Thanks Gem xx

    Sinead: Aw thank you sweetie! Yeah it's been crazy, was a fire at the bank so nice and dramatic too! xxx

    Little: Thank you!

    lulubelle: Aw thanks lovely, and thank you for following ^____^

    Jane: Thank you! I'm a little obsessed with Rocktails atm, need/want to place a huge order for Uni house party purposes! And thanks sweet, I'm so happy and proud of where my blog has got to! xx

    Emma: Thank you Em <3

    Eloise: Oh I can never have a calm shop in Primark, ours is pandemonium at all times! Hope you managed to find something nice! xx

    Becky: Me either, I'm glad I picked it up all those months ago!

    Alex: Awh thanks doll (: Defs get the Rocktails, so so good! xx

    Grace: Thanks lovely (:

  41. Oooh polka dots galore! You look darling!

  42. YEAHHH I have that dress too :) and now I want a rocktail! xx

  43. I love this outfit on you, you look lovely! I love those pouches with pre-mixed drinks, SUCH a good idea! :)

    Maria xxx

  44. Ah I've got this dress too and only worn it once! I haven't opened my Rocktail yet ;) might do it now! x

  45. Jenmarie: Thanks sweety!

    Lyzi: Cutest dress in the world, right? And Lyzi, you absolutely need one ;) I may even smuggle some over to the blogger meet in August! Hoping I can still make that badboy, totes forgot it's my Dad's 50th the day after...! xxx

    Maria: Aw thank you lovely (: Haha yeah it's such a fab idea, I'm awful at making my own cocktails and portioning drinks properly! Hope you're all good Maria. xx

    Emma: I really like it but hardly ever feel in the right mood to wear it? Hahaha do it, midnight in the middle of the week, why not?! xxx

  46. I really must try a Rocktail. They sound amazing! Loving the outfit too - you look gorgeous x

  47. Oh definitely Claire! So nice, not too alcohol-y but enough to make it a proper drink (: Thanks for your lovely comment! xx


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