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Good afternoon lovelies! It's been a while since my last installment, hasn't it? I completely forgot about writing a feature up last week, and didn't want to post a half-hearted attempt, if you know what I mean. I hope you're all enjoying the week? I'm finding it difficult to relax and hayfever has gotten the best of me recently, but still coping! Nevertheless, I have a new edition for you this week: as requested by Jasmine, I'm covering stripes. I've covered some pretty different looks to what I usually post, they're not "as wearable" to the majority, but I do want these to inspire my followers to try new things outside of their comfort zone!

The ever-elusive stripe. I'm forever inundated with comments and emails about wearing stripes and concerning worries of whether they are really that flattering. I find stripes easy to wear, I'd stay away from wide stripes if you are worried though, and perhaps opt for a darker based striped piece if you wish. I also put a bit of a twist to this week's installment: rather than focusing on a set item, I've incorporated a variety of striped garments. Do you like these types of Ways to Wear too?

Get the look! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Look One is a bit of a mishmash look to be honest: I can see it being at home in an editorial shoot for a brand like Wildfox or Free People? The striped 50's-esque shorts from ASOS are so sweet, they are high waisted which adds a lovely retro 'siren' feel to the look. I'd tuck the Meow tee into the shorts and put a belt on for a tailored look, but wearing the shirt untucked would be fine too, with a sliver of the striped shorts on show of course! This waterfall waistcoat sounds awful on paper but I think would add a nice laidback Summer feel to the outfit. An oversized one would be so cosy, and looks boho without being too gimmicky.

Get the look! 1, 2, 3, 4.

I originally styled this look with a striped dress and plain batwing cardigan, but this version neatly fits into the colourblock trend. Breaking all the rules by putting polka dots and stripes together, but I think it'd look nice in a quirky way. Added with some bright, plaited sandals and you have a perfectly Summery outfit to wear to the beach, to coffee or for everyday. Finally, curl or tousle your hair into waves and pull to one side in a low ponytail for an easy Summer hairdo.

Get the look! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

My third Look isn't something I'd personally wear, it's a look I'd love to try but currently don't have the confidence to pull off. Assymetrical hems on midi skirts are one of my favourite micro trends right now, so flattering and simple. Wear this skirt on your hips or covering your belly button, and pop this tie-dye denim bralet on for ultimate 90's grunge. I've added stripes via this two-way headband, which is very high on my covet list, wear it to the side of the head with messy, undone hair.

I've also included some links below to previous Ways to Wear installments that have involved stripes. Each edition will almost always link up to another one, so flick back throughout the series if you are looking for some inspiration. I do have another request lined up for next week, but if you'd like to email me your own request, please also link me to an image/webpage of your chosen item! Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. LOVE the first look.. gutted the shorts are out of stock :(


  2. i love the first look too! x

  3. oh my god, my stripe obsession is thriving right now hehe, I'm dribbling at the sight of that topshop cardigan (I have a problem i know)
    Great post once agai, i so wish i could afford all these clothes! that is why i am spending my day looking for jobs online. Lol I hate being poor! xxx

  4. Lovely lovely lovely!

    I like the first look, it´s definitely something I´d wear. I especially love the idea of an oversized, cosy, thrown-over waistcoat. Must be so comfy to wear!

    But the third look is what caused a big "wow" here. I would never think about putting together an outfit like this but I´ve gotta say it´s stunning. I would love to wear this this summer (not sure I´d have the confidence as well, though:()

  5. super post! super looks!
    thank u! :)

  6. Love this, spesh the first one, the cat tee is amaze! xxx

  7. i love the kitty cat tee and the striped shorts :) X

  8. i love the stripy shorts, but i don't think i can pull that off with my fat thighs ahaha!!!
    love the 3rd outfit too, but not confident to wear that!
    the pink and white dress is pretty too!
    love all of them!
    Krissy xoxo

  9. Lovely! I especially like the second one

  10. You pro; these are great, and I'm a sucker for anything nautical! Lovely. x

  11. Gorgeous looks, especially like the first and last ones!

  12. Lowri: Thanks lovely (: Awh have they sold out?! There are similar ones in Urban Outfitters and Topshop, the ASOS ones were the best value though. xx

    Elizabeth: Thanks sweet!

    Rose: Haha I thought you'd appreciate this week's feature! I might have to pick a similar cardigan up if they are still around when my spending ban ends (: Thanks lovely! xxxx

    Sarah: It's so cute isn't it? Such a lovely fit and cut too (:

    Daniela: Aw thanks for your lovely comment! Think Look Three is my personal favourite this week, feels lovely and different, a bit piratey! xx

    Becky: Thanks lovely! xo

    Sofi: Thank you (: I'm glad you enjoyed the feature!

    Gem: Thanks gorgeous! The cat tee is so sweet isn't it?! I'm tempted to DIY one with a spare plain top! xxxx

    Hannah: Thank you sweet (:

    Krissy: Me too (: Aw I'm sure you could ;) xxx

    Grace: Thank you!

    Emma: *blushes* Aw thanks for the comment! Could totes see you in all three of these looks Em ;) xx

    Khaz: Thanks lovely! xx

  13. GAHH that third look is right up my alley. I love that you can find more styles than just a certain one. Branching out to make others (like me!) happy makes... us happy! :p Great job with these, Michelle. I am now utterly in love with that Little Fille hair band!

  14. i love the striped shorts, amazing! x

  15. Loving the first look, those shorts are amazing. Got a great summer beach house feeling to them xx

  16. i love these michelle! love the first look, but i think my huge butt may be a problem in those shorts. the third look is something i wish i could wear too. xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  17. I neeeeeeeed that cat top! Awwww xxx

  18. Those first shorts are AMAZING! I am definitely going to track those down :)

    Maria xxx

  19. Aimee: Aw thanks lovely, Look Three is my favourite this week too (: I just wanted to branch out on here really, I style things in my work much differently to how I personally wear things. I'm glad you liked it sweet (: xxx

    Elise: They're so cute aren't they?! x

    Sarah: Thank you sweetie (: Ooh they do, like little wooden beach huts! xx

    Ella: Thanks lover! I'm sure that's not a problem ;) Hope you, Rob and the new flat are doing well sweet! <3

    Lyzi: Yes, you do Lyzi, fact! xxx

    Maria: They're lovely aren't they?! Just a touch different enough from your usual denim cut-offs but still prim and pretty and wearable! xxx

  20. Nice looks!

  21. i definitely love look two! its very fresh and fun.

  22. Aw, I loved your blog, really cute *-*
    Very nice looks.
    Congratulations. Really.

    Luana Espindola

  23. great post - i love stripes xxxxx

  24. Loving all three looks. Your blog is utterly lovely :-)

    Hugs from your fan in Paris xx

    Camille @ The Wild Fleur

  25. Thanks T (:

    I'm a little in love with the Little Fille headband in it! Thanks Em!

    Thank you Luana!

    Me too Kirsty, such a winning and simple look. xx

    Awh thank you Camille! I find it hard to imagine people outside of the UK reading my little blog, your comment has made my day sweetie! xx


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