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It was a weirdly humid and busy day in London today. I went over for the day with my family, just to run errands (well, my Mum did!), snap photos and eat good food. We stayed pretty central all day, and perused Covent Garden, which I haven't done thoroughly in months! I always like the busy atmosphere but today was a little too much with swarms of tourists everywhere.

(Sheer blouse, New Look;
Black camisole vest, Uniqlo;
Shorts, DIY;
Loafers, Primark;
Silk scarf, c/o Roamkix Vintage;
Necklace, Urban Outfitters;
Bag, Mulberry.)

I'll possibly never tire of wearing this blouse. I wear it at least once a week and it's so well worn that I think I have to get my sewing kit out this weekend to repair its' buttons. On days when I haven't got my head screwed on properly (ahem, today...), this shirt serves extremely well. Decided to wear it open today for once, with a black camisole underneath, such an understated look but perfect for the summer, I just "need" some new shorts and shirts to play around with! PS. Can we all please show some love for my sis and her patience with avoiding tourists for these photographs?!

I got sent this adorable silk scarf yesterday from Roamkix Vintage. The lovely Jessica runs Roamkix Vintage, and when she contacted me, I couldn't resist having a preliminary snoop at her new website. I love the 50's/60's styling of the lookbook, it's so "idealistic summer chic" to me and makes me want to swap all of my clothes for a beachy, boho collection! My favourites on the store are the little vintage pleated skirts and floaty tops, I'd really recommend having a look!

Tonight I'm going to get in my pyjamas (Hong Kong Ladies' Market special, seeing as this is a style blog 'n all!) and settle down with the 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments at last. Was at work when it aired last night and I desperately tried to avoid reading Tweets, and also couldn't resist some typical HP chitchat with Victoria, who is incidentally also my newest Blog of the Week. Included a snapshot of the new books I bought on Tuesday for those who were asking! Hope everyone is good, sorry for being a bit absent lately!

PS. Post title comes from the tiniest cobbled street in Covent Garden that I've always wanted to walk down!


  1. Love this outfit, it really is perfect for summer like you said! Rose street is such a cute name for a street, there's one near me called 'Strawberry Terrace' sounds so dreamy! x

  2. Goshhhh I wish I was in London atm! Your photos make it look surprisingly empty, your sister's done a very good job!

    Let me know your thoughts on the 50 greatest moments, I don't think they could really put much of part 2 in, having only been out for..whoa, is it seriously 2 weeks?! Christ.

    Wahhh thanks for making me your blog of the week! I feel famous haha! xx

  3. I was thinking as I was looking at your pictures "how the hell has she managed to capture these with such lovely backgrounds and NO PEOPLE?", lots of kudos to little sis! I adore this outfit, sheer shirts are my absolute fave - so easy to wear and look amazing dressed up or dressed down.

    Mega jel of your day in London, though I know what you mean about it sometimes being too much when there's just tourists everywhere. I'm looking forward to spending three solid weeks in the City, no doubt I'll be so easily aggrivated at rush hour though!

    Thank you for the reminder about HP 50 Greatest Moments, I need to catch up too. I'm currently watching Part II (ahem, totally legally...) on my laptop :)


  4. I loooove this! You're beautiful Michelle :) I like the backdrop too. So gorgeous! X

  5. I love your necklace - it looks like you had an incredible time!

  6. You look amazing! I would probably be the annoying tourists because I have only been to london for 2 days in my 19 years of life :P I look forward to seeing what you think of the 50 greatest harry potter moments, I was not happy with the number 1 but we will see what you think ;) xxx

  7. Love these outfit shots on location, really love it! x

  8. You look great Michelle, that blouse is gorgeous, i need one , definately in nude! That scarf is so darling too! Have a nice evening watching the 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments!xx

  9. This is such a pretty look, the blouse and scarf are so perfect!

  10. love this outfit, so simple and cute!
    oh my god, i love those chocolate bites thingy-majig!
    Krissy xoxo

  11. Ahhhh - adorable outfit! Hope you enjoy the HP program as much as I did - it definitely brought me back to old times.

    x Michelle |

  12. Look wonderful. Your sister must have the patience of a saint. Roamkix is actually amazing, I am off to spend half an hour trawling through the website. xxx p.s Won won....(ron ron)

  13. these may be the prettiest outfit pics so far! i love covent garden. those truffles look amazing too xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  14. The colours of your outfit look amazing together, lucky you for being sent the scarf, it's gorgeous! I still cry a little bit inside every time I see your Mulberry </3. I will admit, I am quite jealous ;).

  15. You look lovely as usual. . .the scarf is divine your a lucky girl xx

  16. Stunning outfit, wish I could coordinate my clothes as well!

    half the world away.

  17. Really loved how you've styled this blouse, the scarf was a lovely addition too!
    Enjoy 50 greatest HP moments :) have a tissue box ready for the end though, they replay the end of Jo's speech from the London premiere with the "Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home speech" ='( it was a great programme though!

  18. That blouse is so nice! Love how you paired it with the shorts and the black vest underneath, it looks so laidback but chic at the same time:) x

  19. Ah big congrats to your sister! I'd probably just get annoyed and end up in a sulk.
    I love your shirt here, I also don't think I'll ever tire of mine (which is again also from newlook) but it's started to pull on the sleeves and they're a nightmare around cats. It looks really good open with a scarf, I've always worn the sheer blouses closed


  20. Loved Harry Potters 50 greatest moments!!! You look lovely xx

  21. Yesss, I love the open blouse look! And it's such a sweet colour. Looks amazing with the scarf too. Hope you had a good day,

    Rosie x

  22. love love love this outfit! I never thought about wearing my sheer shirt like that. DAMN it i sold it on ebay yesterday aswell..Oh :( oh well I guess I'll have to buy another sheer shirt just so i can re create this look!
    ah London, I so wish i lived there..I am going down on Saturday but no shopping for me i have a shoot! I want to go round covent garden waaah!
    OMG i forgot about harry potter programme, NEED to remember to catch up on that

  23. jealous of the truffles ha they look mouth-wateringly good x

  24. Your scarf is adorable! Floral Street in Covent Garden is another beautifully named road :)

  25. You little beaut :) I love your loafers (primark?! yay!) and the scarf looks lovely on you. I couldn't be doing with a big crowd on tourists on a day like today, was really sticky and humid! xx

  26. Kate: Aw thank you lovely! Yeah I know, Covent Garden has some sweet street names, especially in the Seven Dials area (: Strawberry Terrace sounds like food hahaha. xx

    Victoria: Haha I know! It was swarming, but we just about managed to avoid people. Hm, I thought it was okay, definitely chosen from the point of view of someone who only ever saw the films though! I hope they bring out another 50 to include DH2 so Snape gets the recognition he deserves. xx

    Lucy: Magic of course ;) It was so packed, we managed to get people to avoid the photo area by whacking out my massive camera though. Thank you lovely! Ooh if we cross paths, we'll have to meet for drinks or something Lucy! xxx

    Hannah: Aw thank you sweet! xo

    Rachel: Thank you! Was a lovely day thanks hun, lots of laughs (:

    Amy: Thank you! Oh gosh, you should visit London again soon sometime, it'll be crazy next year what with the Olympics 'n all. Hmm, I was kind of okay with the #1 moment, it seems right for people who aren't crazy about HP but I wish it could've been something else! xx

    Sarah: Thanks lovely. I've wanted to branch out into location photos for a while now! x

    Courtney: Oh thanks sweetie! Eep I loved the 50 HP Moments, wasn't what my top picks would have been but still enjoyed having a little reminisce, it's easy to overlook some of the scenes in such long films. xx

    Harriet: Thank you hun! (:

    Krissy: Thank you!

    Michelle: Aw thank you Michelle! I enjoyed watching the rundown actually, brought back so many memories and I loved the actor comments on everything! Btw, I hope you do start a food blog :-P

    Gem: Thanks beautiful. Gosh we were both getting so frustrated, it was the food market so the place was packed! Hahaha I loved Order of the Phoenix, such a perfect film. xx

    Ella: Thank you! My sister is learning loads about my camera atm!

    Danielle: Thank you (: I'm so pleased with my little gift, it made my day when I opened it! Haha I still find it hard to believe I have one after lusting after it for so long! xxx

    Laura: Aw thanks sweet <3

    Helen: Thank you!

    Ria: Thank you gorgeous! Oh and huge thanks for the heads up about the speeches haha, that end part always makes me sob, Jo is an absolute hero though. xx

    Daniela: Thank you! I wanted something laidback and "easy", it was so humid today!

    Eloise: Haha I've passed that on to her ;) She was at the end of her tether when we got the last few snaps though! Oh gosh the good ol' High Street eh? I'm surprised our shirts have both lasted this long, it's been about 6 months hasn't it! xx

    Dollyfaces: Me too (: Aw thanks lovely! xx

    Rosie: Thanks sweetie! I had a lovely day thank you, was full of laughs and random moments as ever! ;)

    Rose: Aw thanks Rose! Thought of you when I saw Rose Street, you've gotta have a snoop down there on Saturday (: Good luck at your shoot too, I wanna see photos! xxx

    Zoe: They were bloody amazing! x

    Sarah: Thanks gorgeous! Ooh I adore that street name, walked up there earlier actually, it's off Rose St :-P

    Sarah: Haha eep, thanks Sarah! Yes, Primark :D Although there are pretty worn out now. I don't have a problem with tourists usually, it was so sticky and stuffy though, couldn't handle it! xx

  27. Oooo i really love your outfit! It's not overly dressy but not under-done for the type of day you had, really pretty :) xx

  28. Really cute outfit. It was very humid today, agreed. and I watched that HP greatest moments as well. Love Ron!

  29. you look so effortlessly stylish & I just love what you are wearing, especially that scarf. :) x

  30. Jess: Thank you Jessica! I see it as a half and half outfit, the denim and vest make it casual but the scarf dresses it up just enough for a day outing! xxx

    Jaymie: Thanks lovely (: Mm was a weird kind of weather, not sticky humid but I was gasping for some decent air-con hahaha! Oh me too, Rupert Grint absolutely made the HP film series! Hope you're well Jaymie! xxx

    Angela: Aw thank you so much Angela!

  31. Such a cute outfit.

    Like total tourists, we're staying in Covent Gardn this weekend- we can't wait!! We love your pics :)

    Please stop by our blog & check out our latest blog post :)

    T & J


  32. That blouse is gorgeous! Such a beautiful colour! And the scarf is pretty :)
    Hope you enjoy HP Greatest Moments, it's very good! They did miss some stuff out though - in my opinion, but I shan't say anymore as you've not watched it. It's just good to see the cast talk about the films! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  33. such a lovely outfit as always, michelle! your jaunt around london looks like so much fun as well :) haven't gotten around to watching the 50 greatest potter moments yet but i'm going to do that tonight! X
    p.s. i'm thinking about a blog redesign, how much would it be for a header/cleanup from your lovely design service?

  34. really cute outfit, perfect for covent garden!


  35. Love that blouse, and Covent Garden! x

  36. cute outfit :) i love the scarf!
    enjoy the greatest bits of hazp! it was so cute seeing little clips of them over the years and stuff and remembering bits had happened which id forgot :)x

  37. You look beautiful and your outfit is awesome!

  38. Love your outfit as usual!

  39. I really like the scarf with the blouse, it looks so effortlessly cool

  40. Aww bless your sis for getting into the blogging photography for you! I know exactly what you mean about blouses they are just so easy to wear!! Sounds like you had fun in London! I love Covent Gardens it's one of my favourite places to go in London

    L x

  41. Love your outfit, that shirt is such a lovely colour :) now folllowing you!

  42. Scarf looks awesome! You've styled it perfectly :) Glad you like it, and thanks so much for the mention, Jess xxx

  43. you look lovely!
    cutest outfit ive seen in ages :) x


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