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Embracing the gorgeous weather we have at the moment with today's outfit of choice. I was supposed to be at work today, hence being up and awake since about 7.30am, but my brother was called in instead! I've been relatively productive and sort of tidied up my room a bit, I do prefer an organised mess so it works! Also went to collect a prescription at the chemist for my Gran and the walk there and back pretty much killed me off. Hello super unfit! So glad to be home in the cool, listening to some Owl City and deciding what to waste my day off with next!

(Top, Urban Outfitters;
Playsuit worn underneath, H&M;
Necklace, Topshop;
Nails, Models Own 'Champagne'.)

Displaying the sales purchases I've made so far this Summer: I'm not a sales girl, slightly snobby as that sounds, the disarray and bargain-savvy scramble just doesn't appeal to me, and it gives me a headache just thinking about having to rummage through mounds of clothes that have been touched by hundreds of people. Alana and I had a quick peek through all the usual suspects on Saturday,i.e. Topshop, Zara, Bershka, Urban Outfitters and H&M, and it was pandemonium!

I feel about eight years old again in this almost cropped tee. I do so adore it though, the fit is perfectly baggy, and the V neckline is stupidly cute. Best of all, the entire tee is covered in a faded colour map of the city of el oh vee ee, Paris. This top reminds me (in a good way) of those dodgy graphic print tees that my Chinese relatives used to bring back for me from the Ladies' Market in Hong Kong though, ah nostalgia! I really like this angel wing necklace that I bought in the Topshop sale (online) as well, the pastel colours are not overpowering or too sugary sweet, and it is the perfect length which is key to jewellery!

I'm thinking of redoing the layout once again for the blog pretty soon. Nothing too drastic, just a new header, new fonts and finally calling on some help from you lovely ones of how to structure my sidebar. Got a friend coming round for a catch-up tonight I believe, which should be lovely, things are finally picking back up! Hope everyone is doing well, any weekend stories to share?!


  1. lovely outfit! its cute
    ahh im pretty much unfit too, starting to do some jogging now to get in shape hehe!
    sales are just too much sometime!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. The tee shirt really is cute, didn't notice the faded map at first but that's a pretty cool detail! Your necklace is gorgeous too! xx

  3. Very cute top :) anything Paris related gets my approval! I know what you mean about sales, I can only just about hack looking through them online. I never shop sales instore because it's so time consuming trying to find something that's actually nice xx

  4. that top looks really comfortable! Love it.

  5. The Paris top is super cute, I like that the map detail is quite subtle so it makes you do a double take. Also the heart cushion on your bed caught my eye, so adorable- did you make it or buy it?
    also as someone who used to work in retail, I have to thank you for boycotting the sales- summer and Christmas were always such a stressful time due to rude customers messing up my tidying :(

  6. you look lovely michelle, I like your neclace :) <3

  7. Krissy: Thanks sweet! Aaah I might need to join you on that, haven't jogged in years but it's quite theraupetic with an iPod in tow! xx

    Rachel: Thanks Rachel (: I love the faded map detailing too. xx

    Sarah: Aw thanks lovely! Oh gosh me too, I bought quite a few little things in the Topshop sale online, it's so much easier rather than battling to the death with everyone else :-P Hope you're well Sarah, excited that you're blogging again! xx

    The Sparkling Dust: It is so perfect, a little heavier than most tees but still nice!

    Cassie: Thanks (: I bought it from the kiddie section in Ikea for about £3 or something crazy like that! Haha I've never worked in retail but I'd imagine I'd feel the same way, it angers me as a customer, never mind as a sales assistant! xo

    Fern: Thank you gorgeous! xo

  8. Hey Michelle :) I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know how much I love your blog and how you're totally inspiring me! I'm new to this whole blogging thing and I'm finding it all a bit of a blur but I'm really enjoying reading yours :) I found you through the Southampton website, you're doing the course that I desperately wish I was doing. It's inspiring to see how much you've achieved through it :) I love the way you write and you have a really unique sense of style :) x x

  9. im with you on the no-sales front, its just too messy and stressful, everything looks soo much nicer when its colour co-ordinated lol!! xx

  10. i like this outfit, the shorts especially :) x

  11. I ventured out on a little walk to the shops today too and I was boiling afterwards, not nice!

  12. gorgeous outfit! you have a real knack for putting together gorgeous pieces :) xxx

  13. Holzie: Oh thank you so much, that means a lot (: Such a lovely compliment to be called 'inspiring' haha! Hope you're well, I'm glad you enjoy the blog! xx

    Ash: Haha I know what you mean, I prefer a relaxing shopping environment so I can work out what I do actually want and need, as opposed to seeing something in my size and just buying it for the sake of buying something! xx

    Jen: Thanks lovely!

    Cherry: It's crazy isn't it? Doesn't even look sunny, it's so cloudy at home but really warm, I wasn't prepared at all :-P

    Florence: Thanks sweet!

    Olivia: Aw thank you beautiful (: Aren't you lovely?! <3

  14. Bah, love your cropped tee. Very cute. You're looking beautiful as usual. Oh god, tell me about it. I looked like a hot mess this morn!!

  15. organised mess is the way to go! Nice tee- I love bold typography tops like that! xo

  16. Aw this top is so cute!! I can't do sales either they drive me insane! Therefore I only really do sales shopping online, cause that's far more organised!! :P

    L x

  17. what a lovely outfit. The tee is super cute like! x

  18. Very cute! I love the top especially, the muted colours work perfectly with that playsuit :)

    Maria xxx

  19. Cute outfit, Michelle! It's good to finally have the time to trawl through my fave blogs again, haha.
    Oooooh, I can't resist a good sale, as you know. I've spent so much money at them already, but I've told myself I'll stop now. Hah!
    Also - everyone seems to have had awesome weather today but us! I mean, it was relatively warm... but hardly a blue sky!

    x Michelle |

  20. Bee: Thanks sweetie! Ugh I've looked like a hot mess all day, been dipping in and out of aircon throughout the day which didn't help at all! xx

    Lou: Definitely! Thanks lovely! (:

    Laura: Haha tell me about it! Online is much better, cheapy bargains accompanied by a blanket and coffee! ;)

    Daniela: Thank you!

    Maria: Thank you! I feel rather 80's in this actually, glad I didn't pop a socks and wedges combo on, would have been total Fame territory! xxx

    Michelle: Aw thank you! Hahaha you busy lady, hope you're well (: Oh I think so ): Had a beautiful sunset tonight though! xx

  21. what a cute top, i love the map detail at the back! i can never find things at sales either- just gives me a bit of a headache really- but it's such a thrill when you find something! x

  22. im the same with sales, lol!! I find it overwhelming and chaotic and can never find anything i like!! well not never, but yes mostly.

  23. Hannah: Thanks lovely! Mm me too, it's a rare occasion but such a good feeling, particularly with shoe finds (:

    Emma: Hahaha that's exactly how I feel :-P

  24. I love your outfit, especially your top!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  25. Love this outfit, the top is very cute!
    Jewellery's the only thing I ever hunt for in the big sales seasons. I try shopping for cheaper bits during the year, much less stressful ^_^

  26. This post is so cute!! I like your shirt!!!

    Annie from

  27. Lovely top! I love graphic tops, they're so perfect for mixing and matching. Love it!!

  28. I love the top! It looks very good on you :)


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