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Completely failed at taking photos to document my week this week. I've taken some of random events on my phone but they're awful quality and I don't want to post them! Instead, I'm breaking the habit of a lifetime, and a) skipping my Week in Photos, b) wearing real clothes on a Sunday and c) writing an outfit post on a Sunday.

(Dress, Miss Selfridge;
Kimono, Topshop;
Wedges, Next;
Ampersand necklace, c/o Maria Allen Jewellery;
Turquoise stone ring, JWLRY;
Swan ring, Topshop;
Bow ring, Miss Selfridge.)

The minute I stepped outside to take these photos, the rain started again, thank you British Summer(!) Wearing a pretty standard outfit to be honest, I've been so lazy with just opting for a dress and cardigan lately to be honest, don't you just hate that lull in the Summer months where all motivation seems to leave you?! Added a pop of colour by wearing MAC's Cut-a-Caper on my lips, a lipstick I seriously love, and with a turquoise ring. I'm never going to tire of my swan ring, difficult as it is to wear with a crochet kimono, and of course, I'm wearing my favourite necklace. Bonus snaps of my chicken pesto dinner last night, and soft bake cookies ;) I wouldn't leave you without foodie goodness on a Sunday!

I finally received my results for my second year of University today, after two days of impatiently checking the Portal to no avail. I study BA (Hons) Writing Fashion and Culture, for all those who keep asking! I passed to the final year with three Firsts, and two 2:1s which I'm super pleased about, I did worry for a bit but I honestly worked myself to the bone this year. Might briefly break my spending ban to reward myself with something from yesterday's post!

Anyway, tonight I am popping to my Granny's house as per usual. It's National Ice Cream Day, or so I'm told, so I've pinned my hopes on some sweet treats after a huge homecooked dinner! I've been playing Maplestory (an RPG) again for the past week or so and it's already getting hard to beat my addiction. Secretly wishing Pottermore was an RPG too now! Hope everyone's had a lovely weekend ♥


  1. You look so lovely, I love your cardigan and that necklace is just gorgeous - just checking out the rest of her jewellery now! Congratulations on those brilliant Uni results, you should definitely treat yourself as you've worked so hard! We used to share some of our lectures (I did Media Writing at Solent) with the Fashion and Culture students - just think, if I'd gone to uni a few years later we would have been in lectures together! Hope you get your sweet treats - I'm thinking I need to celebrate Ice Cream Day too!

  2. You look so lovely Michelle, I really like the long cardigan with that dress. Plus, every time I see that ampersand necklace I want it even more! [also just read on twitter you got caught in the rain. you're so right about the weather, utterly depressing atm]
    NOMZZZ to the pasta. Good lord has that made me hungry. I'm glad food featured in your sunday post even though it's not a week in just wouldn't be the same!
    Hope you're well m'dear x

  3. Gosh, all your studying has definitely paid off! Congrats on your results doll, you must be very proud! I'm sure you'll do just as well next year, I'll have to keep you as inspiration to work as hard myself haha! Always get side tracked by the stupid Sims!

  4. Those cookies look immense, sooo good!!! You look lovely here x

  5. Lovely outfit, beats the bashed up leggings I'm currently wearing! Those cookies look beyond YUM xx

  6. I've definitely said this before, but I love your crochet cardigan :)

    As someone who wears a ridiculous amount of big, or 'statement' rings, I totally understand the issues with your ring & cardigan. I got my hand stuck in my lacy top the other day :/

    That food looks AMAZING. Msybe it's because it's nearly dinner time in my house, and my stomach's starting to grumble, but oh my word that looks SO good :)

    Hope you get your icecream!

  7. Cute Sunday outfit! The first time I saw that first photo, I was like "Wow, that's a really wide van"... but then realised it had been mirrored, hahaha.

    Congrats on the fab, fab, fab results, lovely! Hard work always pays off!

    x Michelle |

  8. I want your wedges so much! Alas, I can't find them on the Next website :(
    Congrats on your results and those cookies just look lush!

  9. love the kimono! well done for getting 2:1!!
    the food looks yummy! especially the cookies :P
    Krissy xoxo

  10. haha it made me laugh when you said actually wearing real clothes on a sunday, I am so the same! not gonna lie I've been in my pjamas for most of this week..AND WHAT! I am proud lol. This weather is SO bad..It's literally been raining all day with thunder and lightning. Hate it!
    I love the kimono. And i love how you've taken these photos in the street they look really good!
    cor that pasta looks bloody amazing xxx

  11. Love your dress Michelle, and congratulations again on your results!
    Totes laughed at the Pottermore RPG comment, but I do think you might be onto something there! x

  12. Haven't been in Miss Selfridge for ages but I NEED that dress. Such a flattering cut.

  13. Congratulations on your results Michelle, that's brilliant, you deserve to treat yourself!! :) and a lovely outfit post, that kimono suits you so so well. And I love the necklace- I'm very tempted to get myself one next payday. And National ice cream day I hear you say - any excuse for me to eat some ben n jerrys then ;) xx

  14. I just had half a tub of Haagan Dasz (ahem) and I didn't even know it's National Ice Cream Day! Thanks for giving me an excuse :)

  15. Thanks for the excuse to eat ice cream tonight Michelle ;) You should have eaten your cookies with some ice cream!
    I love your dress, I actually bought a similar one in the Next sale yesterday :) Congratulations on your results too, i've got to wait another month for my A Level results (which i'm dreading!) xx

  16. I love your dress, I'll have to track it down for myself! Congratualtions on your amazing results- you definitely deserve a treat!

  17. I'm really hating British weather! You look lovely as usual Michelle:) Nom nom cookies! Wow, congrats with your results! You've done amazingly well!xxx

  18. Hehe love the title! I'm off to see HP in an hour, so excited! Tomorrow will be full of watching Behind the magic on ITV player and ofcourse reblogging lots of tumblr gifs :p Those cookies look so delicious! Did you get the recipe online? I am so interested in the Maple Story you keep tweeting about, may have to have a look at that (cos I need another excuse to waste time away on the internet! ;))xoxo

  19. Oops, I forgot to mention congrats on your results! So good that all your hard work paid off :) Congrats! xxx

  20. that knitted jacket is beautiful! did you get it recently? also, i can smell my dinner and seeing these food pictures is making me so hungry! congratulations on your results, too! xx

  21. That kimino is soooo gorgeous, I'm sad I missed it! You look lurvely, per usual! :).


  22. That pasta looks amazing - I love your new and clearer photos with your new camera!

  23. I love this outfit, especially the kimono :)
    The weather's been rubbish recently, I miss Summer!!
    The food looks so good, definitely going to have to buy myself some cookies tomorrow....
    I LOVE ice-cream, it's actually unhealthy how much I love the stuff, I wasn't aware it was National Ice-Cream day, think I'll have to go hunt some down!! xxx
    Sirens and Bells

  24. wow! What a gorgeous outfit lovely :)
    I ADORE that necklace xxx

  25. Totally got the harry Potter reference in your title ;) (It is a HP reference right? Or have I just made myself seem 100% stupid? Haha!)
    You look absolutely stunning as always :)

    Rhiannon xo

  26. Bloody nora, wit woo lady!!! Congratulations on your results, that's great. Clever girl xxx

  27. The fit of that dress is lovely! Beautiful kimono, too - I recently bought my first ever, and now you've made me want another.

    Congratulations on your results! :) x

  28. such super news about your results miss. you must be chuffed. well done! and the kimono is so cute. love the first pictures of you xx

  29. oh good god that pasta look too delicious :S
    well done on your amazing results lady! xx

  30. one of my favourite outfits. so jealous of the dress/jumper, such a wonderful but simple look and it suits you perfectly xxx

  31. I love the first photo, made my eyes very confused for a second!

  32. i love the outside pictures! i think its so sweet that you pop to your grans so frequently:) well done on your results for this year by the way sweet, you totally deserve it! x
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  33. I should never read your blog when I'm hungry, I swear your photos always make me want to eat more haha! Well done on the uni results as well!!

    half the world away.

  34. national ice cream day?! why have I only found out about this? Need. Ice. Cream. NOW.

  35. your outfit is so simple and lovely- I am obsessed with that cardigan! Those cookies look deelish, and I am going to rush to the freezer to celebrate this national holiday! x

  36. Thank you Rosie! Maria has the loveliest jewellery, all handmade and so perfectly well made (: Thank you so much, I'm really pleased, I worked my bum off this year, so glad skipping nights out in favour for making 9am lectures paid off hahaha!

    Aw thanks Danni (: Foodie goodness doesn't have to be kept to Week in Photos posts haha, might start incorporating daily/life photos into my outfit posts. Can't decide what to do! x

    Eeeep, I'm so happy! All those lost nights out and ridiculously early lectures paid off in the end Vic! Hahaha mate, we should start a study group and motivate ourselves with Sims, HP and food as the reward? xx

    Thanks 'Dollyfaces'!

    Haha oh Fiona, that's what I'm usually sporting on a Sunday, if not just my pyjamas! Ultimate lazy slob on Sundays!

    Thank you 'heartshapedbruise'! Oh gosh it's so annoying isn't it?!

    Thanks Michelle (: Just LOL'd at that, it does kind of look like it, with a double licence plate! Must take more care when editing photos in the future. Aw thanks hun, I'm so pleased with them! x

    They're really old Winny! Bought them about 4 years ago I think. Thank you sweetie (:

    Thank you Krissy!

    Haha Sundays are all about pjs, Rose ;) I've been so tired this week, been in my pyjamas as soon as I finish work, and I cba to get changed on my days off now! Crap fashion blogger and student much?! Thank you lovely xx

    Eeep thanks again Elise, so happy with them! Yus, HP RPG would be amazing and also signify the end of my social life ;)

    It's such a good fit, the assymetric hem is darling! Thank you Phoebe (:

    Aw thank you Laura <3 Oh you should definitely treat yourself to the Ampersand necklace, it's my absolute favourite thing at the moment. x

    Hahaha you're welcome Becky! You never need an excuse for ice cream (in my opinion)! x

    Oh you're welcome Caz ;) Good lord, I should have! Thank you sweetie, good luck with your results too, the wait for A-level results is much too long to be honest, I remember my wait being horrific! x

    Thanks Sarah! x

    Blah me too Hannah, today's was particularly bad! Cookies were amaze ;) And thank you lovely, I'm really happy with them, was so nervous waiting for them. xx

    Hope you enjoyed Harry Potter, Katie! There's been a really mixed reaction about it so far. My sister made the cookies, I take no credit hahaha (: And thanks lovely! xx

    I bought it in Topshop about a month or so ago (: Think there are some in the sale though Clare! Thank you honey! xo

    Thanks Georgie! xo

    Aw thank you Rachel, still getting to grips with it, but I'm getting there :-P

    Thank you Katy, I miss the Summer we had back in April! We had Cornettos tonight, wish I could've just had a tub of something though!

    Awh thank you Steph <3 Hope you're keeping well m'love (:

    Yes it is :D First to notice and let me know in comments Rhiannon! (: Thank you lovely!

    Thanks Gem Gem, so blimmin' happy and relieved! xxx

    Thank you Emma, I saw yours on your blog and want another! Damn this spending ban, eh? Thanks sweet, so happy with them, and overwhelmed with the messages hahaha! x

    Eee I'm so happy with them Milly! Thank you doll <3

    It was so good, carbalicious ;) Thanks Lucy x

    Aw thank you Katie <3 I'm all about the simple atm, so much going on that my dressing-brain hasn't functioned well recently! Hope you're all good, must catch up properly soon! xx

    Thank you Zoey!

    Thanks Ella, good ol' Stevenage providing my backdrop ;) I love going to see my Granny, we're such a tight knit family, we always spend a Sunday together where possible. Thank you darling, so pleased with them! x

    Hahaha thank you Helen, I'm such a foodie! xx

    Yes indeed Helen ;) I love that we even dedicate a day to the sugary goodness!

    Thank you so much Millie (: The cookies were amazing! x

  37. You look lovely, love the kimono style cardigan. Those cookies look to die for! x

  38. LOVE this combination! The kimono/cardigan is gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  39. Em...Hi, I don't know if you know this already but that necklace you have is like the logo (well I think it is anyway) for the Gyle shopping centre in edinburgh. If you don't know about it maybe try searching it on google. Love this outfit especially the necklace LOL! especially love that you put choc chip cookies at the end...I am now craving some so tomorrow I'll have to go buy some, or maybe I could bake some but I'm not very good at cooking. Anyway...sorry about rambling so much xx

  40. i just noticed i'm on your blogroll! thank you :) i will be making one soon & your blog will definitely be on it as it's probably one of the few i read all the time

    elizabeth x

    oh by the way this is a very cute outfit

  41. Congratulations on the results bb, that's amazing! & you look lovely :) damn you for making me crave pasta at midnight though! ;)

  42. Wow that dress looks so gorgeous with the cardigan. Rain always is horrible isnt it, Can never get the good photos when its raining. But yours look good so no need to worry :)

  43. Lovely as usual!
    Aw the cookies :D

  44. lovely dress babe, and congrats on your results babe xx

  45. That food looks amazing! And congratulations on your results, definitely reward yourself.

  46. i love this dress on you - how simple it is and that neckline ! x

  47. I am ever so jealous of that kimono! I remember seeing it on your blog a while back and checking for it online - sold out. So I kept my fingers crossed and went in store..also sold out! Its so nice! I love this whole outfit and your cookies look delicious :) xo

  48. those cookies have made me hungry xxxx

  49. Thank you for the super lovely comments girls! xx

  50. Cute neighborhood, and yummy food! That pasta looks lovely.
    I quite like how you added the MAC lipstick for a pop of color, as well as the turquoise ring, they complete the look.
    Enjoy the ice cream :)


  51. congrats on your amazing grades, well worth the hard work so you should treat yourself!
    also, i think amy asked on twitter earlier (or im imagining things) but if you made those cookies please post a recipe because they look like the type im after making! thanks :) xx

  52. I really love the dress and kimono!

  53. Monica: Thank you lovely! Gosh I've had so many comments about where I live because of my recent posts! (:

    Emma: Oww thanks doll! I'm so happy with them, I've already picked what I want to treat myself with, just have to find the time to go and buy them. My sister baked the cookies, not sure what her recipe was!

    Cherry: Thank you sweet! x

  54. PS: Congratulations on your amazing degree results!



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