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Evening all! Thought I'd check in on here with an update and yet another Covet List. As of Monday this week, I've placed myself on a strict spending ban, Frugal February style, if anyone remembers that particular challenge. I'm not saving for anything in particular - I say this because I know people will ask! - just for rent payments over the Summer, so I don't slip back into the dreaded red, and also for "The Future". Having said that, true to Sod's Law, I've found many a High Street gem to add to my wishlist.

I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at midnight on Friday, or is it Thursday? There was such an amazing atmosphere outside of my local cinema, we queued from about 10:30pm until midnight, and were thoroughly amused by the chavs shouting abuse at us from their jumped up Corsas. Aaah life... My hometown's reputation will forever be tarnished. Anyway, it was indescribable, watching the final (sob!) installment with hundreds of other equally obsessed fans: everyone clapped, cheered, sobbed and laughed at the correct places too which I loved. I personally loved the film adaptation, I'll forever be true to the book but I thought it was well executed and it had me sobbing from the moment Arianna returned with dear Nevs! Mischief managed indeed. If anyone fancies, I might write a little review over at FTG.

Ooh, and another little thing before I start, I've changed my layout around a little, new fonts and a header as I duly said! Anyway, onto the Covet List, I'm sure a lot of my readers are a tad sick of me harping on about Harry Potter, much as I adore it. I've been poring over the direction of my AW'11 wardrobe for a while now, I'm sick of the Summer!

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1. The elusive perfect winter coat. I adore a good coat and won't be seen without one in the winter. Saw this in Topshop a week or two ago with Emma and I literally must have it in my life! I'm worried about it drowning me though, so I'm reserving the pale pink Clasp Coat (also from Topshop) as my back up. Such an adorable alternative to the standard trench coat! Both are £68 which is quite reasonable for a coat to be honest, all of my Topshop coats to date have lasted me forever.

2. I spoke to one of the brand representatives of MAKE UP STORE at the Ifabbo event last week and was thoroughly impressed by their products. The packaging is so sleek and feels expensive, if that makes sense. I really want to try their blush in East, it looks lovely and ladylike, although I also want to try one of their mineral blushes too.

3. Recently developed a bit of a thing for lipsticks. One day I'll be brave enough to wear a bright lip but until then, I really want to find a nice baby pink to wear in the autumn, just to freshen things up a bit. "Baby" by MUS looks so pretty in the tube, slightly warm-toned and enough to make it look cutesy and not, erm, hookerish.

4. I simply love this little pleated skater skirt. I saw Lily's outfit post a few days ago and fell in love with pleats all over again. I think this mustard coloured one would surprisingly go well with so much in the AW season. Maybe some grey knitwear in a geek chic sort of way, a simple black top or with the cream blouse below.

5. Bit of a Topshop overload here but I need a pair of these grey pointelle tights! After a few months of plain tights and no tights, I'm more than ready to get back to having patterned legs. These would look lovely with a simple dress, brogues/boots and the pale pink coat above.

6. Continuing my love for kimono inspired pieces and for knitwear with this jumper. Gah, so perfect and cosy looking! This jumper has little pearls on it too! Would look nice with tailored navy blue shorts, some knee high socks and boots I think, and also so easy to throw on with simple jeans to pop to Uni. Of the items on my list, I'm probably most likely to spend on this!

7. Guys, I think I've found my (temporary substitute for) perfect sheer blouse. Look at the simplicity of it, the seemingly okay fit, buttons, and crochet detail collar! Again, from my beloved Topshop, and again, will probably shrink in the wash but right now, I'm in utter love.

8. Thought I'd include a book in here, even though I probably won't get round to reading anything of leisure once my final year of Uni begins. I saw this when having a browse in the Fashion section at Waterstone's, and it's an adaptation of The Sleeping Beauty, intertwined with Christian Lacroix's story/memoir. I had a quick flick through and the illustrations are amazing. A must for any dedicated fashion fan.

9. I posted some scans from Vivi magazine last week, one page of which was dedicated to black Chelsea boots. Obviously, I can't afford Hermes boots so I've been on the lookout for a cheaper alternative. This Topshop pair is almost what I was looking for, and at £36, is such a bargain for shoes! If anyone knows where else I can buy Chelsea boots, let me know in the comments (:

10. Last but not least, I've seen this pair of beyond adorable bow detail wellies in River Island. They wouldn't really be snowproof, being ankle height but would be useful on a rainy day (of which we experience many) for a quick trip out if needs me. They'd even double up as a pair of patent shoes, which I think would be lovely in a shorts, layered tops and cardy look.


  1. Ahh some gorgeous items here! I especially love 4,6,7,9 and 10! So quite a lot of them haha :). I'm glad Harry Potter was good, I need to get organised and go see it!xx

  2. Nooooooo. i am not ready for A/W yet!
    Love the look of the blusher!

  3. I tried the on chelsea boots today in both the black and brown after going on about them for aggeeesss. I was totally disappointed though... the made my feet look so clumpy! :( so I'm on the hunt for another pair of Chelseas! I looovvveee that shirt though. Topshop A/W collection looks amazing xx

  4. Love allllll of these pieces! Especially the chelsea boots and the crochet coller shirt! it's amazing i need it badly! I like this cause it's more Autumn clothes. I am so over 'summer' i say it like that because today is so NOT summer weather hahah! I love autumn clothes i seem to wear them better then i do summer clothes. If i make some money on ebay i am so going to buy that shirt!!

  5. babe i just done a post on chelsea shoes ;] check my blog it the last blog hope it helps you xxx

  6. Totally just started typing without pressing into the comment box and ended up closing my whole browser, I was 'woah woah what's going on' then I realised. I was looking at a/w items earlier today, I don't think I'm ready for it yet, I actually don't feel like I've had a chance to wear my summer items enough yet! Love the coats thought they are stunning!

    L x

  7. Just wanted to say that i love your new header :)

  8. Fallen head over heels for that skirt!! I'm not surprised you've picked so much stuff from Topshop, they've been right on the mark of late. LOVE the new header xx

  9. Those wellies are so cute! and damn practical too even in the British summer. I always always end up falling in love with a coat every a/w. I just can' help it haha.

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  11. can never get enough of topshop!
    love the blouse, the lace collar is amazing!
    I've gotten into lipsticks recently too, i think that colour would really compliment you! so pretty!
    Krissy xoxo

  12. Loved Hary potter!!! Cannot wait till AW either x

  13. Ahhh, how I hate chavs! And their constant ruining of things. Geez, just because they can't read. (hah)

    Loving the Topshop coats, lovely! I've been eyeing that first one for a while now. I wish I had more money to splurge on coats!

    x Michelle |

  14. Harriet: Thanks sweetie, I'm overexcited for the new seasons already! Oh you definitely should, if you love HP, you'll love the film (: It was quite an unexpected kind of film though, in my opinion.

    Sarah: Oh I definitely am, always been my favourite months and fashion seasons! The blush is so pretty, I can't wait until the end of August so I can finally spend again ;)

    Rebecca: Aw no, really? I've not tried them on yet, for fear of accidentally buying a pair while on my ban! Thanks for the comment sweet, I adore that shirt, the collar is just so perfect!

    Rose: Thank you lovely (: Just wanted a simple, staples-based wardrobe for the new season really! Gah the weather was horrific all day here Rose, then at about 8pm, the sun came out for a bit, so typical of England! x

    Steffani-Louise: Ooh have you? I've not read any blogs yet today *slaps wrist* so I'll have a read now, thanks sweetie!

    Laura: Hahaha oh I feel your pain, I accidentally left sticky keys on and attempted to play an RPG earlier - bad, bad move Kathy: Thank you so much :D

    Fiona: I've had my eye on Topshop's website for the release of their AW collection ever since I saw the collection at London Fashion Week this year! So ladylike and lovely! Thank you lovely, I'm glad you like it! x

    Helen: Aaah they're adorable aren't they?! Little ankle wellies! Me too, I adore a good coat, they last forever too (:

    Krissy: Thanks sweetie (: Aw I hope it does! I'll buy it in-store if I still want it when my spending ban ends, then I can swatch it first and all ;)

    Dollyfaces: I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was so, so beautiful, I couldn't stop crying :-P

    Michelle: Hahaha I know ;) It gave us more enjoyment than anything though, so funny to watch them whizz past thinking they were better than us, while we're so dedicated we staked out the streets for well over an hour! Sweet satisfaction.

  15. i love the blouse, it's so pretty!
    would also love to read a proper review of your thoughts on HP :) xx

  16. Ooo I just love autumn/winter clothing, and these pieces are gorgeous - my favourites are the pleated skirt and river island jumper :) I would love a full on proper review of Potter :) x

  17. So many lovely bits in Topshop at the moment, and that book sounds adorable!

  18. i am SO ready for winter! woohoo!!
    love that beautiful coat.

  19. I'm so jealous you went to the midnight showing, I bet it was amazing!
    Love this entire list, especially the black Topshop boots! xxx
    Sirens and Bells

  20. I have a sweet pair of Beatle boots I found at a thrift store somewhat similar to your Chelsea Boots. I got very lucky. Good luck on your search though!

  21. That skirt is so wonderful ! Thanks for your lovely comment :)

  22. oh gosh i love all of these pieces! that gorgeous topshop coat and those shoes with the bows are definitely going on my covet list :D i cried at that bit with neville too! can't believe its over. X

  23. Liking the new layout! I love winter clothes, I'll be sorry when our weather heats up again. Those coats are really cute, and I've been csually eyeing up Chelsea boots as well lately.

  24. Oh goodness, what goodies! I truly adore the bow booties and the first jacket! I can never resist a pan collar!

    Lost in the Haze

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  26. I love the black wellies! A River Island is missing in Germany.

    For Chelsea boots check out: KMB lelo

  27. ohh i have just found your blog <3 me love! you have such great taste, i love posts like this, they reflect well on the blogger. some lovely things here xo.

  28. ohh i want everything, i dont want summer to come over here!! it gets so hot i hate it. loving the new header hun

  29. Elise: The collar is so darling isn't it?! I'll try and get one written and posted for Tuesday I think, I have so much to say but don't want to "ruin" it for people, had loads of angry messages yesterday concerning spoilers hahaha. x

    Laura: Me too (: I literally need the little mustard coloured skirt in my wardrobe now! Thanks for letting me know, I'm going to start writing one up tonight. x

    Sarah: Aaah I know Sarah, after a disappointing Summer collection, the AW is shaping up to look so good! Hope they bring out some dalmation stuff and boots like in the TS Unique fashion week show ;) Ooh I'd imagine you'd like the book sweet! x

    Gee: Me tooo! People think I'm crazy for boycotting the Summer :-P

    Katy: It was amazing, the atmosphere was perfect, so lovely that we all shared a passion and obsession for HP. Thanks sweet, I'm in love with the Topshop boots too!

    Michelle: Aw really? That's such a lucky find! There aren't many great thrift stores here, I know of some in Central London but they're quite overpriced for what it is! x

    Kate: It's so perfect (: And you're very welcome, thank you for commenting sweet!

    Hannah: The more I think about it, the more I need the little wellies ;) Me either, I need to go to TWWOHP asap to relive everything again. I keep having a mini sob at all the gifs on Tumblr too ):

    Jane: Thank you Jane! Hahaha our weather never heats up, I think that's why I'm sick of the Summer, because it never warrants Summer clothing, yet you look crazy in a jumper :-P

    Jo: They're both lovely, aren't they? Love the navy and camel contrast (: Thank you for the comment (:

    Noriel: Thanks sweetie!

    Kate: Awh thank you Kate, I've loved and read your blog for a while now (: 'Iya fangirl! x

    Emma: Haha it's not even hot here ): Can't wait for the Autumn to rear its' pretty head! Aw thank you sweet, got a little bored of my old one and wanted something a little more demure! x

  30. Number 5 and Number 7 are gorgeous!
    Loving the new banner too :) xx

  31. i absolutely adore the monki pleated skirt, it's such a beautiful colour! xx

  32. Caz: So sweet aren't they?! Thank you lovely (:

    Jazmine: Oh I could really see you in the pleated skirt! x

  33. Weird that it feels like it's too early to think about things like this.. but in a couple of months we'll be well into the autumn! I love the coats and that skirt is such a lovely colour! Perfect to brighten up dull days :) xxx

  34. ahh topshop! i always see at least 5 things i like when i go instore or check their site! such as that shirt and the boots. hehe. agreed: the c boots are cheap for TS. really like the pleated skirt too. nice picks!

  35. Lyzi: It does feel quite premature to be thinking about AW but the weather is already telling us Summer is gone :-P I do enjoy a good coat anyway! xx

    Jenny: See I usually adore Topshop but their Summer stuff has been so blah for me! The sight of their AW collection brings me much excitment haha. x

  36. Love everythingg!! especially 1& 6! Could you follow my blog? xx


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