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Opted for a casual-chic look today: maximum comfort and a cosy fit were my main priorities, after struggling through what feels like the busiest weekend and week I've had all year! Obviously this probably isn't the case, I just feel like doing anything while I'm home for the Summer is a huge effort. I took twenty minutes out during my lunch break at work on Tuesday to plan out the next few weeks, I think I'm being over-ambitious?

(Tribal-esque print top, Love Lola Vintage via Jenny at From the Block;
Camel shorts, Zara;
Waffle-knit cardigan, Topshop;
Turquoise stone ring, JWLRY.)

My new camera arrived on Tuesday, as you can probably tell from the lovely quality of these photos, I'm so excited to use it properly, not that I could today with the sporadic rainfall. I went out with my Mama today, we got lunch at Sushimama in London and I wanted to take photos there, but it started raining. Then I got home, and surprise surprise, more rain! Anyway, these photos show the gist of my outfit, I can always reshoot the photos when I next wear the outfit. I bought this sweet top from Jenny's blogsale. The print is a lovely nod to the tribal trend without being too far out from my typical style. I wore it untucked with my ever trusty, camel shorts from Zara, and popped some little tan loafers on to finish the look.

Yesterday I took a flying visit back to my playing ground of Southampton. I went to finalise and sign the last contracts for my new houseshare, and to spend a much-needed day with my best friend Ebony. Nothing like girly goss, food and putting the world to rights to pick you up, eh?! It was so lovely to see her: we went for a Nando's (yes, again, they should just give me my own table!) and popped to Ikea to plan out decor for the house. Oh, and if all that wasn't exciting enough - we've only gone and got ourselves an adorable little kitten! Archie is just over 8 weeks old, and he is set to be the most pampered and spoilt little kitten ever, with us three girls to fuss and fawn over him!

Finally, if you have a spare 5 minutes, don't forget to pop over to Missguided's Facebook page and vote for me in their Social Style competition! That is if you like my look, of course! It would mean so much to me if you voted for me (: Hope you're all having a sweet Thursday!


  1. Really like the detailing to that top, really interesting pattern. Comfort was my main priority today also as I've mainly stayed at home all day. Yeah I was going to say the picture quality of your new cam is ace, and also awh about the kitten! I shall check out the facebook page and have a good look! :)

  2. I love that ring, Lily has some really nice pieces! I'm wearing one of her bird scull necklaces right now!

    And good luck in the competition, even if I'm also taking part! Lets hope we both place :D

  3. Your hair looks lovely here :). Your new camera looks amazing, the pictures are such good quality! Glad you had a good time and I have voted for you!

  4. This outfit looks so nice :-) The camera quality seems amazing too! So wish I'd have saved up to buy a DSLR now instead of buying stuff I don't need haha xxx

  5. love the outfit! i too went for comfort today because i am a lazy shit and didn't get out of bed really.
    OMG you've got a kitten!? so jel.. I have 3 cats but i am obsessed so could always do with a couple more hahha

  6. love the ring!
    and aww cute, take a picture of the kitten sometime soon! must be so so so adorable!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. I voted for you! I like your style :)
    Good luck with the move!

  8. Love the look Michelle :) Was lovely bumping into yesterday and i'm glad your all sorted for next year! I've finally decided i'm staying put so you won't live to far from me next year if i remember rightly where you said your house was!

    I loove my naked palette too, bit of a mission actually getting it though, i was out everytime the woman came to deliever it! Managed to get it in the end though!

    Ooh i remember your coat, it was lovely and really suited you! I always used to spot it before i spotted you haha!

    Stacey xx

  9. Ohhh my gosh, I wanna see Archie! Sounds adorable. I'm jealous you've gone to Ikea lately. That place should be everyone's stomping ground! I need to get like, everything from there. Hanyway, cute shirt! Love blog sales.


  10. You look lovely! I can't wait to see a picture of your kitten, i was never really one for cats but since I got my bubba last December I'm a total convert! They do the funniest things and give the best snuggles,x

  11. These photos are gorgeous! I love your ring, + that top has such an unusual print its brilliant. Sounds like you've had a good couple of days, you've got to love a nandos haha! +you've got a kitten too, cant wait to see any photos of him! Xxx

  12. Your hair is so lovely, ring too! x

  13. Your hair is gorgeous, I need to achieve this sleekness!

  14. Katie: Thank you sweet! Was apparently from a thrift store in California, and it now resides in my little town in good ol' England hahaha ;) I wish I'd stayed at home, I feel exhausted just from being outdoors. Thank you lovely, hope you're doing well! xx

    Rachel: I really like Lily's shop, keep meaning to order more but I can't justify any more jewellery purchases at the moment. Thank you Rachel, best of luck to you as well!

    Danielle: Owww thanks Danielle (: Looked much better before I had to stroll around in the rain for an afternoon though! Thank you for voting! xx

    Hannah: Thank you! I really love my camera, the quality is so good, just need to get to grips with more of the functions for even better snaps! I've got so good at saving my pennies now, I tend to splurge on a few, expensive things rather than impulse buy now (:

    Rose: Aw thank you sweet! I'm definitely having a pyjama day tomorrow! Need to go to town and get some bits really, but C B A. Yeah we've "rescued" him, no-one else had room for a kitten so we're keeping little Archie! He's the cutest little Russian Blue! xxx

    Krissy: Thanks lovely! Will do when he is a little bit older! xo

    Sarah: Thank you ^____^

    Beth: Aaahh thanks so much for voting for me, means a lot! x

    Stacey: Thanks gorgeous :D Ah you'll just be round the corner from me then, no excuses for lack of coffee dates and stuff! Haha always the way, they left mine in the recycling box with a note, I was so annoyed, imagine if the binmen came and recycled it!? xx

    Aimee: I'll post photos of him when he's a little older, he's very much a baby at the moment (: Oh I love Ikea, the arrowed structure and showrooms get me every time! xx

    Harriet: Awh thank you! I think cats are adorable, I've never been allowed one at home, super excited to have one at my second home (:

    Molly: Thanks sweetie! It's been a whirlwind week, such a good one though! xxx

    Jen: Aw thank you! xo

    Stephanie: Haha thanks doll! TreSemme Salon Silk serum is my secret ;D xx

  15. You look lovely, very nice vest :D
    That throw on your bed looks soooooooo soft!!

  16. love the new camera pics! can't wait to see your kitten xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  17. Jess: Thank you so much sweet! And my throw is super cosy haha, was from my trusty Ikea! xo

    Ella: Thank you darling (: He's so cute, a little Russian Blue! x

  18. love the look of this outfit & the new camera seems great! i linked you in my post today x

  19. the camera quality is AMAZING!!!

  20. Ooh lovely lovely photos! That new camera is amazing! I love going round Ikea and picking out things for my *invisible* house haha ;) Ahh that's so cool you are getting a kitten, Archie is the cutest name :) Where are you moving to next year? Around the Polygon area? xxx

  21. Just had a look at your entry to the competition and I love it, wish i had a money tree haha:) I really like your top, aztec but not too much:) can imagine it looks great with the tan shorts:)
    awwh! I'm thinking of getting a kitten! Pictures soon of little Archiecat? ^_^

  22. Awww, hope to see some kitten pics soon:) I really like this outfit, the top is lovely. And I´ve gotta say your hair looks just fabulous:) x

  23. That top is so cute! I just voted too :) x

  24. Elise: Aw thanks lovely! Ooh will have a look at that in a minute sweet! x

    Devea: I know right!

    Katie: Thank you, so happy to have a camera again, and a good one at that! Eeeep, so excited for the kitten (: And yep, in the Polygon area, typical Solent student! xxx

    Patsy: Aw thank you! Of course, very soon ;D x

    Daniela: I'll definitely post some on here! Thank you! xx

    Harriet: Thank you for voting sweety!

  25. I love this outfit, + aww a new kitten, that's adorable! The picture qualities are great xx

  26. i love the tribal print, michelle! and oh my gosh a new kitten? how adorable! i'm such a cat person :) x

  27. Nic: Thank you! Ah I know, super excited to buy him all his kitten gear (: Will make Uni a little more lively as well. xx

    Hannah: Aw thanks sweetie ♥ Yesss I know! So excited haha, will definitely share photos on here ;) x

  28. loving the high quality pics, you look beauts! such a cool pattern on that top. eeee kitty!! can't wait to see him :D xx

  29. You look lovely as per! loving the new picture quality.
    Congrats on the kittie, aw!
    Nandos again! Can guarantee if I go to your local nandos I'll see you there staking out your table lol! xo.

  30. aww i can't believe you got a house kitten, he will be so spoilt! :)

    and i would vote for you in the competition but currently hating facebook and deactivated it a while ago. -mentally votes- good luck! x

  31. It's a lovely top Michelle, really suits you!
    A kitten?? Eee! You'll definitely have to post some photos when you get the chance :D
    Sirens and Bells xxx

  32. a KITTEN! awwww! can't wait to see photos of him :)

  33. New cameras are always exciting :) Can't wait to see pictures of the kitten! Your ring is really cute too :)

  34. Caroline: Thanks sweet! So excited that I have my new camera now (: Hahaha Archie is going to be the new star of my blog, everyone's in love with him already! xx

    Kelly: Thanks so much Kelly! Haha you probably would in all honesty, however, I am placing myself on a Nando's ban for at LEAST three weeks now ;) They're getting all of my money at the moment! xo

    Emma: Haha I know right? My friend and I have already found some adorable collars and things, and a cute kitty bed for him (: Thanks lovely! x

    Katy: Aw thank you! Of course I will (: Will be snapping photos of him at every opportunity! xxx

    Helen: Eeee :D He's absolutely adorable Helen! x

    Becky: Thank you (: And of course, will have photos up soon! x

  35. Your hair is so gorgeous! <3
    I love your top :D

  36. Very jealous of your new camera and really admire your ability to get up and get dressed during the holidays lol I've become so lazy this Summer XD
    Love the print on the top, been loving an aztec print lately xoxo

  37. Grace: Thanks lovely!

    Ria: Haha I always seem to get dressed, unless I'm ill or something :-P I just love wearing my clothes and styling things up. Thanks sweet! xo

  38. NIce site keep up the goog work :-)


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