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Started off my week with a Starbucks Mocha Latte at work as always • Rediscovered my love for Topshop's 'Flush' cream blush and spent a large portion of my week looking like a blushing schoolgirl with pink cheeks • I received my UO delivery in a box that took me TWO days to open • Put together and wore one of my new favourite outfits • My reading and viewing material this week: The Great Gatsby, Gossip Girl Season 3 and Luella's Guide to English Style • Went for a Dim Sum lunch with the Mama and brother • My Urban Decay Naked palette arrived! • Watching Gossip Girl, all the time... • Found a new love for nude nail polish, so elegant and chic.

Posts I Have Loved: Gem's inspiring reflection about the pressures everyone is feeling, The ever so lovely Rosa wrote about her Mum, I discovered Charlie's blog, In Elegance XO after she wrote me some lovely comments, Katie showed off her amazing stylist skills by showcasing this shoot at Katie Styles, and of course, Ella looked stunning in a vintage dress yesterday.

Hope everyone is doing well and has had a sweet weekend so far! I think I'm going to be a little busy next week. I'll be working as usual on Monday and Tuesday, and then on Wednesday I'll be popping to Southampton to finalise and sign the contracts for my Uni house share. I have a million things to be doing and no time or energy to do them! Today I'm also at work for the afternoon shift, and after that I think I'll just be going to my Granny's house for our typical Sunday night festivities.


  1. I got a mention! Awh :) thank you!

  2. Looks you had a nice, cosy week!


  3. "In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars." that's my favourite line from Gatsby <3 isn't it beautiful?! you have great taste in books! I must start reading again! have a lovely Sunday x

  4. Great round-up post as always! Ah, I love nude nails, too. Speaking of nails, mine are lacking some serious attention right now, uhhh.
    Jealous of your reading material! I'm still reading The Hobbit, though I need to take another book on vacation with me this coming week. It's between one of the Dan Brown books or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Though, I'll probably end up choosing something different. Haha.

    x Michelle |

  5. i always love your posts like this, i want a naked palette so bad!!

  6. The Great Gatsby is apparently amazing, I've not read it yet, it's one of those books I keep meaning to read, but never get round to it. And those Starbucks Mocha Latte's are so nice!
    Have a good week :)
    Sirens and Bells xx

  7. Urban outfitters packages are soooo BIG aren't they! Such a waste of packaging.

    I've been watching gossip girl non stop after FINALLY buying the boxset :D

    Hope you're well Michelle and having a good weekend! x

  8. Your new favourite outfit is so cute, I love the bow! I love chilling out and watching GG in bed. Good luck with your coming week, sounds busy!

  9. Nom nom dim sum! <3 I adore nude nail polish I think it makes me look more tanned haha, which is good because I am incredibly pale! Soooo jealous of you getting the NAKED palette! Hope you've enjoyed your weekend lovely!:)xxx

  10. your week looks really lovely- and the nude nail polish is just so gorgeous! hope you're having a good weekend x

  11. looks like your week was good :) What was in the UO package?! sorry - I'm nosy!

    half the world away.

  12. I love your outfit on there, it goes together so well! I also love nude nail varnish too, makes your nails look clean and just, lovely haha x

  13. oooh, what do you think of your naked palette? post on it soon? :)x

  14. the food in these posts always make me so peckish! i want to come for dinner with your family one day! you guys seem to always go to the best places!

    i forgot to mention the other day, i'm loving/adoring your header, its absolutely gorgeous! & yes yes yes to london day out doing 'bloggy' things haha. when does the new camera arrive? xoxo

  15. Sounds like a great week, it's also making me hungry!! I love the Great Gatsby, intrigued by how the film will turn out.. xx

  16. Great post, I have yet to see an Naked palette in real life so I have no idea if it's as amazing as everyone says it is! Need to check it out!

  17. D'awww thank you for my mention :)))So jealous of your naked palette!! Love your outfit with the bow tie, so amazingly cute!!! xxx

  18. My kind of post-exams week really.

    Love the Naked Palette. It has all you need in one rather small palette. AMAZING!

  19. dim sum !! nom nom nom :P I really like the outfit you put together, the shirt <3 :)

  20. I always enjoy your week in photos, they are awesome! Once my friend got me into watching gossip girl and i couldn't stop watching it, i was totally hooked! and im pretty sure i have seen all the episodes. Thumbs up for gossip girl & agreed that outfit is too cute :)

  21. I love the Great Gatsby - such a marvellous twisting plot x

  22. Charlie: You're welcome sweetie, definitely deserve it, I really like your blog!

    Beth: Oh it's been lovely hahaha, I've just been snuggled up all week because of the awful weather and my determination to save money. Hope you've been well (: xx

    Kate: I'm really enjoying it so far, can't believe I haven't read it before. Haha thank you ;) You too sweet! x

    Michelle: Thank you lovely! Mine are awful at the moment after being at work all weekend, also working Monday and Tuesday, so I'll have to squeeze in some nail lovin' time on the train. I've never read a Dan Brown novel! xx

    Emma: Thanks lovely! Haha I've only used it once but the colours are so pretty and I really like the way it's laid out, geeky as that sounds :-P xx

    Katy: I'm only a chapter into it so far! Can't wait to get stuck into it. Thank you lovely, hope you do too! xx

    Kim: I know! I only ordered two things as well! Haha yaaay, the boxsets are so addictive, aren't they?! Thank you doll, hope you're doing good! <3

    Jane: Aw thank you so much (:

    Hannah: Haha I know what you mean! It's so nice, like a my-nails-but-better kind of colour. Thanks lovely, you too (:

    Hannah: Thanks doll! xo

    Helen: Thank you! Just my Luella book and a little gift for someone! No clothes unfortunately ):

    Jessica: Aw thanks! x

    Elle: So far so good, really worth the pennies, I won't be posting about it seperately, might mention it in a blog post once I've used it enough times though! xxx

    Alana: I'm totes taking you to dinner in London k ;) Thanks bubba! Camera should be here next week or the week after I believe?! 'CITING! xo

    Rachel: Hahaha thank you ;) Ooh is there a new film adaptation of it? xx

    Cherry: Thank you so much gorgeous. I just caved because I've always adored and used Urban Decay shadows and I'd hit pan on lots of my shadows this week! Any excuse eh?! xxx

    Gem: Ow you're very welcome hun! It's so pretty, can't stop stroking the case hahaha! xxx

    Elodie: I can see this being the same for my entire summer ;)

    Fiona: Omnom indeed hahaha (: Thank you sweety!

    JelenaDoll: Aw thank you! Haha yeah Gossip Girl is totally addictive! xx

    Rachael: I'm only a little way through but really enjoying it so far! x

  23. looks like you had a good week! I love nude nails so much! x

  24. I like a cosy week and this looks perfect! I can't wait to finish exams so I can rewatch all of Gossip Girl! ;)

    Maria xxx

  25. Sounds like a good week! Those Starbucks lattes are now only £1 in Sainsburys! I might have to stock up :)
    I so want some dim sum now! I've got a right craving for it.
    Love the look of that nail varnish, I need to try some Eyeko products! x

  26. Ohhh i want a Starbucks now :) but i already went this week and i don't want to turn into a pig lol.
    Your outfit is amazing and you're so lucky to buy from urban outfitters! I really like the clothes they have on their website.
    I should start watching Gossip Girl again. I love it but i feel that the episodes are so long that i get kinda tired of just looking at the screen lol. But i have some free time now so i'll try to catch up with it.

  27. Hmm the dim sum lunch looks so yummy!

  28. Looks like a great week. I love that outfit (the one posted below). That sheer blouse is amazing!

    I love dim sum, but haven't been for ages. Gotta organize one with the friends soon.
    Hope you're well!

  29. Kate: It's been just lovely, so cosy and relaxing hahaha! I sound like such a loser but there's nothing nicer than some calm, me-time (: xx

    Maria: Aaah me too, I'm so lazy and unsociable at the moment, just loving being cooped up in my pretty bedroom hahaha! Gosh I've turned into a hermit! Good luck with the rest of your exams honey. xxx

    Hayley: It's been pretty nice ;) Owww really?! I'm going to stock up on them tomorrow in that case! My Uncle used to own a company that mass-produced and distributed dim sum, such a perk of being someone's niece hahaha! And you definitely do, I interned there for a month last summer and can absolutely vouch for how good their products are (: xxx

    Yona: Oh I'm always at Starbucks hahaha, not a care in the world for calorie counting! Haha they're not that long? Only 45 minutes! (:

    Helen: It was so good! My brother and I went a bit overboard when ordering phahahaa! xxx

    Joey: It was a really good week thanks hun! Glad you like the outfit, the blouse was from trusty ol' New Look (: I'm doing fine thanks Joey, hope you are too! xx

  30. mmm dim sum! looks so good!
    the great gatsby! my all time favorite book!

  31. A hibernating week watching Gossip Girls sounds good to me bb! I hope everything goes well when signing the contract.

  32. Aweh! You got the Naked palette! I've been hearing and seeing every beauty guru on YT do their make up looks with it.

    Perhaps you'll showcase some of the looks you create??? :D

    x, I

  33. Aw, you're so busy Michelle.
    You're an inspiration though.
    I love your photos of the week.
    I feel like I was there. ^_^

  34. I am so jealous of your Naked palette! I am going to order myself one this month, as a "survived my first week of work" gift to myself.

  35. Alyssa: It was so so good hahaha. I've only read a chapter or so of it, really like it so far! (: Hope you're well honey! xx

    Stephanie: Haha indeed ;) Thank you lovely!

    Ivonne: I did indeed! I've only used it twice but love it already, I probably won't be writing make-up tutorials or posts, not my forte! x

    MSodapop: Only sporadically! The week after, I'm expecting to be back to my lady-of-leisure self ;) Thank you so much lovely! Hope you're well. xx

    Kat: Oh you definitely should, you deserve it! Hope your first week went well lovely (:

  36. Haha I'm in definite need of a GG marathon soon and yummy dim sum again :D yay! xoxo

  37. I love these 'week in photos' posts! You seemed to have had a really fun one ^^


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