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Today I've been a very sleepy girl, wandering around the shops and going for lunch with my Mama. Just another standard Thursday day for us really, my parents each take one day off from work, what with our restaurant, so Thursdays and Sundays always seem to follow a particular routine. I've also been enjoying a listen of 2PM's latest album, 'Hands Up', which came out on Monday, particularly in love with Hands Up, 모르니 and 영화처럼!

(Top, Urban Outfitters;
Playsuit, H&M;
Necklace, Accessorize;
Scrabble mugs, Wild & Wolf;
Button badge rings, c/o Dainty Roses;.)

Can't stop being drawn to wearing playsuits with something loose and slightly sheer on top at the moment. It's still hard to see myself wearing something typically Summery with this weird weather. I quite like the bright purple tones of this top though, makes the burnout detail look effortless and not too see-through. Still adore my drawstring H&M playsuit, I can't recommend this playsuit highly enough to people who struggle to find playsuits to fit their height, torso length, etc.! I wore this out to Brent Cross and food shopping at Wing Yip, along with my Mulberry Alexa, and a pair of Primark tan loafers - keepin' it real as always. Bought some Chinese fashion magazines too, so glad I got 'em, the lady who sells them only gets two of each issue in every month!

I absolutely adore these button badge rings at the moment, can't stop wearing them! Lisa sent me two rings from her newest collection to wear and I love them. The cross-stitch heart design is so unique and feels very eclectic chic, while the crown ring just speaks volumes for itself. They compliment any outfit so well, and are an understated style statement, an outfit oxymoron if there ever was one! They are priced at £3.50 each, and there are lots of designs to choose from.

Thanks for all the sweet messages the other night regarding the things with my best friend. She had a second op and is coming home tonight! Very, very relieved! Also, huge thanks for the lovely words about my Ways to Wear post yesterday, I like to see it as that little bit extra on my blog that sets it apart from the standard "fashion blog"!


  1. thanks for the follow. i've been reading your blog for a while (before i actually plucked up the courage to start my own) and i love your style :) x

  2. I love the button badge rings and your whole outfit in general! The top looks really pretty, I might have to get one for myself!

    I love lazy days and it's nice of your mum to take you out for lunch, yummy!

  3. I'm a sucker for playsuits at the minute also! They're so comfy and easy to throw on! Love the scrabble style mug ;) and those rings are so cute i'm glad you posted a picture of them on because they look a lot smaller in the bottom photo! xxx

  4. Love the idea of putting a top over a playsuit, such a lovely outfit Michelle! :) xx

  5. I love that playsuit! And the tee! I want to make a quite dash into town tomorrow morning to find another playsuit for my holiday [going sat!] - maybe I'll check out h&m :) x

  6. That mug is amazing! Love the outfit :)

    half the world away.

  7. Elizabeth: You're welcome sweet, thanks for following me too! Excited to see what your blog will bring (: Hope you're well love! xxx

    Cherry: Thank you! I bloody love UO jersey tops, nothing more cosy and flattering in the world, so worth the extra few pennies (: Aaah we had a lovely time, went to Chiquito's for lunch!

    Becky: I know right! Ultimate lazy girl chic in my opinion! I can't even bear thinking about rifling through my wardrobe at the moment, have amassed way too many clothes recently. Thanks sweet, glad you like them! xxx

    Lauren: Aw thanks gorgeous! Hope you're well Lauren, how did your interview go?! xxx

    Grace: Thanks sweet!

    Sophie: Thank you! Oh you should, I totally recommend H&M playsuits, this one is really soft material, would be lovely over a bikini for quick dashes to the pool/beach ;)

    Helen: Thanks honey! xo

  8. Those rings are adorable! Wish your friend a speedy recovery too.

  9. I love this outfit! the purple colour is so lovely. I never thought about layering my playsuits with t-shrits. I may have to give it a go!

  10. I feel a bit creepy for noticing it but I love the heart cushion on your bed. seconded on the rings being adorable :) xxx

  11. I love jumpsuits too. :) The pattern of the one you're wearing there is so pretty!

    Hope your friend is gettin well very soon!


  12. I've never heard of Wing Yip?
    Have you ever been to Hoo Hing? Pocky is soo much cheaper there than in China Town, well it used to be anyway, not sure now


  13. Whoa! Chinese fashion magazines. Can you read Chinese? I'm Chinese illiterate!

  14. Helen: Thanks for the thought lovely! <3

    Rose: Thank you Rose! I'm such an avid clothes layer-er hahaha, I like to get the most out of my clothes! Hope you enjoyed your comment aha xxxx

    Zsara: Aw thanks lovely, it was about £3 from the kids' section in Ikea! Glad you like the rings, love Lisa's store! xxx

    Tash: Aw thank you! I fell out with floral prints but this one has won me over again (: And thanks for the though honey, she seems to be on the mend, fingers crossed! x

    Tara: Yeah I have (: Pocky in Chinatown is horrifically overpriced! xx

    Alyse: Yep! Went to Chinese school (unwillingly) from the age of 4 and it has done me some good! ;) Happy birthday gorgeous <3

  15. that purple shade really suits you, and the rings are lovely! x

  16. I love the print on your playsuit :)

  17. The colour of that top is gorgeous! Love this outfit :) X

  18. love it all! the colours really suit you, and those rings are adorable. also, that mug is awesome!

  19. I love you, Mish. You look beautiful here! Sounds like a nice chilled out today. By the way sweet, I hope you're okay bubs. Your tumblr things make me wanna come hug you (:

  20. thank you for the lovely welcome, michelle x

  21. Thanks for the sweet comment! and your top is a really beautiful colour, I can't stop wearing sheer tops either I'm not sure why! It has been weird weather hasn't it? It can be so warm but too windy to wear skirts or it's warm but rainy, wish we had our summer now!

  22. I love the pattern on your playsuit, and the purple top matches it so well! x

  23. I like the combination of your playsuit and top :)
    And those rings are cute, £3.50 is a good price!
    Sirens and Bells xxx

  24. I love your outfit even more that usual, and I don't think I'll ever stop being jealous of your handbag!

  25. I miss the fashion mags - I like the Jap ones more looking at the step by step make up guide. The mags are really expensive over here :(

  26. Thanks for your comments girls! Aren't you all extremely lovely? I'm willing our Summer to come this weekend, I need a relaxing weekend in the Sun in my garden! Stay beautiful girls ♥

  27. Sounds like a lovely day, and, like everyone else, I love the playsuit - such a lovely pattern.

    Oh, and I'm jealous of your bag, too, but that's a given ;) x

  28. I adore the purple colour of this top especially with the playsuit...I need to get me one of those M mugs too!

    Maria xxx

  29. You always layer your clothes so well, I need more layering action...I'm trying to kid myself it's summer and it quite clearly isn't, I'm cold all the time! x

  30. love the outfit :) the purple is such a lovely colour :)
    and i love love love the mug!!x

  31. Haha I have the same playsuit :D it's so comfy. Layering tops over them is such a great idea! xoxo

  32. you are fabby! so much love for pretty much everything in this post. need need neeeeeeed to meet in london soon! xoxo

  33. button rings seem like a fun and simple diy. i forget whos blog i had read about it. hmm... but they purchased plain bands on ebay and glued pretty jewels and what not on them. you can do the same with found buttons :)

  34. i loooove that purple colour with the black and white floral print!! adorable. you always look so cute.

  35. this is such a lovely post! I love love love your mulberry, M mug, rings & outfit! so pretty! I love playsuits and I want to buy some too! :D yours looks so pretty & comfy! X

  36. You always wear such beautifully-fitting tops! And those rings are just so cute,

    Rosie x

  37. Those rings are so cute, thanks for the link! Definitely going to buy some now~

  38. Love the playsuit, i'm starting to love playsuits these days, they're just really annoying when you need the toilet! x

  39. Lovely rings! We have a floral button ring on sale at the moment, i always forget to blog about it but i'll have to remember to do so SOON! x

  40. you look lovely my dear! love the colour of your top! :)
    those rings are soo cute aswell! cant wait for payday hahah! got my eye on loads! xxx

  41. Emma: Aw thanks gorgeous! Eeep, I adore my bag haha, constantly wearing it, so lucky to have generous parents (: xxx

    Maria: Thanks Maria! Haha you do indeed, there's no greater way to drink your tea/coffee ;) xxx

    Natalie: Thank you! Aaah I know, I always try to brave it but end up having to layer up and/or wear a jacket, so annoying. x

    Aimee: Thanks lovely (:

    Ria: It's so nice isn't it?! I love that you can adjust it as well (:

    Alana: Why thanks sweet! And yes, we do, possibly next weekend?! I will give you a texty when I know my work shifts! xo

    A: They're so cute! xx

    Emma: Thank you Em, you're so lovely to me haha! PS. I don't think your blog posts are showing up on my Dashboard again ): xo

    Jennifer: Aw thanks for your lovely comment! x

    mesconfessionsparisennes: Aw thank you!

    Rosie: I'm such a sucker for a good fit haha (: Thank you lovely!

    the scarecrow: Thanks hun (: Glad you like them, enjoy the rings! xx

    Kate: Thanks sweet! Oh gosh I know, I wore one on the train last week and it was awful, made me jumpy going to toilet and sitting there half naked on a train (albeit behind closed doors!) :-P xx

    Elisa: Thank you!

    Sarah: Thanks (: Ooh I'll have to take a look at that!

    Patsy: N'awh thanks gorgeous! Haha exciting ;) I ordered 2/3 rings before I was sent these, so I've amassed quite a collection already, love Lisa's newest collection though! xxx

  42. Wahhh, being sick sucks. My mind's all jittered and I can't keep up with blogs, haha.
    Love your outfit here, lovely! The top definitely is a great pop of colour to the otherwise monochrome (but cute) playsuit.
    And oh, I love Wing Yip. It makes me feel a bit homesick for all my mum's Asian cooking though. At least Richard's dad loves cooking Asian and Indian food!

    x Michelle |

  43. Your hair's a lovely colour in these photos!


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