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Hailing from a multi-cultural background, Ken Ng is an emerging graduate designer. An aspiring menswear designer who is particularly interested in movement, shape and object in his own work, Ken will be exclusively selling his pieces via Daisybutter this Summer.

Ken began his fashion career by studying Fashion and Clothing, and later Surface and Pattern, at college. In 2010, he graduated from Bedfordshire University with a BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Design. Furthermore, Ken's background of having lived in both Hong Kong and England on rotation throughout his childhood has provided him with a host of inspiration and muses.

Naming Hiroak Ohya, Rei Kawakubo and Giorgio Armani as his most prominent designer influences, it is clear that Ken takes pride in the simplicity and accuracy of garments. "Kawakubo's attractive designs contain lots of movement to create shape, which is a great influence in my own work." says Ken.

Ken's own designs are streetwear based, targeting a fashionable, young, contemporary group, and bringing an Asian-urban edge to the British fashion scene. Think Topman fusioned with Uniqlo and finished with precision, tailoring and emotion.

Ng's 2011 Summer collection embodies interesting shapes and objects, movement, emotions and feeling, and the edge of Asian street style. Pictured are two of his current pieces, embodying the city and eccentric, urban style of London. Expect all this and more, with refined shapes and precise colour, in Ken's debut collection.

For all enquiries, questions or other matters, please contact Ken through me at:


  1. These tees are lovely, my partner would love them! A very interesting post!

  2. I love the designs, thanks for sharing, love all the references to time and watches! :) xx

  3. I really like these! Love all the images that are layered, with just enough detail but nothing too in your face that it makes you feel a bit sea sick! So much better than topman- they always go waaay over the top with their designs! These tops are way more refined :) love them! :D xxxx

  4. This looks set to be fab! Love the t shirts :) xoxo

    half the world away.

  5. Holly: Thank you Holly! Stay tuned for details about buying them ;)

    Rachel: I'm glad you like them (: xx

    Patsy: They're lovely aren't they? Stay tuned for more!

    Helen: I'm excited to get them out ready to be sold! xo

  6. they're really cool, I can see guys rocking them this summer with denim shorts :)


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