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One of my favourite things to do when I know what I want to wear, but the weather/occasion doesn't allow for such an outfit, is pop a T-shirt underneath to dress everything down. My Urban Outfitters burnout jersey tee (yes again!) always does the job and looks perfect underneath my Topshop floral zip-up, which can leave an outfit looking rather chesty and pin-up-esque, and Zara skirt. I decided to go jewellery-free today: I'm accompanying my Mama on a furniture shopping voyage and jewellery just isn't functional. I'll probably throw a few rings in my bag, "just in case" though.

I (finally) ordered Luella's Guide to English Style on Monday - or was it Sunday? - and it arrived on my doorstep yesterday in a rather comical huge box. Oh Urban Outfitters, how I adore thee. At £14 in the sale, I couldn't really say no, look at that amazing fluoro pink band! I've read the tiniest part of it and so far, so good. As usual, once I've had a good read through, I'll probably post a review on my Uni blog. Which other fashion coffee table books would you recommend? I'm also going to start reading one of my shiny new books today, I finished Wuthering Heights on Tuesday and had a little sob, such a great read, it deserves a reread!

Hope you are all well, two posts in a day, eh? Just wanted to showcase my friend's work because he'll be selling his pieces via Daisybutter very soon, so tell your friends, boyfriends, brothers, etc.! I've got some more exciting things in the pipeline, and some possible future internships and graduate opportunities are in the works, it's such a lovely feeling when things finally start coming together. Gosh, what a mishmash post, do you like these outfit 'details' posts? Or would you rather I kept to my  typical, awkward, full-length outfit posts? Love always ♥


  1. I loved the pictures in this post. Very candid and every day. Do more of them! Your skin looks perfect, too.

  2. i likes the detail post. nice to see how things hang in diff poses! makes a nice change. i love the little floral zip up, so perfect on you my gosh! xx

  3. Lovely outfit! I like how you've put a tshirt underneath the bustier to accomodate for the weather, very clever, haha!
    Ooooh, I want the Luella book. Unfortunately I'm trying not to order books since I'm still not sure what country I'm going to eventually live in, haha.
    As for other coffee-table books, if you're a fan of Dita Von Teese (which I majorly am), her Burlesque and the Art of the Teese is really great, an interesting read, and super pretty. I was lucky enough to get her to sign it when she did a signing in Sydney a couple of years ago.

    x Michelle |

  4. I love the t-shirt dress combo, there's always an old faithful tee that'll fit with everything! Personally I like these kind of photos too, although I'd miss the full length ones if they disappeared forever! Good luck with all of the graduate prospects- you're putting me to shame here :S x

  5. I love this combination, the colours on the dress are so pretty! I like both types of photos.
    Nic x

  6. This is a cute outfit, but what a pain the weather is!!
    The book looks yummy, I love cute books like that x

  7. I love the t-shirt/dress combination, it definitely makes the dress less dress-y :)
    I've heard very good things about the Luella book!
    Full-length outfit posts and just outfit detail posts are both good! :) It's good to do both once in a while :)
    Sirens and Bells xx

  8. Your outfit is cute! I owned that top once but i got rid of it, regretting it now haha!

    Wuthering heights is amazing isn't it, one of my faves <3 I haven't read it in years, i may have to purchase a copy and read it again, but i have a huge stack of books to get through first! Summer is the perfect time for reading :)

    Stacey xx

  9. the floral pattern is just lovely x


  10. I love these photos, so cute. The Luella book is amazing I got it for Christmas and keep it for relaxing reading so I'm yet to finish it but now I'm done with uni there is no excuse.
    As for other coffee table fashion books I have many-slight addiction despite the fact I can't find space for them, if you like a good flick through book I'd say get the facehunter or satorialist book.

  11. I love chucking a t-shirt underneath pretty dresses to make them more weather-appropriate!
    I think I need that Luella book too.
    The photos are fab :-)

  12. I do that T-shirt thing as well. Or at least used to do. But all the people seem to dislike it on me so I just stopped and now I'm waiting for a big white-T-shirt-underneath comeback! I'm in love with the top! Yellow and florals are an irresistible combination <3

    I've already seen this book on a couple of other blogs and as an English-style enthusiast, I'm really tempted to buy one for myself :)

  13. Alyse: Thank you so much love! I'll definitely be doing more, I want to experiment with ways to portray an outfit, instead of standing against the wall in my room feeling like a bit of an idiot :-P And thanks hun, will do those make-up/no make-up photos for you tomorrow morning. I keep forgetting! xo

    Klee: Thank you! Sometimes I'm just too lazy to clean my bedroom floor and stand and "pose" etc. Aw thanks lovely (:

    Michelle: This weather is awful haha, I had to wear a chunky cardigan to leave the house today. Haha good point, it's always so hard to move my books when I come back from Uni, I'm such a hoarder! Ooh I'll look into that actually, I love reading about burlesque (:

    Danni: Thanks sweetie! Oh I won't be getting rid of them, just the very very lazy side of me showing, where I can't be bothered to tidy my room and get up to "pose" for outfit photos hahaha. Aw thanks lovely, I'd been so worried about work/Uni things, but hopefully everything will work out! Good luck to you tooo! x

    Nic: Aw thank you (:

    Steph: Thanks Steph! Oh I know, luckily I've been a) in a car, and b) in Ikea all day, so it hasn't affected me too much! Gosh, where's our summer gone eh?! It's a lovely read, makes a good book to flick through in the evenings too (: I hope you're well sweet! xx

    Katy: Aw thanks! I wasn't too interested in it to start with, but it was in the sale... and I had a urge to spend ;) Thanks Katy, that seems to be the generous consensus so far, so I'll probably do a mixture of them: I'm just too lazy for full-length shots all the time! So tired recently! xx

    Stacey: Thanks hun :D I considered eBaying it a while ago but I'm glad I kept it, I bloody love it. Aaah it is indeed, I don't know how I went without reading it for so long to be honest. xx

    Sarah: Thanks lovely (:

    Chlo: Thank you! The photos totally show the inconsistent quality of my brother's camera though :-P Haha oh that just shows you don't relax enough Chlo! I bet you're so glad to be done with Uni for good now. Oh I'll have a look at them soon, never really saw the point of them before blogging but I reckon I'll love 'em both now (:

    Emma: Me too! Such a simple way to sort an outfit out ;) Thanks honey! xx

  14. Meg: Oh Meg, you need to start the revolution ;) Thanks so much sweetie, and you should definitely buy the Luella book! Hope you had an amazing birthday <3

  15. You are the cutest thing! I wish I could wear zip-ups but they do not agree with my overly-large chest area :(

  16. I really like the combinations, very quirky! I may try this as well.

  17. Love the look sweetie :)
    Luella's book is a really good read! You will enjoy.
    I have just discovered your lovely blog so will now follow.

  18. I really like your tee paired with the topshop top, it totally makes the outfit more daytime wearable:) ohh wuthering heights<3 love that book, always makes me cry aswell haha! :D what are we liiiike eh:)

  19. I love the zip up over the tshirt, it looks so cute. Is it a bralett one or full length? It's not a book but a good coffee table fashion read (or just looking at the pretty pics, ha) is the Monki magazine, its free to sign up to and its gorgeous. x

  20. You look lovely in these photos Michelle and I love what you're wearing! Such a great combo. I studied Wuthering Heights again this year and it's amazing how much you pick up when you read it the second time. I really enjoyed it too :) That other book you got looks great, right up my street. I'd love to read a review. I got a small jokey book called 'how to be adored' for Christmas one year but it's actually pretty good, full of tips from old celebs like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly etc. I think it's by Caroline Cox if you fancy looking online for it. Hope you have a nice weekend xxx

    p.s I forgot to reply ages ago to your comment but that would be amazing to meet whilst I'm down in London! I'll be there until the end of August so if you ever fancy a coffee or something let me know :)

  21. oh michelle that top is just gorgeous! and i've been waiting to read luella's book of english style- she's such a genius. i wish her label was still around :( x

  22. Charlie: Aw you're so nice! Haha I go through phases of whether it looks okay and whether it looks trashy, today I simply had to put a T-shirt on pahaha! Hope you're well sweet, I love your blog. xx

    Anna: Thank you! xo

    Jemma: Thank you so much! I'm going to have a read of it tonight actually (: And thanks so much for following me sweet, I'm glad you like my blog. xx

    Patsy: Thanks :D I wore it without the tee just before my birthday actually, one of my favourite outfits. Oh good, I'm glad someone else cries at it! I'm an emotional little one with books and films, a total nightmare! xxx

    Jessika: Thank you! It's a full-length one, haven't quite found a bralet that fits me yet. Ooh I'm making a note of that, going to look into it, thank you gorgeous (:

    Stefany: Eeep thank you Stef! I'm going to reread it later this summer I think, I'm always subconsciously analysing and studying literature now. Ooh I'll definitely look at that, I adore old cinema celebrities. Aaah definitely! I'll pop you an email or Tweet and see when we're both free! xxxx

    Hannah: Thanks darling (: I adore Luella, loved her designs and was so sad to see her label close down. I'll be "reviewing" it on FTG when I've had a good read and look through it! Hope you're well Hannah! <3

  23. This outfit looks fab, I love the layers :) I really like the Luella book too, I bought mine off Amazon :D

    Maria xxx

  24. i do like how it sort of dresses the dress down more :) lovely

  25. i spy hello kitty! haha love that corset tank!

  26. I love the zip-up, it 100% works for summer :) Your friend's designs are amazing! Does he put the print on the shirt himself?

  27. ohh this book looks like so much fun to own. I love this look girl! the floral is so cute.


  28. I love your top! Is it a bralet?
    I can't wait to hear what you think about the book!
    Burn the Blonde X

  29. I really like this style of outfit post, makes it feel extra personal and quirky :) the bralet is gorgeous.


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