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I've been completely confused with my dates etc. today, courtesy of all these Bank Holiday weekends! What an eventful weekend it was too, a Royal Wedding, and then the capture and death of Osama bin Laden at last... I won't go into details though, it isn't completely relevant to the content and aesthetics of my blog. I don't believe that this is 'the end' of the war though, it's completely naive to even think that for a second at the moment! One thing that is ending is my academic term at Uni: I know I know, I only just got back to Southampton. Today has been a blur of hand-ins, tutorials, a lecture and some hasty end-of-term meal planning!

(Lace crinkle top, Topshop;
Shorts, DIY blahblah - you know the ones!;
Crochet kimono, Topshop;
Belt, Primark;
Nude heart print tights, Primark;
Rings, Miss Selfridge;
Golden Snitch necklace, Wallpaper Rose.)

Hello cheated outfit photos ;) My camera ran out of battery before I could take more than one full-body portrait photo, so huge apologies for that haha, you can still see all the details of my outfit though! I've already fallen in that trap of wearing the same outfit with minor changes over and over. It took me an absolute age to drag myself out of bed this morning, so I only had about 5 minutes to get dressed! Oops! I quite wanted to experiment with lace against crochet with my new cardigan/kimono, so this was a perfect chance. I quite like the contrast between the two textures, and the colours are sweet and summery. I'll probably be wearing this as a default summer outfit! Also popped on some lipstick courtesy of Glamour mag: oh how I love freebies! Rosette by Clinique is a gorgeous berry red colour with a hint of shimmer, and remains to be the only red lipstick I'll wear.

Tomorrow is technically our "hand-in deadline", but I've been an eager beaver and handed in both my exhibition review and feature portfolio already. I'll be spending the early hours of tomorrow morning at Uni, printing my final fashion editorials out and battling to the death for a computer ;) I'm so excited to be done with my work, and a bit sad that second year is over. EEK. How are you all getting on with school/college/uni work?

I'll do my best to write and put together a new Ways to Wear installment tomorrow. I keep forgetting we're already on Tuesday, so I haven't thought of a garment but I'm sure I'll work something out, I might even take some inspiration from my little sister, seeing as it's her 15th birthday tomorrow! I'm also going to be spending my Wednesday packing up my little room, before going out with the girls for an end-of-year meal - sob! Roll on our Prezzo induced food comas!


  1. love the top & the bangle :)
    that lipstick looks so lovely! i keep buying/looking at lipsticks but i never wear it, i feel so ridiculous when i put it on haha x

  2. Lovely! Oh, I hate it when that happens to my camera. Though, I usually have more problems with forgetting to put the memory card back in it. So, I'll take a few photos, look inside the camera, and realise none of the photos I took actually saved. Grrr.
    Anyway - love that lace top. It's the prettiest shade of blue! I really need to stock up on more pastels for the warmer seasons.

    x x Michelle

  3. ooo i love your belt. it was the first thing i saw, it ties the whole outfit! i also love that cardigan, it doesnt matter about constant outfit repeats, it's too nice not to ;)

  4. Doesn't matter about the camera... you see all you need to anyways! Lovely cardigan, that's the sort of grament that'll just last forever. Super sweet :-)

    Dayner x

  5. Ooh looking lovely here :) I know, today was a big hand in day for me too! Yay for finishing early :) x

  6. absolutely love that jumper. your make up looks stunning too. can't believe how little time left we have left at uni, my final deadline is on monday! x

  7. Really love your crochet kimono, its gorgeous! Need to take a trip to Topshop myself! :) x x

  8. Check you out handing things in early, wish I had the motivation to do that, you always seem so wonderfully conscientious and it's such a lovely trait. Really like your top and belt, so adorable and perfect for spring xx

  9. omg you've got the Speak Now bracelet!
    I've got it too, only that it's black :)
    I went to the concert in London..<3 You?

  10. GORGEOUS outfit. I love the top - and I have that belt :) x

  11. so pretty, i absolutely adore the lace cardigan, beautiful ^_^

  12. Love this outfit and your lip colour! Good luck getting all your work in!!

  13. Totes agree with you on the political side of this post. It's not the end (if only!) and I'm actually quite scared of what's to come! .....On a happier note - Looking lovely as always, Michelle. Best of luck with the rest of the hand ins. The end is near! x

  14. Love the crochet kimono, it's gorgeous!
    Oooh, will have to pick up a copy of Glamour this week, who doesn't love freebies?!

  15. Ooh I LOVE your kimono it is so lovely! Your lipstick is such a pretty colour too, i didnt know glamour had a freebie this month, will def check it out!
    Tell your little sis happy birthday from me, a fellow 4th of may birthday girl!

  16. Thank you Elise! Oh I was never much of a lipstick gal until last Summer and I've become addicted now! I'd recommend to start with some nude shades and build up confidence, lipstick is lifechanging! xx

    Oh that is me all over Michelle ;) I'm so forgetful, I constantly do that! Aw thanks lovely, I'm hoping to have a huge eBay session next week to clear out my wardrobe, then I'm going to invest in some staple pieces so I'm not pressured to keep impulse buying! xx

    Thank you Jessica! Aw thanks haha, I feel like a bit of a 'cheat' when I post similar outfits. I've left most of my 'good' clothes at home so I'm struggling at the moment! Hope you're well, and thanks for the lovely email! x

    That's what I thought! Thank you Dayner, I much prefer pieces that last forever (: xo

    Owh cheeyurs Corrie! Well done with all of your hand-ins sweet! Roll on the Summer ;) xx

    Thank you Katie, my make-up was such a rushed jobby this morning, I always love how lipstick smartens a look up! Eeep, good luck sweet, and enjoy the last few days! <3

    Thanks Louise! xx

    Haha I'm too organised for my own good! Thank you so much Emily, that means so much :O Always nice to receive compliments about personality over looks (: Hope you're well honey! xx

    I do indeed Grace ;) I went to the Speak Now concert in London this year too, bought my bracelet at the O2 aha. xx

    Aw thanks Sophie! It's such a cute belt for the Spring/Summer isn't it?! And cheap as chips! xx

    Thank you so much Fern! x

    Aw thanks Jess <3

    I'm really worried too in all honesty, I don't want the US and UK to let their/our guard down in these crucial days as I'm sure Al Qaeda had been anticipating Bin Laden's death for a while? And with the London 2012 Olympics coming up, it's all quite concerning. I think peepz need to stop with the 'he's not dead' conspiracies and concentrate on the danger! Thank you sweet, so excited to hand in my last portfolio! x

  17. Thank you Gillian! Just started following your blog, it's lovely! xx

    Aw thanks Emma (: I will do indeed sweet, huge huge birthday wishes to you as well! <3

  18. I love the Taylor Swift bracelet!

  19. You're really lucky to be finishing already! And I'm a bit envious you can wear outfit like this these days as it is only about 5°C here today :/

  20. Very cute outfit, I think your so pretty!
    And I agree with what you said about the war not being over, if anything Bin Laden's death will cause the U.S even more trouble :(

  21. IKR? all these holidays just got the dates confusing..haha

  22. That lipstick looks great on you. And I´ve gotta say I adore how your hair looks in those pictures, so nice, healthy and smooth. Thumbs up!
    Also, I only just realised that it´s May already and that I only have another 10 days left at school - inc. 2 exams (eeeek). This year/term has passed much faster than I´d like it to. It´s actually kinda scary as I don´t feel like I´ve done so much.
    Anyway, enough ramble. I just wanted to say - what a lovely outfit:) x

  23. Great tights, and I love the cardi. Effortlessly cool. x

  24. I love the crochet kimono. Well done for getting your work done, now you can enjoy the summer! xx

  25. I wore the free Clinique lipstick today too!!! Such a good deal!!! Was tempted to pick up a few more magazines to get some other products but was worried I would look like a loony, buying 4 of the same magazine!!!
    Adore the crochet kimono, so cute!!!

  26. love the crochet! looking vair nice as per xoxo

  27. you look gorgeous. the crotchet kimono is just perfect :) enjoy Prezzo nommmmmm xx

  28. hasnt this year gone so quickly! my exams finish 14th of may and im outta here! i got that free lippie too and love the colour xxx

  29. i'm not even sure where to start haha.
    do you have any recommendations for nude lipstick shades? x

  30. I remember hand in days, they were completely manic and rushed, but now you all have this new Online submission thing, that would have made life so much more easier for me!

  31. Gorgeous outfit Really cute!
    Love your bracelet too!
    The lip colour really suits you, I've got that lippie too, must try it soon :) xxx

  32. I handed in all of my uni work (including the dreaded dissertation!) today, such mixed emotions!

  33. i think we all do that when we find something we love. and i love this kimono! already thinking about this for spring over here when its not even winter yet hahaha!! congrats on handing in your uni work too, such a relief i bet.

  34. Omg I can't believe you've finished already! I don't think I finish for a few more weeks? I should probably check tbh cos I have absolutely no idea!
    Love the outfit especially the lace top and the tights! :) The kimono looks great on you, glad you decided to buy it in the end! x

  35. Thanks Rachel ;) Went to Uni and to town with it on aha, got so many weird looks from the peepz at Uni!

    I know, it's so early! I'm really excited to be going home. Replied to your email Meg <3

    Aw thank you so much Jaz! Mm I think it's brought more problems to be honest, hopefully Bin Laden's death will mean that Al Qaeda are slowly brought down, but there's more people "to blame" than just OBL! :/ xx

    Indeed Ching! Gosh I have no idea what date we're on, so confused! xx

    Thank you Daniela! It's crazy isn't it?! I can't believe we're so close to halfway through the year! Good luck with the rest of school sweet (:

    Thanks Emma! xx

    Thank you Rebecca!

    It's a lovely lipstick isn't it Chelsie? Thanks lovely (:

    Thanks Laura! xo

    Aw thank you Milly! They have a dusty pink version that I think would suit you perfectly ;) Thanks lovely, so excited for Prezzo omnom! xx

    It's gone by so quickly Ella! Best of luck with your exams sweet, we can finally go for tea and cake when you're done with them! Eep! xxx

    Haha I will pop you an email/comment Elise!

    Ugh they're so stressful Cherry! Online submissions have only just been set-up and the lecturers are only just getting to grips with it which makes it twice as stressful! Hope you're well sweet! xx

    Thank you Vicky! I wasn't too sure about the berry red at first but I've loved it since I got it! Might even dabble in the world of Eyeko Liptastiks soon ;) xxx

    Congrats Sarah :D Must be such a strange yet uplifting feeling! x

    Haha planning ahead and all that ;) I really love dressing for the Autumn/Winter, which probably shows even in my SS wardrobe. Thank you Emma! xx

    Eeep. Solent is a bit ridiculous for term dates to be honest! Thanks Hayley! xx

  36. what a beautiful crochet top! cute!

  37. is it weird that your sweater looks like a table cloth that we have here at my house? haha! but it really does look awesome!

  38. Battling for printers at Solent is worse than doing the actual work!

    Me and my housemates also went to Prezzo for our 'last supper' last night. Was yum!

  39. 1. thankyou! you totally, should, they're worth it.

    2. I love your crochet jacket. <3

  40. The crochet with the lace and tights looks so pretty!

  41. I need everything in this outfit post. So, SO cute! The belt in particular looks a million dollars, and Primark. Wow :).


  42. I am in love with your crotchet kimono. It's like a massive doily <3

  43. Really love that cardi/shawl, it's so nice

  44. Is this the same crochet kimono you mentioned in a recent post? It's so lovely and delicate! It looks great on you!

  45. ooh the kimono looks fantastic! and i love the speak now bracelet :) good luck with your end of term projects! x

  46. i really like the outfit !!

  47. Aw thank you Samantha!

    Haha thanks Alyssa. It is a bit, the crochet is so lovely though!

    Haha oh so true Fleur! I got there at a snappy 8:45am and managed to nab a Mac and get all of printing done by 9:30am though ;) Aw I hope you had a lovely meal at Prezzo! xx

    I'll definitely keep an eye out for them! Thanks Tissah (:

    Aw thank you so much Harriet!

    Thank you Georgie! Definitely get the belt, it's adorable! xo

    Lolololol, Louise said the same to me! Thanks "suga.princess" hahahaha <3

    Aw thank you Sophie!

    It is indeed Jenmarie (: Thank you so so much lovely!

    Thanks Hannah <3

    Thank you Una! xx

  48. love love love that crochet cardi - its fab!!!


  49. what a lovely outfit, i really like the lace/crochet combo, looks perfect in these light creme colors combined with the blue cut-off jeans! i'd totally wear this outfit ;) oh how i looove denim cut-offs, but i cannot wear them too often (not really appropriate for work), can't wait for summer vacay to wear them more often again!!
    PS: the new nav buttons are so cute!

  50. I saw this on here and went into my store and bought it today as Topshop are running 20% off! Thanks to you I now own this gorgeous piece, I linked you in my post about it here: , thankyou!


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