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Afternoon ladies! Hope you're all well. I've been so MIA from my blog and the Internet in general at the moment, been keeping very busy and bringing the pennies in. I'm "enjoying" a rare afternoon off though, before working a killer shift until close tonight. I say enjoying with inverted commas because I've been running around the house, tidying my embarassing mess of a bedroom, doing the housework and putting together my brother's surprise for his girlfriend. It's their anniversary today: aw!

(Black top with chiffon bow, Clotheshow Live;
Chambray buttondown skirt, H&M;
Crochet kimono jacket, Topshop;
Golden Snitch necklace, Wallpaper Rose.)

I spent the day in London with my friend Jesse yesterday. I stupidly forgot my memory card - don't you hate when that happens?! - so I can't share photos of my day with you, like I had planned. I'm gutted because there were so many great photo opportunities, especially in the Great Downpour (and Thunder & Lightning) of London '11 haha. We walked everywhere because there seemed to be huge packs of young student tourists crowding every Tube station. Didn't buy too much to be honest, just some sweet playsuits, this skirt, a new MAC lipstick in 'Modesty' that I'd been eyeing up and lots of good food and drink.

As I mentioned earlier, I picked this skirt up in H&M yesterday. I hadn't been a huge fan of these buttondown skirts when they came out for SS11, but after writing my Ways to Wear feature about them a few weeks back, and seeing this perfect Chambray material version, I wanted to pick one up for myself. Paired it with this cute black vest that I bought two or three years ago but never wear: it's not "my style" anymore, but I knew it'd look lovely tucked into this! Of course I've thrown on my crochet kimono jacket, so cosy and easy to wear on a lazy day. I saw a pair of crochet shorts in H&M that I was dying to buy but alas, they did not have my size in-store.

Right, I'd better get back to some epic daytime TV watching, the laundry and my brother's surprise(!) Must respond to emails today as well, if you have recently emailed me, I'm going to get back to you later, my bloody Blackberry is on the blink and won't let me read texts or emails, and I'm trying to save the last bar of battery (both of my chargers are broken too!) for emergencies. Have a lovely weekend! 


  1. Aww Michelle you cute bean! Looking lovely :) xo

  2. Your crochet jacket is just beautiful, i love it! Im getting obsessed with crochet lately, so happy its bang on trend now. Topshop + H&M especially are full of it! Hope work isnt too strenuous for you haha, + you have a lovely weekend Xxx

  3. Love the outfit! :) Very cute!

    Looking lovely as always xx

  4. aw you look so cute :) that skirt is perfect, might have to get one.. although i'm trying to stop buying so much stuff!
    hope the rest of your day off is slightly more relaxing!

  5. I want to know what your brother's surprise is! I'm such a romantic. Love your outfit too xx

  6. Aww really cute outfit lady! I'm glad you had a good time :) I'm heading to London in a couple weeks for my boys birthday, so I'll be dragging him round a few shops :P Thunder and lightening in London? Did it look amazing?

    L x

  7. Oh, I'm lusting for a nice kimono jacket! I do like the idea of a button down skirt instead of the classic shirt.

    Happy anniversary to your brother!

  8. that jacket seems to go with everything! i hope you ate lots of frozen yoghurt in london! xxElla @ Belle Vintage

  9. hey good blog, can you visit mu blog?

  10. I love the jacket and the skirt is really cute, looks lovely on you.

  11. Love the skirt, it's such a nice colour :) i really like the vest too x

  12. Such a sweet outfit, I have a top with like your vest that I need to dish out! I was the same with buttons down skirts but after getting one not too long back I was converted! I have a busy two days ahead with work, stock take is going to be a killer but I to help me through it I just think to myself I'm paying off this and that every minute I'm working!

  13. The bow on the top is so adorable! You reminded me that I need a London trip with my girls soon - hopefully when the weather is less pants >_<

    Sucks about your memory card, I didn't see any lightening back here in Soton =( just boring grey clouds xoxo

  14. what a cute outfit! have fun relaxing today, I am trying to do the same! xo

  15. This is a super great combo!! You look lush, it's so nice getting a day off, you must be so tired after all those late nights!! Xxxx

  16. The crochet kimono = squee! I want I want!

    I hate the tubes, especially in summer! could think of better ways to spend my days than with my face stuck in a randoms sweaty armpit xx

  17. Love that skirt! I desperately need to go clothes shopping, but I got paid today - a whopping £100! (I didn't work much over the exam period) so shopping has been put on the back burner for the time being :'(
    Shame you forgot your memory stick, would have liked to have seen some pics! Nevermind. x

  18. Thank-you for the comment Michelle, oh my goodness I love your outfit so much, I've just recently got myself a denim skirt, they are such a good thing for this summer.You've got two Luella bags?! o.o do you want to give one to me? She's a darling! Please blog them! I really want to see them xxx

  19. you look super Michelle, I too have that H&M skirt and wear it to death. Love the button down detail. Have a wonderful weekend xo

  20. Cuuute outfit! I absolutely love that top with the big giant bow on it! Paired with the denim skirt, it's a great combo :)

  21. I was in london too yesterday! if only we'd bumped into each other :)
    I want that black playsuit to re place my old and broken one!
    hope you have a good weekend xx

  22. oh what a perfect outfit! london this time of year sounds so much fun, wish i lived across the pond too :( x

  23. Such a cute outfit, I love that skirt! xx

  24. I love your crochet jacket! Anything crochet for that matter :) x

  25. You look lovely! That crocheted jacket is darling. I used to have one myself but I never wore it because it just didn't have shape, it fell rather awkwardly on me. This one is stunning!

  26. adorable outfit!! love your skirt and top <3

  27. You look so lovely!:) I have the same kimono but in a burnt orangey colour, and I love it so much! Awh, your brother sounds so sweet! xxx

  28. gorgeous michelle, so perfectly you! i love the bow

  29. Grace: Thanks lovely!

    Laura: Aw thank you sweet (: Hope you are well! xo

    Molly: Thank you Molly. I'm really into crochet as well, it's such a nice, soft alternative to lace which can look a bit brash and trashy at times. Thanks lovely, work was crazy busy tonight, just so glad to be home and tucked in bed now! Have a lovely weekend. x

    Angie: Thank you! xo

    Old Cow: Thanks ^_^

    Sarah: Thanks lovely!

    Lyzi: Hehe thank you Lyzi. Oh yes you should! I think it was under £15, so not much at all, H&M have such lovely and affordable pieces in at the moment, I just wanted to buy everything! Thank you cutes, have a wonderful weekend ♥

    Sophie: Well it's been and gone now... He filled her bedroom with hundreds of balloons with cute faces and messages written on them! And he bought her a lovely bouquet of roses, and a necklace (: Oh young love...! xx

    Laura: Thanks Laura! I didn't expect to be posting an outfit today, feeling so un-photogenic and just hating on life but it surprisingly cheered me up. I act like such an idiot when snapping photos for the blog. Aw are you? Hope you have a lovely time (: and yes, it looked so nice! Was cold though :-P xo

    Alyse: I'm after another one, a sheer chiffon one :-P I just can't get enough of that draped fit at the moment. Oh gosh, the buttons are horrific to do up and undo. I'm so lazy! x

    Ella: It does indeed (: Except polka dots, it doesn't seem to get on well with the dotty kind! Oh I didn't get any fro'yo in London, got the worst sore throat and swollen glands with a cold on the way, so I didn't want to tempt fate! Gah, gutted ): xxxxxxxx

    Khaz: Oh thank you so much Khaz!

    Hayley: Thank you sweet! I like the colour as well, I don't think I own anything else that's pale Chambray blue! xx

    Katie: Thanks Katie :D A-line skirts just can't do any wrong to be honest! I can tell this will be my next I-can't-stop-wearing piece. Indeed sweet, indeed ;) Hope work isn't too long/awful for you, stock take is the worst, I did the stock take shift on Tuesday night and almost lost my mind! xx

    Ria:Aw thank you! Haha indeed, I picked the one 'bad weather' day of the week to visit London ): x

    Devea: Thanks lovely (: Have a nice weekend! xo

    Gem: Aw cheeyurs Gem Gem ♥ I absolutely can't wait for tomorrow's day off. Am spending it doing the gardening for my Granny, then taking the little sis for a coffee and a look around the shops (: I've become a human owl with these ridiculous hours haha! 'Iya Hedwig ;) xxxx

  30. Lauren: It's gorgeous, isn't it Lauren?! Oh gosh I know, I much prefer walking but then you get a face full of pollution ;) Can't decide which I prefer(!) xx

    Sarah: Thanks lovely!

    Natalie: Thank you sweety! I hardly ever shop at the moment, I just don't get the time, so thought I'd shop while I had a day off (: I'll be back in London next week anyway, so will try and snap some photos then if I have the chance! xx

    Lily: You're very welcome (as ever) m'dear! I always ramble a little in my comments, don't I?! Oh yes, they are so cute and Summery, can't believe I didn't have one before! I have indeed sweet, might write a bag collection post or something soon if you like! xxx

    Milly: Thank you doll! It's adorable, and I can imagine it'll be so versatile! You too gorgeous, have a lovely weekend! ♥

    Becky: Thanks lovely! Haha me too, my Mama hates it :-P

    Rose: Gah I know you were Rose, my phone kept playing up but I tried Tweeting you to see if we could meet up briefly haha. NEXT TIME KAY! I caved and had to get one, my little sis has stolen my Topshop one ): Have an awesome weekend sweet, hope your photoshoot went v well! xx

    Hannah: Thanks darling <3 It is! The weather is ever so temperamental, nothing like being stuck in a proper storm wearing a stupidly Summery outfit! You should come and visit when you get a chance (: x

    Katy: Thank you sweety! x

    Harriet: Aw thank you lovely (: Just about to have a nose at your blog by the way! x

    Casee Marie: Thank you Casee Marie, I adore crochet at the moment. Aw it could look sweet with a skinny belt to add shape? I absolutely loved your blog post earlier today by the way dear, two of my favourite things ;) xx

    augustalolita: Thank you!

    Hannah: Aw thank you sweet (: One of my friends has the burnt orange version and it's so cute, looks lovely with a skinny belt! Haha he really is, I've taught him well, he has such a lucky girlfriend! xxx

    Emma: Hehe thank you my lovely! Hope you're well, will be catching up on your blog tomoz morning! xxxx

  31. beautiful outfit i am in love with the crocheted kimono jacket!

  32. Eeeee! You look so absolutely adorable. I love that crocheted sweater/shawl, and that skirt is tres adorable!

    I absolutely hate it when I forget my camera, or memory card. I end up kicking myself the rest of the trip/adventure.

    Have an absolutely lovely weekend, and congratulations to your brother and his girlfriend!

    Divergent Musings

  33. Heather: Aw thank you lovely!

    Kate: Thanks sweet! Oh me too, I snapped a few photos on my camera though luckily, otherwise I'd have to skip my Week in Photos again :-P Aw you too hun, hope it's a relaxing one! xx

  34. Love this combo Michelle, the skirt and top go so well together :) Hope you enjoy your weekend xx

  35. ahhh i ve been debating over that topshop kimono! Looks fab on you and think i need to go purchase it now :)

  36. gorgeous look, I love love the denim skirt!!!!

    xo Emma

  37. Stefany: Ah thanks Stef! Hope you had a lovely time in London this week, my weekend is going fabby so far my sweet, thank you. xx

    Andee Layne: Thank you so much! I'd totally recommend buying it, it's so versatile and I guarantee you'll wear it a lot! (:

    Emma: Aw thanks lovely! xo

    Natalie: Thank you honey!

  38. Such an adorable top, and i love the texture mix from the cardigan and skirt!

  39. that cardigan is so cute and i love the shape!

  40. i LOVE the h&m skirt! perfect!

    Hope you have a lovely relaxing day off soon!

    Annah xx


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