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Just a few old favourites put together into an outfit today. Despite arriving home on Thursday afternoon, I shamefully am yet to unpack my suitcases of clothes into my wardrobe so have been making do with drips and drabs of clothing that has come out of the laundry! Everything else has been unpacked but I'm determined not to unpack just yet - hello laziness!

(Breton skinny striped top, A boutique in Hong Kong;
Skirt, Zara;
Socks, Tabio;
Tan wedge sandals, Next;
Necklace, Handmade by me;
Ring, Dainty Roses.)

Nothing compares to a casual, 'slubby' Breton striped top for the Summer in my opinion, and I definitely don't wear the look enough! Rose and Jen are two of my favourite bloggers for wearing this look, and it always inspires me to try out new combinations and textures. I also decided to pop a pair of my Tabio socks on with some wedged sandals, a la Harriet, who has the loveliest style! I always get quite nervous when doing the socks-and-sandals look, there is a fine line between it looking charming and just the right amount of geek chic, and it looking like a middle-aged male tourist. If you get what I mean. The next step: tackling the floppy hat look!

A few weeks ago, I ordered some button rings from Lisa at Dainty Roses, and they finally arrived in their boxes this week! I chose two designs (I'll share the other with you soon!), including this adorable Parisian cafe sketch. At just £3.50, I think they're perfect for value and are a really nice ring idea! Am wearing Topshop nail varnish in 'Geography Teacher' if you were wondering, such a nice, caramel nude colour for all year round.

I'm desperately in need of a proper camera and/or a blog photographer as you can see from my cheated portrait photos again! Now that I'm home for the Summer, I'll probably spend a lot of time at my parents' restaurant earning the pennies to go towards a shiny new camera, which will be a good investment for both my blog and for Uni work, as well as my personal portfolio which I am working on! By no means am I a photographer though, I mean, I know my way around camera settings, SLRs, studio set-ups, etc., but I really just want to add weight to my Styling portfolio! I also quite want to get my hands on a new conical wand - mine's slowly dying - and I really need to buy a new laptop battery, eek!


  1. You pull this look off just as nicely as Harriet! I love it, but since I am French it would be a bit too cliché for my liking.

    If you have to buy a new camera may I suggest a Canon? You may say you're not a photographer but believe me, as soon as you get a SLR in your hands, you just won't be able to stop snapping away!!!

  2. I agree. You really can't beat breton stripes, and the socks and sandals combo is adorable! I really love your ring as well x

  3. Breton stripes are simply classic and you wear them so well. :) look this look Michelle. xo

  4. loving the stripes and the necklace! x

  5. The outfit is adorbs, as usual! Haha, Richard and I have yet to unpack a suitcase, I know exactly how you feel. What makes matters worse is his room at home is absolutely tiny.

    Also - I'm definitely with you on investing in a new camera. I bought my DSLR in 2008 and it's honestly the best $1600 I've spent in my life. It took me ages to save for but was incredibly worth it, as I still use it today for all of my photos.

    x x Michelle

  6. Love that necklace, it's so cute and goes really well with the rest of the outfit! I think the socks and sandals combo looks great on you - as long as they're paired with a cute skirt it definitely doesn't look old man-ish!
    Haha I know exactly what you mean about unpacking. I've still got half a suitcase full of stuff that's been waiting to be unpacked since the start of April!

  7. Aww I'm loving the socks and sandals look lady it looks cute, totally not shameful old man fashion anymore :P Those rings are so cute!! I just looked on the website and I adore the Eiffel tower ones they have!!

    L x

  8. Lovely skirt, I've always sort of stayed away from Zara, the clothes have been nice just always sort of more "put together" than my style. They've definitly upped their game recently though, have you seen their coloured hotpants/shorts?


  9. Love this outfit, still loving the skirt. I appear to have become obsessed with finding a skirt of similar shape/proportions.

    Love the ring too, can't wait to see the other that you bought. Rings are my favourite jewellery, it's just I'm limited to the number I can wear at once. I'm also trying to ween myself off wearing one particular ring every day.

    Camera sounds like a good investment, would love to save for a new one, unfortunately I can't justify it as an investment, so it could be a while off, particularly as my camera is still fine.

  10. That's such a cute outfit, and you are pulling off the socks and sandals! I feel my calfs are a bit thick that I would suffer from the middle-aged male tourist syndrome... :)

  11. Love the necklace!

    I'm trying to save up for a new camera too, keep thinking I NEED to get one if i'm gonna go and do all this road tripping. My excuse is that it would be a shame to not record them on a decent lens. Shame they cost too much for me to afford one right now though.

  12. That skirt is dreamy, really suits you too! I've been after one like that for yonks, but in reality am not sure it'd suit my mega wide hips?!
    I'm also a massive fan of breton stripes, I've taken some outfit posts with them actually, just haven't put them up! Thanks for the subtle reminder ;)

    I think the pics you take are fine btw! :D xx

  13. You look so adorable, I really like the socks with sandals bit. ♥

    The Cat Hag

  14. Such a cute, casual outfit! You look lovely xx

  15. Love the socks and sandals look, I keep meaning to try this as I have some fab wooden wedges, I want to channel Fearne Cotton, but not really sure I can pull it off..... you look fab though! xxx

  16. Looking lovely as always :) I think you pull off the socks and sandals look really well! I want to try it out but totes agree with you about the fine line between geek chic and middle-aged male tourist! I too am in the process of saving for a million different things, if only money grew on trees hey :) x

  17. Lovely outfit!
    The necklace is super cute.

  18. I looove this outfit Michelle! very nautical and lovely :) Xxx

  19. The skirt is CUTE! Love skirts like that, I have 16 black skirts so far. If they still have that in Zara, I might have to snap it up! Don't know why I'm "collecting" them! They just got with everything.

    We'll have to send you some of our accessories to wear in your outfit posts soon, Michelle! Only if you'll have us, of course! x

  20. i love your necklace! i cant believe you made it, it's very nice :) xx

  21. Really think this is lovely :)
    Normal, day to day outfit- but putting the socks & sandals with it makes it just look so much more edgy- love the trend so much.

  22. Love the shoes and socks combo ! xx

  23. Aw thank you Elodie! Haha oh I could imagine that (: I think I'm going to opt for a Nikon if I can find a good enough deal, I've always preferred Nikons over Canons, purely because I'm already quite accustomed to the way they are set out if that makes sense? xxx

    Thank you Vicky! xx

    Thanks Milly! I always forget about this top, it usually resides in my sister's wardrobe! xo

    Thank you Elise (:

    Aaah thanks Michelle! Oh my room is usually a decent size, but I currently have two rooms worth of junk in there, rendering it impossible to move ;) I'm thinking in the same mindset, it would be useful to have my own for University projects, as well as just to document day-to-day things! xx

    Thank you so much Gillian! I went for a nautical/Parisienne look ;) Aw thanks, I've always been nervous to wear socks and sandals. Oh gosh, thank God for that, I'm not the only lazy one! xx

    Thanks sweet! I think the pale tones helped a lot as well! The rings are so cute aren't they Laura? And Lisa is a lovely seller too, packaging etc. was great! xx

    Thank you Eloise! I'd always thought the same but am really enjoying their collections at the moment (: I definitely prefer shopping from Zara's TRF range for a more contemporary style. And yes, so lovely and on-trend with the colourblock trend! xx

    Thanks Chloe (: I'm looking for another skirt in this shape, potentially with a print or texture to change things up a bit. I'll be wearing my new ring within the next week without a doubt, they're so adorable! Oh my camera failed on me a few months ago, am currently getting by with my brother's HD video cam! xx

    Thank you so much Ann ^___^ Oh I'm sure you wouldn't, its worth giving it a try, I never thought I'd pull off the look!

    Thanks Rachael! Yes, that would be a great investment if you're roadtripping soon sweet (: I think Currys and Jessops have some affordable camera deals and offers on at the moment, always worth shopping around!

    Aw thank you Sarah! I think they're really flattering when worn at the waist, it would disguise your hips if you are self-conscious of them (: Oh you're welcome lovely, will keep an eye out for your Breton-inspired posts! xx

    Thank you Addie (: xo

    Thanks Shabna!

    Oh those wooden wedges sound so pretty Lucy. Thank you sweet ^_^ xx

    Thanks Laura! I think you'd be able to pull it off sweet, perhaps with a sundress or something? Aaah if only, indeed! I've got a lot better at saving recently though! Hope you're well lovely! xx

    Thanks Khaz and Rose!

    Thank you Sarah! Oh gosh, 16!? I'm envious of your collection (: That sounds lovely, I've always admired your jewellery collections. Pop me an email if you wish lovely! xx

    Thanks Jessica! xx

    Aw thank you Steph! Hope you are well, going to have a little catch-up on Topshop Princess tonight! xo

    Thanks Penny and Lola!

  24. I just love this simple & chic style of yours! And the button ring is so adorable! xx

  25. Ahh, this is such a sweet look.lovely.x

  26. Thanks Meg! xo

    Aw thanks Jessika (:

    Thank you Maddalena!

  27. You LOVE that skirt!
    I went back into that shop to look for the dragon fly necklace and they are sold out :( booooo....

  28. I love this look, you really pull off the socks and sandals! It looks really cute :) x

  29. Haha I do indeed Mandy ;) Oh no really? They had some at Topshop too didn't they? xx

    Thanks lovely! I wasn't too sure at first, but everyone's nice feedback has really helped me out Hayley! x

  30. CUTE.. socks and sandals <3

  31. i love the tee, so cute, and you make sandals and socks look soooo cool! <3

  32. Aah I love your ring + your necklace especially! Good luck with saving up for that camera, although your pictures right now look totally fine!

  33. you wear stripes extremely well :) and the socks and sandals look is done to perfection!! xx

  34. Cute outfit, I love the ring :)

  35. Thanks Lily! You looked lovely at your prom by the way missy, just had a snoop on the ol' Faceyb! xo

    Thanks so much Fern (: Many people wear it better than I do though!

    Aw thanks Jane! My photos are taken on my brother's video camera at the moment, and he'll be needing it back soon (when he also moves out for Uni!) so I need to buy my own by the end of the Summer :p xx

    Thank you Claire! Oh but no-one does it better than you and Harriet do! xx

    Thanks Jaz!

  36. this outfit is perfect. the skirt with the wee nautical top and then the more modern compas neckless is so interesting.
    love it!

  37. Not sure if my first comment worked so I will comment again :)

    Yay for socks and sandals! They look lovely on you :) thanks for the mention too! I love the belt and the striped top. Gorgeous outfit :)

  38. I ADORE this outit, the little details are perfection!

    Maria xxx

  39. Oh thank you Islabell! (: I wanted to coordinate and clash at the same time with my outfit. You have the most lovely name by the way! xx

    I only got this one Harriet ): Better late than never though haha ♥ Thank you so much, you've always inspired me to try the look, but I only just got round to it! xx

    Thanks so much Maria (:

  40. I did not realise you had linked me in this outfit post!! My eyes need testing i have to say hahah. thank you very much lovely. Breton stripe IS my fav xxxxx


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