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Shop my eBay? I've begun to clear out my wardrobe and will be adding more throughout the day, motivation allowing • A sneak peek of a mini still-life shoot I produced • Some of my room packed away for the Summer, 'twas a daunting task! • Saw Thor in 3D with Jamie, really enjoyed the film and would totes recommend it! • Chocolate eclair and a sandwich for lunch • Finishing off my Styling portfolio (for a Uni assignment) with my fashion editorial • Last self-portrait taken in my room • Watched 'Beauty and the Beast' on Saturday • Bruschetta for a starter when out for a meal with the girls • A snap of the motorway en route home for the Summer! • Zabaione for dessert at Zizzi, with my family on Thursday • Rocking the socks and sandals look on Saturday

Favourite posts this week from: Rachel on how social media is affecting our lives today, One of my all-time favourite DIY tutorials from Katie, A coral themed wishlist over at Charlene's humble Internet abode, Another Bagology reading at Victoria's blog, and the quintessentially hilarious Gem rocking the shirt dress extremely well.


  1. I love beauty and beast. One of my favourite films.
    I hate packing up for the end of the year :)
    Gathering the Daisies

  2. Aww fab pictures lady, I always found it so sad moving out of your uni place after you've lived there for the year!! Although the thought of packing up your whole room kinda just makes it depressing! :P I'm sorting through clothes for ebay to atm, taken the pictures as well am just too lazy to set it all up :P

    L x

  3. Beauty and the Beast is a brilliant film, and the bruschetta looks lovely!
    Katy xx

  4. Ahh styling project looks brilliant, well done! Can't wait to see the rest (if you decide to post!) As usual, amazing food posts - seriously you always make me hungry with these week in photos. Thank you for the lovely mention, I really appreciate you posting about gff on here. Can't believe it's coming to an end! xxx

  5. you always take such nice photos <3

  6. Yum! to the bruschetta *licks lips* && the socks and sandals really works with that outfit.. wud never try it myself but luks cute on u lol :)

  7. Beauty and the Beast! I love that movie :) Disney classics are the best.

  8. All the food looks so scrumptious! You look just gorgeous as well :) xxx

  9. Mmm that bruschetta looks so good! I can't wait to see your projects, hopefully you're going to post some of them once they're all handed in? Thank you for the link :) xx

  10. Oooh, definitely checking out your ebay right now! Looks like another good week in your life, haha. I don't think I've ever had Zabione, what's it like?

    x Michelle |

  11. how good was Thor? I loved it so much, I rarely come out of a movie anymore feeling really happy with it so I'm over the moon and would see it again! aaaaaaaand i love beauty and the beast, i have so much love for old disney movies. hope your portfolio goes well poss xo

  12. lovely photo's. Looks like a very busy but fun week.

    Beauty & the beast = So many childhood memories!

  13. Ahh it's been years since I've watched beauty & the beast! I can't wait til my niece is a bit older so I can have a good excuse to go out and buy all old disney films on DVD.

  14. I'm just eyeing that chocolate ├ęclair at the moment...Mmmh :)

  15. Mine too Samantha! I watched 'Beastly' this week too and just really fancied watching the original (: Ugh it's so boring and takes forever aha. Hope yours has gone okay sweet!

    Thank you Laura! Oh it was quite sad, am excited for my new place though (: Aaah it's free listing this weekend so get on it! ;) I totes agree though, the eBay process takes forever! xx

    It's such a cute film, always been one of my childhood favourites! Thank you Katy! xx

    Eeep thank you so much Katie! I'm so pleased with how it all came out (: Am probs going to post it next week after the deadline has passed! Oh I've been indulging in so much good food this week, you can totally tell Uni is finished with ;) You're welcome sweet, I hope you carry it on after your project ends! xxxx

    Thank you Fern ^____^

    Omnom, bruschetta is probs one of my favourite Italian starters, that and calamari! Thank you Sherelle! xo

    Me too, it's one of my childhood favourites Amanda! Thank you so much for linking to my blog in one of your posts this week honey, I've had so much traffic from your blog! It means so much! (:

    I know, it's making me hungry again Grace :p Aw thanks sweet! <3

    I love a good bruschetta! Aaah thank you Charlene, am thinking of posting it on here/FTG later in the week, I've already handed in but the deadline isn't until the 11th and I'm always a bit worried about people "copying" etc.! You're very welcome, did enjoy that post a lot ;) xx

    Thanks Sofi!

    Thank you Michelle (: Zabione is lovely, an amaretto-infused custard dessert with amaretti biscuit flakes on top! I would really recommend it if you like liquer and sweet type desserts! xx

    Oh I absolutely loved Thor, it was the perfect balance of humour, action, fantasy and romance which makes the perfect film in my eyes. Beauty and the Beast has always been a firm childhood favourite of mine too! Thank you Emma, happy birthday sweet! xo

    I completely agree Mademoiselle Lala! xo

    Thank you Kylie! xx

    It had been years since I saw it too Helen! I'm absolutely shameless with my love for Disney films! Hope you've been well honey <3

    I love a good chocolate eclair, Julie! ;)

  16. Thank you Paula (: I really like your blog, by the way, had a read of it this morning! x

    Thanks Grace! x

  17. socks and sandals!! so cute. i hated packing up my uni rooms, everything was so bare and DULL. just depressing. are you moving to a new house next year?xx

  18. your styling project looks fantastic! and beauty and the beast is one of my favorite disney movies of all time :) x

  19. Ah it's always a bit sad moving I think, even if it's only been a year and at uni. Love beauty and the beast, good choice :) x

  20. ooo, i'm really interested in the still-life shoot, looks great! x

  21. ahh I love beauty and the beast! :) Love your outfit in the last picture :D xxx

  22. Thanks for the mention hun! x

  23. Your project/styling looks good from that little sneak peak! xxxx

  24. I'm looking forward to seeing a post about the still life shoot! (If there is going to be one?)c: xx

  25. Lovely photos, that Zizzi dessert looks amazing! x

  26. There was a post going round on Tumblr last week with links to a load of full length Disney films on YouTube so I've spent so much of this week just reliving my childhood! Beauty and the Beast is such a classic :') That and Lion King are probably my favourites ever! <3

  27. Omg Michelle your week in photos always makes me hungry!! hope you had a fab last meal at uni, and that unpacking all of that stuff wasn't too atrocious! x

  28. These pictures are as lovely as ever, I hope the packing isn't too stressful!

    Maria xxx

  29. great post and thanks for sharing x

  30. Thanks Klee (: Oh me too, it was awful! Yep, am moving to a three-bedroom house share for next year! Have had to pack my things and move home for the Summer though because I've rented my room out haha. xx

    Thank you so much Hannah, means a lot! Am excited to share it with everyone later in the week! x

    Mm definitely, I'm going to miss the views and my flatmates! Aah me too, such a sweet film and I've always adored the soundtrack Jessika! xo

    Will be posting more in-depth detailed photos and a little blog about it in the week Elise! Thanks for your lovely comment & feedback! x

    Me too Patsy! Cogsworth and Lumiere just continue to complete my life ;) Thanks so much sweet! xx

    You are most welcome Rachel <3

    Thanks Sarah! xxx

    Yep there will be one Sian! ;D There's been so much interest about it so far, will be posting it after the deadline date though hahaha. xx

    Thanks Lily (: x

    Ooh I think I know which one you mean Alex! I always like/reblog Disney-related posts, child at heart! The Lion King makes me sob everytime, my faves are Jungle Book, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast! xxx

    Thank you Phuong!

    Haha you should be armed with food when reading this feature Danni! Thank you sweet, I still haven't got round to unpacking everything yet! xx

    Thanks Rain!

    Aw thank you Maria (:

    Thank you so much Kirsty! xx


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