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Bagology is a unique and accurate process of understanding someone's personality, simply from the contents of their bag. Debbie Percy is the UK's leading Bagologist, and typically charges £9.99 for a Bagology reading. The standard Whats In My Bag blogpost is a must for any blogging enthusiast, so when an email landed in my Inbox from the lovely Hayden of Sudocrem sent me some information about a free Bagology opportunity, I had to get involved.

While many may be sceptical about this, I'm a bit of a sucker for things like these and almost immediately sent a photo of my bag and its' contents on their Facebook page. I considered reshooting this photo for the purposes of this post but then the reading would probably change, and I'm currently avoiding moving from my cosy spot on the sofa!

(Petticoat White 'Alexa' bag, Mulberry;
Tortoiseshell sunglasses, H&M;
'Speak Now' and 'Lovelovelove' Taylor Swift bracelets;
Mock snakeskin purse, River Island;
iPod Touch and Sennheiser Enhanced Bass earphones;
Blackberry Curve 8520;
Barry M Pink Suede lipstick;
Oyster card holder and train timetable;
To-do lists and receipts.)

"Dear Michelle,
How gorgeous is your Mulberry Bag! You and your bag exude a refreshing, light feel as though you elegantly sail through life on a spirit of optimism. I can sense you are most definitely a lady who subscribes to the saying "glass half full"! You are also someone who will cherish peace of mind and perhaps the two go hand in hand, feeding one another. Make sure that in amongst life's busy hectic schedule that you find a way for some 'time out' to soak up some tranquillity. I think you probably enjoying hanging out with the boys and will make a good 'mate' to male buddies. Your inner strength of personality will make you feel like 'one of them' (in their minds eye). Yet, there are of course hints of femininity to you and a wisdom that perhaps is beyond your age! Pretty good stuff! So, don't hold back on letting your feelings show and believe in romance for it isn't dead (just take a look at the recent Royal Wedding to be reminded of that!). You can plan for a full life packed with things that today may not even be on your radar! I'm excited for you, and by you, and your bag. Take good care of each other!
All the best,"

While this isn't the be-all and end-all of learning about your personality traits, I thought it was pretty accurate overall! I'd totally recommend this little service to anyone, all you have to do is 'like' Sudocrem Tube's Facebook page, upload a clear photo of your bag and its' contents to their Wall and await your reading. The campaign and free readings are running until Tuesday 10th May 2011, so if you have a spare moment, hop on Facebook and give it a go, I'd love to hear how you all get on with your bag readings!


  1. I'm such a misery when it comes to things like this (I don't even read my horoscope, boo!) but this actually looks really interesting. I love how they're giving these out for free, when it clearly takes quite a bit of time and effort :)

    I might have to clean up my bag a little and give it ago :D Thank you for sharing, Michelle!

  2. This sounds so interesting. Might have to give it a go x

  3. Oh, that sounds like fun, I wonder what she'll make of me? I often have random thinsg like spanners and allen keys in my bag,something to do with being a boater!


    Narrowboat Lucky Duck

  4. haha as soon as i read this post rushed upstairs and took a picture of my bag contents. its weird how people can analyse you by your bag contents!

  5. Oh I haven't read my horoscope in absolutely ages, surprisingly! I'm a real sucker for these, and personality quizzes, tarot readings etc., and this really impressed me (: Definitely snap a photo and get your bag 'read' Alex! xxx

    I'd absolutely recommend it Vicky, it was so interesting to see my reading as it was all quite accurate! x

    It is really interesting Amy! I have no idea how she reads bags, mine was so accurate! Was really impressed by my reading (: xx

    Haha I thought you would Victoria! Post. A. Blog. xxx

  6. Sounds fun! Might try it, I'm curious to know what she'll make of my bag!

  7. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Might go give this a go just now, perfect way to avoid revision haha xx

  8. Not really a big believer in all of this kind of thing inc horoscopes etc. Love looking at the contents of peoples bags though and I'm still in love with your Alexa.

  9. This is so cool! I just did a "what's in my bag" post on my blog so I might send the pictures and see what my bag and its content says about me! Haha! Such a gorgeous bag too. I really want the same white and rose gold version for summer. My black one feels so wintery!

  10. I read this before, and rushed to take a photo of my bag so I can send it to them, it's such a fun little idea. Don't think I would pay for it though! You're Alexa makes me drool so much. x

  11. I love your bag so much! Your purse is lovely too.
    There's always loads of crap in my bag! She'd probably say I was really messy or something :P xx

  12. Ohhhh how interesting, she got some of your qualities didn't she. I might have to do this I am intrigued xxx

  13. Aw I'm so glad this has interested you all! Really excited to hear how you all get on with your readings! xxxx

  14. What a fab idea! Can't say i believe in things like this but i'm willing to give it a go! :)

  15. Your bag is so beautiful, also what an interesting reading! So strange how your items can instantly tell so much about you.

  16. Wow that's so interesting, I might just have to give that a go!

  17. I love your bag! :)) and the reading sounds well interesting! xxx

  18. Haha that's cool, I really wanna try this. Also, I loooooove your bag! x

    Just a Thought

  19. that bag is lush! i need a new bag, i think i will have a look at the mulberry bags!
    i am defiantly going to give that a go, it sounds so interesting!

  20. Wow! I would have never thought of doing something like that! But I guess you could really look into a persons character and personality through what they carry in their bag! Fun idea! Haha

  21. This is really interesting, great post!

  22. oh this is fun! :)
    your bag is a dream, my dear!!! also love your bedlinen, looking lovely with all the flowers and springy colors!
    have a nice weekend! xoxo

  23. Whoa, I didn't even know such readings existed. I'd love to have myself read now! Hahahaha... also itching to do a what's in my bag post!

  24. Thanks girls, I really would recommend the readings, they're open until the 10th and are so accurate! xo


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